27 October 2017

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New Generation Automation for High Speed and High Precision Packaging

Mitsubishi Electric introduced its innovative solutions at the Eurasian Packaging Fair

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Technology pioneer Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the next generation of automation solutions in the field of packaging at the Eurasia Packaging Fair known as the largest meeting in the packaging sector. Mitsubishi Electric, standing out with its digital factory concept e-F@ctory and high robot technologies capable of communicating with each other, attracted the industry professionals with high-speed, efficient and precise packaging solutions that are compatible with Industry 4.0.

Mitsubishi Electric, which provides added value regarding rapid integration, efficiency, flexibility and productivity to the smart factories of Industrial 4.0, exhibited cutting-edge technologies at Eurasia Packaging Fair for commercial platforms that can respond to the search for solutions for package and packaging by all food and non-food industries. Mitsubishi Electric, which standed out with its dynamic and innovative approach in the fair held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 25-28 October, launched its iQ-F FX5UC spring terminal, GOT2000 Wide graphic operator panel and Servo Drive MR-JE-C products. Mitsubishi Electric, which also exhibited iQ Automation Platform, an automation strategy that enables the creation of the digital factory concept e-F@ctory, has also drawn attention to the next generation of advanced robot technologies that are candidates being the right arm of the industrialists. The brand has also attracted industry professionals with its MAPS (Mitsubishi Electric Adroit Process Suite) technology, MR-J4 series servo drives, FR-A840 series frequency invertes and kiosks with automatic vibration suppression function.

“Always fit in engineering”

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey's President Şevket Saraçoğlu, who expressed that they reflected Mitsubishi Electric's young, dynamic and innovative stance to their fair concept, stated that "We as Mitsubishi Electric, combine our high-tech, next-generation factory automation products, industrial robots as well as advanced robot technologies and CNC solutions with engineering capabilities in our company's design, projecting, software and commissioning efforts. We owe staying "always fit in engineering" to our investments and our dynamic structure to research and development activities we have made. In this way, we offer our customers the highest quality custom solutions and grow our brand by adapting to the developing digital world."

High-tech automation solutions at every stage of packaging

Saraçoğlu stated that they serve in many sectors such as packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive and white goods, which are the leading industrial organizations in Turkey and finalized his speech by saying that "It is very important that our industry to be able to compete strongly in the global markets and increase the export potential in the Industry 4.0 process. At this point, the quality of production increases day by day and it is important that the costs decrease accordingly. Our robots, which are candidates of being the right arm of the industrialists can entrust their work with confidence, working in close proximity to human arm or hand, provide great convenience at every stage of production. It brings more flexible production, reduces costs and improves employee comfort. We have a large number of robotic solutions in sectors where rapid production, dosing and packaging are available. We offer advanced technology automation solutions at every stage of packaging such as bottling, vertical and horizontal packaging, labeling. We are proud of our packaging solutions with high precision and high speed, easy to program and usable, cost saving and all these aspects make our production possible without problems ".

MELSEC iQ-F FX5UC Spring Terminal for easy cabling and space saving

Mitsubishi Electric, launching its new products at the Fair, has drawn attention with new generation compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F FX5UC. FX5U, with its built-in spring terminal model, FX5UC, offers both easy cabling and space saving advantages. FX5UC has each of the FX5U's top built-in features.

New generation graphical operator panel GOT2000 Wide

Among the launching products of Mitsubishi Electric, new GOT2000 Wide, the next generation graphics operator panel comes to the forefront by carryig the machines to future by offering 7" and 10" size options, stylish metallic design, slim outer wall, 2 internal ethernet port and audio output options, built-in VNC and GOT mobile remote monitoring solutions.

Servo Drive MR-JE-C supporting built-in Ethernet based CClink IE Field Basic

MR-JE-C servo drive, another product that was launched at the Fair, offers competitive servo system solution with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic. Since the network uses a standard Ethernet protocol stack, it can be used with TCP/IP (eg HTTP, FTP). When power is turned off, functions such as position storage (Absolute operation), One-Touch-Tuning and vibration suppression can be easily configured.

Robots which are able to make flexible figures easily

Mitsubishi Electric's showcased RV-F series is a dynamic 6-axis robot that simulates human arm movements and improves productivity by using high-speed systems with cycle times of 0.32 seconds. The dual-arm structure of the 6-axis industrial robot, which can easily handle flexible figures with its dynamic structure, does not only provide added value in terms of freedom of movement, but also offers more stability and versatility. For RV-F series, it is not difficult to work in very confined spaces, and it is no problem to mount robots on walls or ceilings. Mitsubishi Electric robots range from 504 to 1.503 millimeters depending on the model, with a carrying capacity of 2 to 70 kilograms. The "Sensorless Collision Detection" feature allows the robot to detect any obstacle in manual or automatic mode and prevent collision damage.

Complete and seamless integration, productivity and high-speed communication

One of the prominent technologies at the Fair was the iQ Automation Platform, which enabled the creation of the e-F@ctory concept, which is the response to Mitsubishi Electric's Industry 4.0. The key advantages of iQ Platform as one of the rare product families that combines all the major automation components in one single structure are: minimum TCO (total cost of ownership), complete and seamless integration between factory automation management systems, maximum efficiency and high speed communication. With this advanced technology, costs are reduced at every stage of the automation cycle and maximum return on investment is achieved.

Advantageous automation technologies for complex systems

In bottling which requires with high precision and speed, it is essential to control the flow rate and cap height precisely so as to make sure that the controller feeds the fluid into the mouthpiece of the bottle properly and eliminate potential bubbles and outpours. In that respect, Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Platform based motion control CPU provides a significant advantage. Fast and accurate labeling is one of the important issues of packaging. Coming in various sizes, labels can be put with different methods such as cold and hot glue, flexible film or ordinary wrap. When it comes to designing a labelling machine, it is of utmost important to ensure that the control architecture supports all those different systems with minimum interruption on efficiency. In that respect, Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Platform meets all those requirements efficiently. Q motion series allows high-speed recording functionality to place labels correctly. The Q motion controller of Mitsubishi Electric easily meets the high sensitivity demands of pillow packaging machines used in many products such as wafers, breads and medicines. Specially designed Q motion series systems offer a highly suitable solution for complex systems with many moving parts. These systems also provide the high degree of synchronization required to prevent errors in machine processes such as box opening, taping and transfer conveyors.

MAPS adds value to all phases of the automation system

MAPS (Mitsubishi Electric Adroit Process Suite), a SCADA program where monitoring and control system is offered, was also noted for its ability to be a reporting and analysis program at the same time. MAPS adds value to the entire automation system project from process design, engineering, development of control systems, installation, commissioning and acceptance testing, maintenance, repair to ongoing upgrades.

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