20 November 2017

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New generation touch-sensitive CNC control compatible with Industry 4.0

Mitsubishi Electric introduces its renovated CNC products to sector representatives

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Mitsubishi Electric, with its high-tech factory automation and mechatronic CNC products, met with sector representatives in a special event organized. In the event where M80 and M800 Series CNC Control Units, equipped with new technologies to increase productivity and speed, are introduced, President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Şevket Saraçoğlu talked about the importance of digital production for global competition. Saraçoğlu underlined that Mitsubishi Electric's digital factory concept e-F@ctory enabled them to build factories to meet all the needs of Industry 4.0.

Mitsubishi Electric, which provides added value for rapid integration, productivity, flexibility and productivity to factories which operate in a wide variety of fields worldwide, organized a special event for sector representatives at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel on November 16th.

The speed and quality of production must increase, costs must decrease

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Şevket Saraçoğlu, who made the opening speech of the event started with seminar and continued with gala dinner, highlighted that the most important agenda item was "production" in the era of Industry 4.0, in which needs are diversified and personalized every day and mentioned that "Production means actually the life. A country can develop and improve to the extent that it can produce at world standards. Countries that are able to adapt to Industry 4.0 in today's world, that is, equipped with advanced technology and able to switch to digital production, can compete globally. It is also very important for Turkey, which draws attention with its high production power and potential in the world, to achieve this position for sustainable development. For this, while production speed and quality are increasing on one hand, on the other hand the costs have to decrease. At this point, as an ambitious player of the new industry, we are presenting solutions for the Turkish industry to be ready for future digital and smart factories with advance robotics."

Opportunity to shape investment with e-F@ctory

Şevket Saraçoğlu, who stated that Mitsubishi Electric's digital factory concept e-F@ctory allows industrial plants to be established to meet all the requirements of Industry 4.0 said that, "Before their factory investment, we create a virtual factory and realize the simulation of factory and production and we offer the evaluate the productivity and opportunity to shape the investment in the direction of the outputs established".

"We determine the standards with our CNC products"

"We determine standards in many sectors of the world, especially in the automotive and metalworking sectors, with our high-tech CNC products," said Saraçoğlu, who stated that Mitsubishi Electric provides CNC products and solutions to the world's leading machinery manufacturers. He concluded that "We work to increase the added value every day to the manufacturers for CNC milling centers and CNC turning machines. In this direction, we continue to develop our M80 and M800 Series CNC Control Units, which are part of our innovative product range. Our units equipped with new technologies are now stronger, more efficient and faster."

New series offers smooth surface control

Following President Saraçoğlu, Mitsubishi Electric's mechatronic CNC department managers described, with extensive presentations in the event, the outstanding features of renewed M80 and M800 series CNC control units.

Thanks to multi-spindle synchronization control, the renewed M80 and M800 series can support systems up to 32 axes, eight spindles and eight parts. The new series, featuring Mitsubishi Electric's "Smooth surface control" function, can optimize the acceleration and deceleration of each axis even during precise works. The series can be used in simultaneous five-axis machine operations, at the same time allowing for higher precision or reducing cycle times without compromising precision.

High productivity and precision

M800 CNC control units stand out as a high-end control device designed for multi-axis and multi-part system control with high-speed and high-precision machine operations. M80, with its special CPU for CNC applications, offers the ideal solution in terms of high efficiency and ease of use in simpler machine systems with less axis and splinder. Mitsubishi Electric's CPU, specially designed for the CNC industry, increases the processing speed for machine performance supported by faster machine response and more precise machine operations.

Multi-touch screen provides ease of use

M80 and M800 series also renewed in display and keyboard design, make it easy to use future-oriented CNCs that appeal to next-generation operators growing with technology like CNC control units, smartphones and tablets. High resolution screens in the new series consist of 8.4 inch, 10.4 inch, 15 inch and 19 inch options. Offered as standard on 10.4 inch and larger screens, the multi-touch capacitive touchscreen offers an easy and intuitive user experience that is similar to smartphones for both experienced and new operators. With this aspect which ends the hard key operations, the desired part of the program can be easily viewed and monitored, while menu in the other screens can be easily selected. In addition, the new screens allow for easy daily maintenance with their long-lasting robust glass construction. The product family includes keyboards that can be mounted vertically and horizontally.

19 inch vertical touch screen

Mitsubishi Electric's M800W series is a 19-inch touch-screen vertical display on CNC control units; screen keyboard and document viewer accommodate multiple windows which can be customized by machine manufacturer vendors. While CNC screen is displayed on the upper half, the virtual keyboard, operator panel, document viewer or memo pad can be opened at the bottom. M800W series control units provide a high level of flexibility in the machine operator panel design, as it offers a slim design of 50 mm in most areas of the screen.

Complex machine programs can be stored and backed up.

In addition to the embedded USB, the new series now allows the storage and back-up of large-scale complex machine programs with the SD card. With the new Simple View aspect, it becomes possible to have information about the machine's status by switching from the normal view screen to the plain view screen to increase the adaptation speed of inexperienced users and to display the alarms generated during the operation to cover the entire screen. Thus, when the machine operator is away, the alarm can be seen and the control area is enlarged. With the user authority level specification feature, unauthorized interventional mistakes can be minimized by defining individual access permissions to the operators according to their role in production.

With 3D simulation, it is easier to control complex programs

New M80 and M800 series, compatible with a wide range of open network protocols, stand out in terms of flexibility while providing easy integration into the entire factory environment. It also makes it easy to establish connections between robots, sensors and other equipment and CNC. In the new series, which allows 3D models to be viewed at the desired size and position, part drawings can be viewed before the operation and the cross-section views of the parts can be taken. The standardized G code assistant offers much easier programming benefits, while three-dimensional graphics control supports both turning and milling. In this way, complex programs can be easily controlled with a three-dimensional simulation.

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