14 March 2018

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Mitsubishi Electric led the way in the air conditioning sector

Working Tent, which provides uninterrupted service and employee comfort, is different with air conditioning unit operating inside

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Mitsubishi Electric, the pioneer brand of the air conditioning industry, led the way in the industry with the "Working Tent" project, which was launched to provide uninterrupted service to its customers and to operate its authorized services with more comfortable conditions. Mitsubishi Electric Working Tent, which features an air conditioning unit capable of operating in a tent, allows quick service support without harming the product even in adverse weather conditions. The tent, which completely covers the outer unit, has a large internal volume that the service staff can work with comfortably. Working Tent, which is delivered free of charge to the authorized services of the brand, is ready to use in about two minutes with its easy-to-install design.

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioning Systems, offers "Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ)" understanding which applied in advanced technology products also in its services. Continuing its research and development activities to improve the quality of service, Mitsubishi Electric launched a "Working Tent" project for authorized service crews who played an important role in after-sales services and led the way in the industry. The brand that delivers "Working Tent" free of charge to its authorized services aims to increase the service efficiency and work comfort of the service team with this project.

Uninterrupted service even in adverse weather conditions

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioning Systems Service and Training Manager Sinan Kanak stating that with working tent, they can provide uninterrupted service to customers even in adverse weather conditions they aim to provide a comfortable work space to authorized service team and made the following explanations about the project;

“We, as Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioning Systems while designing "Working Tent" project the main issue was the air conditioner external unit to fit into the tent where it can work seamlessly. With the operation of the air conditioner external unit, we ensured that the air flow generated by the fan was vented to the outside through the specially designed air duct located inside the working tent. In this respect, we succeeded in operating the outer unit in the tent and led a way in the sector. In the coming period of our project we have developed with our team in Turkey we believe that it will be an high added value project in other countries and in our sector.”

Large interior volume tent installed in two minutes

Sinan Kanak who expressed Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioning Systems throughout Turkey has 185 authorized services, informed that working tents developed for City Multi (VRF) system commercial type air conditioners have been delivered free to all authorized services which serve to this product group and added that;

“It is a very sensitive issue for our brand that our authorized service employees who take part in the field to work in a safe and comfortable environment. Designed specifically by our service and training department, which combines Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ) service understanding with the right service approach, this working tent can be used in every aspect of after-sales services. The easy-to-install working tent tested by our authorized service centers is ready for use in about two minutes. The tent has a large internal volume that the service staff can comfortably work as well as completely enclosing the external unit.”

The new project is on the way…

Kanak stating that they received positive feedback from customers and authorized services about the project, added that "Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ)" pointing to 96 years of excellence in technology, design and production means comfort, efficiency and durability. As one of the leading and air conditioning brands in the world and in Turkey offering a unique quality with the best products and services and adopting the principle of "Changes for the Better", we continue our efforts to improve our services. We are working on a new project that includes a special training portal and three-dimensional special training videos to make technical trainings of our authorized services more effective.

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