11 June 2018

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5 Golden Rules for Choosing Air Conditioner and Maintenance

Advices for correct air conditioner choice and maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric

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As we approach the summer season, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioner Systems Product Manager Caner Güçer informed us about choosing the right air conditioner and things to bear in mind for air conditioner maintenance for those who seek answer to questions such as how to pick the right air conditioner, which technologies should we look for in an air conditioner for energy saving, what to keep in mind for air conditioner maintenance.

1- Air conditioner capacity for the related space should be chosen correctly

Deciding on the cooling and heating needs of the space correctly is one of the most important topics for chosing the right air conditioner. An air conditioner having high capacity doesn't mean it is the right one. Chosing with numerous factors such as number of people in the space where air conditioner will be use, heat loss and gains of the space and state of insulation will prove advantageous. Chosing the air conditioner with the right capacity, in addition to providing energy saving, also enables achieving the desired interior atmosphere at a comfortable noise level.

2- Scouting, installation and maintenance must be done by experts

For an air conditioner to perform without problems and provide high comfort throughout its life cycle, it is essential to choose an air conditioner with the right capacity and type for the space, mount it in a correct position and perform regular maintenance by specialists. Keşfetteam, a technological and experimental scouting service developed by Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Air Conditioning Systems and applied as a leading solution in the field comes to the rescue of people looking to buy an air conditioner with the software updated with this seasons new products and looking for professional support. Expert Keşfetteam units detects insulation problems, thermal bridges and heat leakage points on exterior walls and doors using thermal imaging with latest technology devices. Professional units determine air conditioner type, capacity and best alternative mounting locations for the space, guiding users on things to do to get maximum efficiency. Choosing the ideal spot for the air conditioner of choice, Keşfetteam units can show the users how the product will look like after installation right after the initial contact using the software technology called "Augmented Reality" which forms a bridge between the real world and the digital world.

3- Air conditioners with advanced energy efficiency technologies should be preferred

Today, numerous support functions ranging from smart artificial intelligence to simple software and control technologies are provided to customers to shape their decisions. Air conditioners with such functions provide considerable advantages in terms of energy saving. For example, even a timer which you can program can enable an air conditioner to work only when needed, thus providing high energy savings. Advanced sensors can detect body temperature and perform regional air conditioning. According to the results gained from standard tests performed without using such technologies; compared to a common A++ class device, an A+++ energy class device has 40% more efficiency while cooling. On top of that, once the new technologies are added, difference in efficiency can become even bigger.

Providing next generation A+++ energy class air conditioners for cooling and heating, Mitsubishi Electric improves quality of life with its MELCloud technology which enables control over air conditioner via internet using a remote computer, tablet or smart phone. MELCloud can perform different operations such as turning air conditioner on and off, set temperature levels, change working mode and fan angle, adjusting winglets, monitoring room temperature and devices' energy consumption and notifying user in case of a malfunction quickly and practically. As it makes it possible to monitor the work state of air conditioners, MELCloud ends the question of "Did I turn off the air conditioner?" after leaving the house and also provides easy management of air conditioner by people who might otherwise have trouble using it such as kids, elderlies or patients when they are home alone.

4- Advanced filtering systems are important for health

Air conditioners have a vital role in terms of clean air, which is a must for healthy living spaces. Filters equipped with latest technologies prove advantegous for living spaces free of bactery, virus, dust and allergens. Alongside static filters with enlarged surface areas and increased efficiency thanks to nano technology, electronic filters also bring filtering capacities of air conditioners to the level of air cleaning devices, even better than some. "Quadro Plasma Plus" filters which are available in Mitsubishi Electric Legendera series products can filter contaminants smaller than 2,5 micrometers, which are called PM2,5. This filtering feature, which is a must have criteria for air cleaning devices can clean the air with A class rating.

5- Maintenance should never be skipped

Even if the right air conditioner is picked, installed in the right position and used at the recommended settings, generally, air conditioner usage means more than that. In order to use air conditioner for long years at peak performance, twice a year periodic maintenance must be performed. During the maintenance which is suggested by us to be performed before heating and cooling seasons by authorised personnel, numerous parts of the air conditioner is checked. Apart from this maintenance which is to be performed by professionals, there are also simple cleaning procedure that can be performed by users. For example, checking filters is a very important and simple maintenance procedure that can be performed by users. In the case of not performing these maintenance procedures, heating and cooling capacity of the air conditioner might drop, and energy consumption might increase as well. Users' sensitivity in such areas add value to the equipment, prolonging the device's life cycle.

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