25 January 2018

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All-Star 2018 is Surrounded by Basketball Fire

Fire of Anatolia Surprise from Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems

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In Tahincioğlu All-Star 2018, that basketball lovers are waiting excitedly every year, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems has made a big surprise this year. Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League Main Sponsor Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems caused basketball legends to meet with dance legends.

Tahincioğlu All-Star 2018, which took place in Sinan Erdem Sports Hall on Sunday, January 21st, 2018, has locked basketball lovers to TVs. The audience in the hall and in front of TVs have the chance to watch the show of the “Fire of Anatolia” dance group being the surprise of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems.

A group of male dancers from “Fire of Anatolia” group entered the hall wearing basketball forms at the beginning of the show presented by Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems as a basketball fire. Basketball lovers without understanding what was happenning who were watching the show that started with warm-up movements, the enthusiasm increased with the other dancers added to the group. As the show progressed, the audience who realized that the group was “Fire of Anatolia” dance group had great enthusiasm. “Fire of Anatolia” dance group consisting of 25 female and 25 male dancers fascinated the audience with their show.

D.J. Strawberry was selected as the Most Social MVP

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems, the pioneer brand of the air conditioner industry and the leading sponsor of the Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League, also carried this excitement to social media, with the enthusiasm created in the hall this year as it was the past year. Tahincioğlu All-Star 2018 was given a hashtag for each player to select the Most Social MVP(Most Valuable Player award), and in the competition that the fans of the players who shared the hashtag of their favorite players over the Instagram and Twitter pages, the player with the most hashtags was identified. In the competition which launched Tahincioğlu All-Star 2018 excitement in social media days before the event and which was highly contested, Besiktas Sompo Japan player D.J. Strawberry was selected as Tahincioğlu All-Star 2018's Most Social MVP. D.J. Strawberry took his award from Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Vice President Kenji Isazawa.

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