06 July 2018

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Touchscreen CNC Control Units with Increased Efficiency and Speed

Mitsubishi Electric's M80 and M800 series CNC control units can be operated just as easily as a smartphone

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Setting the standard all around the world in numerous industries, mainly being automotive and metal working with its new generation CNC products, Mitsubishi Electric stands out with its M80 and M800 series CNC control units with increased efficiency, speed and touchscreen capabilities. Providing problem free surface control, the series provide easy and intuitive user experience similar to smartphones. With its new Simple View feature, it is possible speed up adaptation period of new and inexperienced users by switching from normal monitor screen to simplified monitor screen. Compatible with numerous open network protocols, M80 and M800 series CNC control units provide an easy integration of factory environment.

Providing leading machine manufacturers with CNC products and solutions, technology giant Mitsubishi Electric strives to increase the added value it presents to manufacturers with CNC processing centers and CNC lathe machines. Included in the product range in this prospect, M80 and M800 series CNC control units are constantly being improved. New generation M80 and M800 series support systems with up to 32 axis, eight spindles and eight tools with its multi-spindle synchronization control. The series that incorporate Mitsubishi Electric's problem-free surface control function can optimize acceleration and deceleration of each axis even during precise operation. Enabling higher precision in the same duration or reduced cycle-times with uncompromised precision, the series can even be used in simultanious, five axis machine operations.

High efficiency and precision

M800 CNC control units stand out as a high end control device designed for high-speed and high-precision machine operations and multi-axis and multi tool system control. M80 with CNC-dedicated CPU provides an ideal solution for high efficiency and ease of use in relatively simpler machine system with less axes and spindles used. The CPU designed specifically for CNC industry by Mitsubishi Electric provide increased processing speed for machine performance supported with faster machinery response and more precise machine operations.

Smartphone-like easy and intuitive user experience

M80 and M800 series CNC control units which stand out with their screen and keyboard designs streamlines the operation of future oriented CNC's that appeal to new generation operators who grew up with technologies such as smartphones and tablets. High resolution screens include; 8.4 inch, 10.4 inch, 15 inch and 19 inch options in the new series. Multi-touch capable capacitive touch-screen panel which is standard for 10.4 inch or bigger screens provide smartphone-like easy and intuitive user experience to both experienced and new operators. This feature which brings an end to difficult key presses, each section can be viewed with ease while a menu in another screen can be selected with ease. Also, new screens make daily maintenance a breeze with their long lasting, study glass structure. Horizontally and vertically mountable keyboards are also included in the product ecosystem.

19 inch vertical touchscreen

19 inch vertical touchscreen display incorporated in Mitsubishi Electric's M800W series CNC control units; include multiple windows where the software keyboard and document viewer can be customized by machine manufacturing companies. This way, while you can view a CNC screen on the top part, you can run software keyboard, operator panel, document viewer or memo pad on the bottom part. M800W Series control units boast 50mm thick in a big portion of the screen, which provides a higher degree of flexibility in operation panel design.

Adaptation process of users speed up

The new series, alongside the incorporated USB, makes it possible to back-up and store large-scale complicated machine softwares with SD cards as well. With its new Simple View feature, it is possible speed up adaptation period of new and inexperienced users by switching from normal monitor screen to simplified monitor screen while it is also possible to view any occurring alarms during operations in full-screen view mode, thus having more information about the current status of the machine. This way, machine operators can see alarms even when they are away from site, thus having a larger area of control. With user authorization level specification feature, it is possible to minimize errors caused by unauthorized interventions by specifying separate access permission per operator depending on their roles in production.

Provides total and easy integration of factory environment

Compatible with numerous open network protocols, M80 and M800 series provide easy integration of factory environment while standing out for their flexibility. Also, they make it easy to establish connection between robots, sensors, other equipments and the CNC. In the series which makes it possible to view 3D models in any size and position, part drawings can be viewed post-operation and parts' cutaway views can be viewed. While G Code helper, which is included as standard provides much easier programming advantage; three dimensional graphical control supports both lathing and milling. This way, even complex programs can be control with ease via three dimensional simulations.

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