16 March 2018

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Techniques for Digitizing Production in Industry 4.0 Era

Mitsubishi Electric introduced its new generation of automation solutions at WIN Eurasia Fair

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Mitsubishi Electric, the leading brand in the electrical, electronics and automation industry, exhibited its automation solutions compatible with Industry 4.0 at WIN Eurasia Fair, which fingers the pulse of the industry. The brand which participated the fair with "Your e-F@ctory Partner" concept, explained how its customers have supported e-F@ctory partnership with the necessary work for the digital conversion of factories. Mitsubishi Electric, introducing the e-F@ctory concept with digital factory simulation, which is the respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, was also attracted with a new series of collobrative robots working in collaboration with human. Introducing Panel Solution Platform, which collects automation systems under a single roof, Mitsubishi Electric has brought together new generation factory automation and mechatronic CNC products. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Şevket Saraçoğlu underlining that countries can compete in the global level by transition to smart production by adapting new industry, mentioned that they responded to needs of Turkey industry in the Industry 4.0 era by their innovative automation products and services.

Mitsubishi Electric, at WIN fairs, known as the meeting point of the manufacturing industry in the Eurasia region where WIN Eurasia Automation and WIN Eurasia Metalworking fairs under a single roof, exhibited its innovative automation solutions compatible with Industry 4.0. The brand, which participated the fair with "Your e-F@ctory Partner" concept held at TUYAP Fair and Congress Center between March 15-18, explained the solutions offered within the digital transformations of the factories. Introducing the Panel Solution Platform, which collects automation systems under one roof, Mitsubishi Electric has taken note with the new generation factory automation and mechatronic CNC products as well as the new factory series of collobrative robots working together with the digital factory concept e-F@ctory and human.

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Şevket Saraçoğlu stating that factories in Industry 4.0 era respond with innovative products and services to digital transformation process, mentioned that the most important item on the agenda of the industry today is "production" and explained that; "Production is actually life. A country can develop to the extent that it can produce at world standards. Countries that can transform to digital production by adapting to Industry 4.0 in today's world can compete globally. Noting with high production potential and power in the world, it is very important for Turkey to reach this position with sustainable development. For this, on the one hand, production speed and quality must increase, on the other side costs must decrease. At this point, as an ambitious player of the new industry, we are presenting solutions for the Turkish industry to be ready for future digital and smart factories equipped with advanced robotics."

The role of increased reality applications will increase in production

Şevket Saraçoğlu stating that in the near future the real and digital world will instantly become integrated with each other; uninterrupted communication network between all the machines, robots, systems and human will occur via the internet. Saraçoğlu stated that smart devices including robots with increased reality applications such as tablets and smart glasses in the new industry environment and the roles that robots will play in production will increase. Stating that both the large-scale companies and SMEs in Turkey have a significant awareness of factory automation technologies, Saraçoğlu stated that; “We believe that there will be an increase in the investment decisions to implement factories compatible with new requirements in the short term, and as a result of this development, Turkey will adapt Fourth Industrial Revolution quickly.”

Business volume increases, costs decrease with e-F@ctory

Under WIN Fairs, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel as speaker at Industry 4.0 panel held on March 15 gave information about digital factory concept e-F@ctory as response of the brand to Industry 4.0. Tolga Bizel stating that Mitsubishi Electric with the integrated concept eF@ctory for establishing reliable and flexible production systems, contributes the users in achieving high-speed and information-based production targets. "Increasing speed and efficiency in factories, we are able to improve the costs and hence the growth of the business volume. We are helping to reduce energy costs with our ability to collect data from production line devices, and we are also able to shorten commissioning and installation times with our fully integrated automation platform.

The new generation platform that can be commissioned in a short time

The "Panel Solution Platform", which collects the innovative automation system solutions under one roof introduced by Mitsubishi Electric at the fair offers the opportunity to shortly commission industrial plants and infrastructure projects. Platform that external cabin is produced in Turkey, enables the automation of many different processes such as fan, pump, compressor, air handling unit, mill, conveyor, crane, crusher, mixer and opening-winding applications much more practically and efficiently. Thanks to its ready-made solution parameters and programs, the platform removes the need for additional hardware; it has a complex slotion infrastructure including PLC control system solution, low harmonic solution, brake unit and braking resistor solution, panel cooling system solution. In addition, thanks to its wide range of options and modular structure, it can be preferred either individually or in groups according to the needs of facilities and projects.

A new series of collobrative robots working in collaboration with humans

The new series of collobrative robots, which cooperate with human that Mitsubishi Electric exhibited at the fair, are designed to work closely with human in a production environment, unlike industrial robots that need to be placed behind protective barriers for security reasons. This series can be flexibly positioned anywhere in the production environment thanks to its ability to work with human. Mitsubishi Electric, which draws attention with its collobrative robot series, offers ease of use with its performance as well as innovative control and programming options. The robotic touch-enabled operator terminal offers an intuitive interface to 'teach' the robotic task without requiring special programming expertise. The teaching function includes a 'direct control' mode that allows the operator to move the robot manually from one position to another with controlled power. When the installation is complete, the operator terminal is easily removed to allow robots full freedom of movement.

Significantly reduces engineering time

Another product introduced by Mitsubishi Electric at the fair is the SCADA solution. The SCADA solution, which greatly reduces long engineering times during development and configuration phases, wins this time automatically through wizard interfaces that can create PLC and SCADA projects. The standard structure thus provided facilitates ongoing maintenance of the plant throughout the life cycle. With MAPS (Mitsubishi Electric Adroit Process Suite), reports including fields such as input/output plans, PLC and SCADA label configurations are automatically executed.

New generation process automation controller iQ-R

One of the highlights of the show was the newest generation of process automation controller iQ-R, the iQ Platform that combines all the automation components in one platform for the new automation revolution. The iQ-R is able to meet even the highest system requirements with multi-CPU combination possibilities such as PLC speed, motion, robot, CNC, C ++ and safety in the order of nanosecond, offers a ready-made platform to e-F@ctory which is the response to new industry era and the new revolution in Mitsubishi Electric.

PLC iQ-F with 150 times faster BUS communication

BUS communication of a new generation compact PLC iQ-F developed by Mitsubishi Electric and exhibited at the fair is 150 times faster than its predecessor. The PLC in compact form draws attention with its built-in 4-axis positioning feature and can be used for much more sophisticated applications. In addition, the iQ-F with 4 and 8 axis motion capabilities with new engineering software allows for easy installation.

New generation series M80 and M800 CNC control units

M800 series, which integrates the control unit and operator panel on the 19 inch touchscreen, and M80 series Mitsubishi Electric CNC control units, which make a difference with its standard features, became one of the highlights of the fair. Mitsubishi Electric's new generation control units are equipped with the first CPU developed for CNC, 4th Generation FAQ and intuitive design. The new generation of M80 and M800 series, which draws attention with its high resolution and precision, offers control speed and efficiency at the same time.

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