MACT aims to maintain the high Quality and high reliability for all products and services MACT provides in order to be the number one to its customers on the total customer satisfaction.

All the employees of MACT recognize that quality is the most important factor in the value MACT delivers to the customers, endeavour to manufacture and supply high quality and high reliability products and services with following the quality policy below.

  1. Respecting the law and ordinances and complying with them in all aspect.
  2. Continuously improve the product, all processes and management systems at all levels by means of visualizing the problem, clarifying the objectives and finally finding solutions.
  3. Endeavour to provide the satisfaction to the customers before and after the sales of the products through advanced technology and the service at any requested time and quality.
  4. To respect and understand the needs and the expectations of the stakeholders who are affected by our business for the contribution to the society.
  5. To be aware of the importance of improving the capability of each person in order to achieve the quality target. To support continuous development through individual efforts and through trainings are essential.