06 June 2018

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Robot and humans will work together to increase efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric presents the new collaborative robot series that work in tandem with humans

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Leading brand of automation industry, Mitsubishi Electric provides high efficiency in production lines with its new collaborative robot series that work in cooperation with humans. Providing ease of use advantage with their innovative controls and programming options, collaborative robots also play a vital part in Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0 called e-F@ctory. Speed, flexibility, efficiency and cost saving in production, e-F@ctory and advanced robotics enable industrialists to get ahead in the global competition.

Robots play a vital role in e-F@ctory, digital factory concept of Mitsubishi Electric, one of the leading actors of the world in the fields of electrics, electronics and automation. Acting with the understanding that a production lines in digital factories where robots and humans work together are more efficient than production lines where only robots are involved, Mitsubishi Electric keeps adding value to industry with its new collaborative robot series which works in cooperation with humans.

Mitsubishi Electric's new collaborative robot series are designed specifically to play a role in works in close proximity of humans in factories, unlike the industrial robots that have to stand behind protective barriers due to safety concerns. This series can be flexibly positioned anywhere thanks to their ability to work in cooperation with humans. New collaborative robots provide ease of use thanks to their innovative controls and programming options, along with high performance. Touch-screen operator terminal which can be plugged to the robot provides an intuitive user interface that allow users to teach robot its job without the need of programming expertise. Teaching function consists of direct control mode which provides operators with the ability to move robot from one position to another by hand and with controlled power. Once installation is completed, operator can wholly remove the terminal to give robots a total freedom of movement.

Road to global competition passes through digital factories equipped with collaborative robots

In order for Turkey to compete on a global scale in a sustainable fashion, production technologies must be developed in compliance with the necessities of Industry 4.0. At this point, it is important to reduce cost while increasing production quality. Robotics systems become prominent as the ideal solution that can provide all these advantages at once. With Mitsubishi Electric's collaborative robots with advanced technology design under the e-F@ctory concept, digital factories become more flexible; speed, quality and efficiency in production increase and drastic cost saving is provided. This way, Mitsubishi Electric provide industrialists with the ability to establish their factories in a way to fulfill the requirements of Industry 4.0. Prior to factory investment, it allows industrialists to shape their investments in accordance with the data received from factory and production simulation as a result of creating a virtual factory and evaluating efficiency. In e-F@ctory concept, all products that make up the factory automation work integrated to one another with open architecture. This way, robots can communicate with other systems on the production line and not only monitor mechanical works but also electronic operations. This way, by optimizing production lines according to individual requirements, adapting to conditions of competition in global market becomes easier than ever.

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