30 October 2018

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Safe Flight Technology from Mitsubishi Electric for Airports

Airplane and flight traffic safety increased with Terminal Doppler Lidar System

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Leading technology giant Mitsubishi Electric applies Terminal Doppler Lidar System developed specifically for airports to increase airplane and flight safety in Antalya Airport. Planning to complete the delivery of the system in Antalya Airport within 2018, Mitsubishi Electric also signed the contract to supply Terminal Doppler Lidar System to Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, the second busiest international airport in France. The system currently being used in Tokyo and Narita airports in Japan and Hong Kong International Airport in China, is aimed to start its operation in Antalya Airport in 2018 alongside Daxing International Airport in Beijing. Mitsubishi Electric aims to reach net sales profit of 2,5 billion yen in global market by March 2021 by incorporating this system into airports in other markets, mainly being the Europe.

Drawing attention for the special technology they developed for airports since 2015 in order to increase airplane and flight safety, Mitsubishi Electric is planning to deliver its new innovative system named "Terminal Doppler Lidar System" to Antalya Airport within the year 2018. Having especially critical importance for large airports located next to a sea, unlike traditional systems, Terminal Doppler Lidar System not only forecasts during rain but in all weather types, including fair weather in order to effectively prevent airline accidents caused by wind shear in airports.

Terminal Doppler Lidar System transmits laser beams and then detects light backscattered by dust and other particles in the air. This enables the system to measure line-of-sight wind speed using the Doppler frequency shift of the backscattered light. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a planar waveguide amplifier that extends the line-of-sight wind speed observation range to more than 20 km and complies with Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an organization ensuring that civil aviation operations and regulations conform to international norms.

First Delivery of Terminal Doppler Lidar System to Europe

Preparing to deliver the innovative system to Antalya Airport, Mitsubishi Electric also signed a contract to supply Terminal Doppler Lidar System to Météo-France, the national meteorology service of France, to be used in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, the second busiest international airport in France. With this order, Mitsubishi Electric will make the first delivery of Terminal Doppler Lidar to Europe, aiming to reach net sales profit of 2,5 billion yen in global market by March 2021 by enlarging air radar and lidar systems operations. The five Terminal Doppler Lidar Systems supplied by Mitsubishi Electric are still being used in Tokyo (Japan), Narita (Japan) and Hong Kong (China) international airports. Before the installation in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, deliveries are expected to be made to Antalya Airport in 2018, as well as Beijing Daxing International Airport in China.

Supply Record of Terminal Doppler Lidar Systems

Recipient Delivered Quantity
Tokyo International Airport (Japan) 2015 1
Narita International Airport (Japan) 2016 1
Hong Kong International Airport (China) 2016 2
Tokyo International Airport (Japan) 2017 1
Beijin Daxing International Airport (China) 2018 (scheduled) 1
Antalya Airport (Turkey) 2018 (scheduled) 1

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