16 July 2018

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Industry 4.0 Compatible Next Generation Automation Platform

Mitsubishi Electric's “Panel Solution Platform” provides industries and infrastructure projects with the ability to operate in a brief time

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Preferred by manufacturers around the world for its advanced automation systems, technology giant Mitsubishi Electric gathers all automation products under a single roof with its Industry 4.0 compatible "Panel Solution Platform". The platform provides industries and infrastructure project with the ability to operate in a short time. Eliminating the need of additional hardware with incorporated ready-to-use solution parameters and softwares, the platform enables quick and easy installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. With its modular design, "Panel Solution Platform" also reduces maintanence cost and stoppage times.

Providing Turkish industry with advanced technology automation solutions with high added value, Mitsubishi Electric gathers all innovative automation system solutions under a single roof with its Industry 4.0 compatible "Panel Solution Platform". With its exterior cabin manufactured in Turkey, the panel enables rapid commissioning for industrial facilities and infrastructure projects. The platform can be further enhanced with Mitsubishi Electric's new inverter series A800 Plus which provides much more than traditional frequency inverters with its special functions developed specifically for crane, elevator and winder-unwinder applications.

No additional hardware is needed

Making it possible to perform automation of numerous processes such as fan, pump, compressor, air conditioner plant, mill, conveyor, crane, breaker, mixer and winder-unwinder applications more practically and efficiently, "Panel Solution Platform" eliminates the need of additional hardware with incorporated ready-to-use solution parameters and softwares. This platform has the infrastructure that can provide complete solution which includes areas such as PLC control system solution, low harmonics solution, brake unit and brake resistance solution, panel cooling system solution. Also, wide range of options and modular structure makes it possible for facilities and projects to choose them individually or in groups if needed.

Modular panel system meeting EN 61439-1/2 type test standards

Mitsubishi Electric's Panel Solution Platform has a modular design equipped with EN 61439-1/2 type test standards compatible bar systems and equipments, manufactured in complience with assembly instructions and also passed short circuit and temperature rise tests. Developed with Mitsubishi Electric's sense of high quality, the platform provides wide range of panel IP options from IP21 to IP54 which can operate without loss even in environments with 95% humidity and under temps from -10ºC to 50ºC. Also, the ceiling ventilation system with high suction capacity fan and fan module and seamless skeletal structure provides perfect earthing continuity.

Even stronger with A800 and F800 inverters

With standard features developed specifically for applications such as unmatched motor recognition for permanent magnet and asynchronous motors, V/f and vector control operation, open and closed loop vector control, velocity, torque and position control, "Panel Solution Platform" provides high process compatibility. Mitsubishi Electric's panel inverter solutions, enhanced with A800 series inverters with unique lifting, travelling and positioning functions has 250 percent overload capacity, advanced braking capability and closed loop operation features. Its solutions enhanced with F800 series inverters with innately talented, advanced fan pump functions provide perfect flow rate, pressure and temperature control features with unique PID technology.

EN 50598-2 Class IE2 European Eco Design Standards compliant smart platform

With up to 98 percent efficiency according to European Eco Design Standard, the platform provides extra energy saving with its permanent magnet motor drive feature. Enhanced with 6K memory capacity, 19ns loop speed and advanced integrated PLC feature, the platform can perform all operating scenarios with inverter without the need to buy any other equipment. In the platform where plug-and-play automatic communication can be performed with GT2000 series operator panels; LCD parameter unit in Turkish with real-time clock is included.

Easy maintanence, connection and remote access feature

Mitsubishi Electric's "Panel Solution Platform" reduces maintenance costs and stoppage times with features such as; long-term data recording in USB, integral preventive maintenance and advanced fault logging. Provides the ability to perform remote execution of procedures such as alarm monitoring, parameter adjustments and operation state information from whereever you are via easy access feature over Web Server or Wi-Fi. Compatible with CC-Link, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCat, Ethernet-IP, DeviceNet, Can Open, Lonworks, Modbus-RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BacNet and BacNet IP communication options.

Easy installation and high security

The platform with advanced energy savings monitor provides; easy and quick installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. The platform with Mini-B USB programming port; gives the ability to copy and examine inverter parameters and PLC program in USB 2.0 memory sticks, obtain trends and carry information. While the platform's integrated emergency stop (SIL2) function provides high security, its ability to prevent access in parameters and integrated PLCs protects special information and increases security.

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