17 September 2018

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The path to efficient production in the age of Industry 4.0 is through digital conversion

Mitsubishi Electric digitalizes production with its e-F@ctory concept

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In Industry 4.0 phase, installing production lines that can fulfill constantly changing and personalizing demands in the most efficient way possible became the main topic in the agenda. Robots' role in this new production concept increases constantly. In this phase that is summarized as digitalization of Industry, it is vital for Turkey to transition into digital factories equipped with advanced robotics in order to increase manufacturing power. Answering Industry 4.0 phase with e-F@ctory concept, Mitsubishi Electric makes it possible to build digital factories of the future starting from today in Turkey. With Mitsubishi Electric's digital factory concept e-F@ctory, it is possible to establish a factory that can fulfill all the needs in this new industrial phase and to test production before the installation via virtual factories. Working with the understanding that companies have important missions to provide qualified work-force to answer the advancing technology, Mitsubishi Electric helps build "Robot Training Center" in universities while helping students gain new insights that can shape their future by joining university events nation-wide.

Reminding us that needs vary and become more personalized in Industry 4.0 era, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu stated that the most important item on the industry's agenda is "production" and said; "Manufacturing means life in a sense. A nation can only develop and progress as much as it can produce in global standards. In today's world, countries that can adapt to Industry 4.0 and transition into digital production can compete in a global level. It's important for Turkey with considerable production power and potential in the world to reach this goal for sustainable development. To achieve this, costs must be dropped while production speed and quality are increased. As an ambitious actor in the new industrial phase, we provide solutions for Turkish industry to adapt to tomorrow's digital and smart factories equipped with advanced robotics, today."

Real and digital world to be integrated

Stating that real and digital world will progress simultaneously in real time in the near future, Şevket Saraçoğlu said, a non-stop communication network between all machines, robots, systems and humans over the internet will be established. Saraçoğlu stated that smart devices with augmented reality applications such as tablets and smart glasses as well as robots in the new industrial phase will play bigger roles in production.

Turkey can adapt to Industry 4.0 rapidly

Saying that as Mitsubishi Electric they believe both large-scale companies and SMEs in Turkey have considerable awareness when it comes to factory automation technologies, Saraçoğlu continued; "We believe that in the short term, we will see an increase in decisions made to invest to establish factories that can meet the new requirements and that Turkey will adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution rapidly. We, as a well established player in this new industrial phase, provide advanced technological solutions with the e-F@ctory concept which was developed to help Turkish industry prepare in advance for tomorrow's digital factories."

Opportunity to shape investments with e-F@ctory

Saying that Mitsubishi Electric answers to Industry 4.0 with its digital factory concept e-F@ctory, Saraçoğlu told us; "Shining out as an integrated solution to establish reliable and flexible production systems, e-F@ctory reduces costs considerably while increasing speed, quality and efficiency in production. With this concept, Mitsubishi Electric provide industrialists with the ability to establish their factories in a way to fulfill the requirements of Industry 4.0. Prior to factory investment, it allows industrialists to shape their investments in accordance with the data received from factory and production simulation as a result of creating a virtual factory and evaluating efficiency."

Large production series become more practical

Stating that the role robots have in production in the new industrial phase will grow rapidly, Saraçoğlu continued; “We make is possible to get large production series more practical and to increase flexibility in manufacturing thanks to our robots that play a vital role in our e-F@ctory concept. Our robots that can perform almost any job in production lines with the precision close to that of human arms and hands provide high added-value in factories, especially in dangerous and difficult fields.

Companies have a role in providing skilled work force

Stating that skilled work force is a delicate subject for the industry, Saraçoğlu ended his words saying, "Employees must improve in parallel with the technology that's developing every day. In this context, we operate with the awareness that companies have an important role in providing skilled work-force in Turkey. As Mitsubishi Electric, we support factory automation and robotics departments of engineering faculties of universities in order to develop future generations that will develop future automation technologies and lead the industry in Turkey. While we help build "Robot Training Center" in universities, we also help students gain new insights that can shape their future by joining university events nation-wide."

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