03 October 2017

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Digital factory era for competition in production

As a guest of EGIAD, Mitsubishi Electric informed Aegean Young Industry and Businessmen about Industry 4.0

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EGİAD (Aegean Young Businessmen Association), bringing young industrialists and businessmen of the Aegean region together under one roof, gathered its members with Mitsubishi Electric in an activity. Emphasizing that the business world, universities, political decision-makers and civil society should act together in order for Turkey to adapt to Industry 4.0, EGİAD President Aydin Buğra İlter stated that the importance of taking action of not only big companies but also SMEs without consuming time. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel informed the industrialists about the e-F@ctory concept, which increases speed, quality and productivity in production. Mentioning that Mitsubishi Electric has given the Turkish industry the opportunity to set up its digital factories of tomorrow, Bizel explained the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics.

EGİAD (Agean Young Businessmen Association), which is a platform for young industrialists and businessmen to exchange information and ideas, gathered its members with the leading brand of automation sector, Mitsubishi Electric, under "Industry 4.0 Information Meetings". EGİAD President Aydin Buğra İlter, who performed the opening speech at the association center on Monday, October 2, said, "As industry and manufacturing account for 35 percent of the country's economy in the 1980s, today, this figure has fallen to below 20 percent. The direct and indirect economic contribution of the new industrial revolution will increase the need for qualified labor in our country and our region, as well as move up the ladder in productivity and innovation. It is vital for us to implement an education system that will increase the digital competencies of our children and that we can raise intermediate staff with these competencies so that we can perform the transformation in the direction of Industry 4.0 correctly."

“SMEs should act without consuming time”

Aydın Buğra İlter, who stated that the business world, universities, political decision-makers and civil society should act together and actively work in order for Turkey not to miss the newly formed Industry 4.0 in dimensions and frame, stated that "Industry 4.0 approach in terms of Turkey means competitiveness, sustainability, high added value products and services, high efficiency and healthy growth. In this process, it is not only big corporations that will have to redefine organizational structures, understandings and processes. The SMEs, who will feel the effects of this big change in the most severe way, should take action without consuming time."

“Industry 4.0 has production at its core”

Within the scope of the event, Tolga Bizel, Senior Manager of OEM Business Development for Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems, gave information about the innovations and future vision that Aegean Region brought to industry and businessmen and industrialists with Industry 4.0. and stated that production is at the core of new industrial era. Tolga Bizel pointed out that, in order to increase the competitiveness and export potential of the Turkish industry in the global markets, the quality of production should increase and the costs should decrease. Tolga Bizel stated that the most important agenda of the factories in Industry 4.0 is to set up production lines that can meet rapidly changing and personalized human needs in the fastest and most efficient way. At this point, Bizel said that they have to prepare the long-term strategic plans of the companies and that it is important to implement their investments in this context. Bizel explained that Mitsubishi Electric has offered technological solutions that enable the digital factories of future in Turkish industry today.

Energy costs are decreasing, business volume is growing

Expressing the fact that Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory concept is an evolutionary step that can provide very serious cost savings while increasing speed, quality and productivity in production, Bizel said, "We can increase the speed and efficiency in the factories, reduce the error rates in large scale by monitoring the processes instantly, and improve the production costs and hence the business volume. We are able to reduce energy costs with our ability to collect data from production line devices, and we also enable shortening of commissioning and installation times with our fully integrated automation platform.”

Increased production capacity by 190 percent with e-F@ctory

Mentioning that by integrating Mitsubishi Electric's integrated concept for establishing reliable and flexible production systems, e-F@ctory has helped users in achieving their high-speed, knowledge-based production goals, Bizel added that "e-F@ctory is not a new concept, although Industry 4.0 has been a subject that has been on the move in recent years. Mitsubishi Electric has been using e-F@ctory concept on its production lines since 2003 and reflects its experience on its products and customers. Following the use of the e-F@ctory concept in Mitsubishi Electric's own production center, the Nagoya Plant, impressive results such as an increase in production capacity of about 190 percent, an increase in production of about 180 percent, and a reduction in the in-system architecture of about 65 percent were achieved.”

The number of devices connected with IoT will increase rapidly

Bizel, who said that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, stated that the number of devices connected with IoT is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. At this point, Bizel noted that companies' IT infrastructure needs to change according to the needs of the era, and cloud-based data storage and processing services will become increasingly important.

Saved 9 million dollars to Intel

Speaking of Mitsubishi Electric and Intel brands signing a joint pilot program at Intel's manufacturing facility in Malaysia, Bizel said: "Thanks to the pilot program that combines Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory automation expertise with Intel's expertise in solving the "Things of Internet" problem, it became possible to intervene without a breakdown before the failure was noticed. Pilot program; resulted with high efficiency, the possibility of preventive maintenance activities, low failure rate, low cost and perfect harmony. All these results led Intel to save about 9 million dollars.”

Robots are working with people

Bizel said that the production lines that the robots and people work interacted with in the factories are more efficient than the production lines consisting solely of robots and added that "Until today, robots working alone usually come out as robots working with people. Robots that are vital in the production process of the plants are getting more involved in the industry day by day with the speed and convenience they provide and become a highly ordinary business force today. The use of robots, especially in industry, is becoming widespread in Turkey. "

Bizel said that Mitsubishi Electric's digital factory concept e-F@ctory also plays an important role in the robots and added "Thanks to our advanced robot technology, especially large production series become practical and flexibility in production is increasing. Our robots which are sensitive to human arm or hand; are preferred in many sectors such as food, medicine, packaging, automotive, white articles. These robots, especially in difficult and dangerous jobs, provide a great added value to the factory in terms of work safety and workers’ health."

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