16 April 2018

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Industry 4.0 and Foundation of Smart Factories IoT

Sponsoring ITU IoT Line Fair '18 Event, Mitsubishi Electric shed light to the latest developments in the latest industrial phase

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Leading brand in automation industry, Mitsubishi Electric supported 4th IoT Line Fair '18 event which is organized by EESTEC Istanbul Local Committee, subject to ITU IEEE with the attribute of being Turkey's first IoT fair, with golden sponsorship. Taking his place as a spokesperson in the event, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel gave information about the brand's answer to Industry 4.0, the digital factory concept named e-F@ctory and made statements about Internet of Things (IoT) and the future of robot technologies.

Bringing together expert industry representatives in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart products with students with an interest in the field, IoT Line Fair '18 event took place on 7 April in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Süleyman Demirel Culture Center. Organized for the 4th time this year by EESTEC Istanbul Local Commitee which is subject to ITU IEEE while carrying the aspect of being the first IoT fair of Turkey, the event was supported with golden sponsorship by Mitsubishi Electric, the technology leader in the fields of electrics, electronics and automation. Taking his place as a spokesperson in the event, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel stated that they answered the concept of Industry 4.0 which means the digitalization of industry with the digital factory concept named e-F@ctory, while also stressing that IoT concept will make life easier for everyone, from a high ranking manager to a housewife.

Consumers are forcing manufacturers to undergo a change

Saying that rapid trading is a must have to compete in today's fast-paced consumerist conditions and that we need faster and more flexible factories to provide this, Tolga Bizel also added; "When we look at the number of transactions made in the world over online trading websites within minutes, we can more easily comprehend why we need such a change. As a result, in the new era, consumers are forcing manufacturers to undergo a change. This change is not just about speed either, the customers' demands for personalized products also increase day by day. At this point, it might come to a point where a production line, which is set specifically to manufacture a specific product might be required to be revised at a short notice where it can manufacture a different product, depending on the changing needs and market conditions. The ability to adapt the investment made on a product line in accordance to the new necessities using a system consisting of robots and machines that can reshape themselves autonomously in the most ergonomical way possible, is the description of the new phase of industry. Thus, it is vital for manufacturers to adapt to this change in order to increase the power to compete in global markets."

As speed, quality and efficiency during manufacturing process increase, costs decrease

Stating that e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0 shines forward as an evolutionary step that can increase speed, quality and efficiency in manufacturing while dramatically cutting down costs, also added that; "As Mitsubishi Electric, we make it possible to increase speed and efficiency, reduce margin of error by monitoring processes in real- time, cutting down production costs and thus increasing business volume using our digital factory concept e-F@ctory. With our ability to gather data from the devices on a production line, we help reduce energy costs while shortening the time required activation and installation processes with our fully integrated automation platform.

e-F@actory expertise meets the expertise of Internet of Things

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory concept aimed towards installing reliable and flexible production lines helps users reach their aim of high speed and data based manufacturing, Bizel continues his words saying; "We realized a pilot program which combines Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory expertize with Intel's expertize on Internet of Things in Malesia Headquarters. Thanks to this program, apart from monitoring the production online over cloud, it was made possible to detect errors beforehand and to interfere before errors even taking place. Pilot program resulted in high efficiency, enabling preventive maintenance activities, low margin of error, low cost and perfect compatibility. All these results enabled Intel to save approximately 9 million dollars. Along with that, energy efficiency for a more sustainable society was provided as well."

The number of devices connecting via IoT will increase rapidly

Stating that IoT technology forms the basis of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, Bizel also stated that devices connecting via IoT will increase exponentially within the next few years. Saying that IT infrastructures of companies should be changed according to the necessities of the new era, Bizel stated that cloud-based data storage and processing services will gain more and more importance over time. Saying that in our daily lives, the concept of IoT will make life easier for everyone from a high ranking manager to a housewife, Bizel stated that systems that can detect what customers are looking at, that can direct accordingly and run the supply chain that is required in the background will take place. Saying that they will be able to detect when an automobile's tires have to be changed and give the order to a manufacturing plant at the other end of the earth as an example, Bizel said that "it is possible to foresee that brands' production lines integrated to the official social media accounts will be able to detect products liked by customers and will be able to shape the production line accordingly."

Teamwork of collaborative robots and humans

Stating that production lines in factories where humans work together with robots are more efficient than production lines consisting only of robots, Bizel continued; "While generally working alone, robots now show themselves as robots that work in collaboration with humans. Playing a vital role in the production lines of factories, robots play increasingly more roles in industry with the speed and convenience they provide and they become a common work force nowadays. In Turkey, robots are becoming more widely used, mainly in industries."
Stating that robots play a vital role in Mitsubishi Electric's digital factory concept e-F@ctory, too, Bizel said; "Thanks to our advanced robotics technologies, especially large production lines become more practical and flexibility in production increases. Our robots with precision close to that of human arms or hands are preferred in numerous industries such as pharmaceutical, food, packaging, automotive white appliances industries. These robots add huge added value to factories in terms of work safety, especially in tough and dangerous jobs."

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