05 November 2018

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Innovative automation solution for quick and precise packaging in factories

Mitsubishi Electric introduced its automation products in packaging field at Eurasia Packaging Fair

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Providing industrialists with high added value with its advanced technology and high efficiency products in factory automation field, Mitsubishi Electric exhibited its next generation automation products in packaging field in Eurasia Packaging Fair which brings packaging industry professionals together. Drawing attention with its iQ Automation Platform which forms the basis of e-F@ctory, the brand's answer to Industry 4.0 and advanced robotics technology, Mitsubishi Electric took the spotlight with its high precision and high speed packaging solutions that are easily programmable and provide cost savings which make problem-free production possible for factories.

In Eurasia Packaging Fair where food and non-food industries' look for packaging solutions are answered, Mitsubishi Electric introduced its next generation automation products and gained considerable attention from industry professionals. Providing smart factories of Industry 4.0 phase with rapid integration, productivity, flexibility and efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric brought attention with iQ Automation Platform which forms the basis for its e-F@ctory concept and advanced robotics technology in the fair organized between 31 October - 3 November in TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center.

Combination of advanced technology and dynamic engineering

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric is reflecting its dynamic and innovative approach to fair concepts as well, President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Şevket Saraçoğlu said "At Mitsubishi Electric, we combine next generation factory automation products with high technology, robotics technologies and CNC solutions which are ready tohelp industrialists with the engineering ingenuity we have at design, planning, software and implementation phases. We owe our dynamic engineering structure to our investments towards research and development. This way we both provide our customers with highest quality special solutions and adapt to the developing digital world, contributing to sustainability of our brand."

Robotics for rapid production, dosing and packaging solutions

Stating that they serve in numerous industries such as packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive and domestic appliances where leading industrial enterprises play their parts in Turkey, Saraçoğlu said "In Industry 4.0 phase, it is an important aspect that our country can compete in the global market strongly and increase its exports capacity. At this point, it's highly important that production quality improves everyday while costs drop. Our robots that work with precision close to that of a human arm or hand that are ready to be the helpers of industrialists whom they can entrust their works to provide convenience at every phase of production. Our robots that enable more flexible production also drop costs and increase the comfort of employees. We have numerous robotics solutions for industries with rapid production, dosing and packaging. We provide advanced technology automation products for each phase of packaging such as bottling, vertical and horizontal packaging and labelling. We take the spotlight with our high precision and high speed packaging solutions that are easy to use and program and provide cost savings which make problem-free production possible for factories."

Energy usage in industries must be reduced without causing a drop in production standards

Underlining the fact that all products and solutions at Mitsubishi Electric are developed within the frame of advanced technology, quality and energy saving, Saraçoğlu said "Throughout the world, using available resources as efficiently as possible gains more importance every day. Especially, the energy usage in industries must be reduced without causing any drop in production and production standards. At this point, we provide Turkish industry with high added value with our energy efficient, eco-friendly, user-friendly and long lasting factory automation products. We have set important targets for the year 2021, which is the 100th anniversary of our brand within the context of our global philosophy, "Eco Changes". As Mitsubishi Electric, in parallel with our 2021 goals, we are planning to reduce CO2 emission caused by product use by 30% compared to 2001 fiscal year values and to reduce CO2 emission caused by manufacturing by 30% compared to 1991 fiscal year", ending his speech.

Mitsubishi Electric drew attention with its dynamic and innovative approach

Drawing attention with its dynamic and innovative approach at 24th Eurasion Packaging Fair this year, Mitsubishi Electric carried out the introduction of its products; iQ-F FX5UC spring clamp terminal, graphics operator panel GOT2000 Wide and servo amplifier MR-JE-C products. Also exhibiting iQ Automation Platform, which is an automation strategy that made it possible to develop the digital factory concept e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric drew attention with its next generation robotics technologies that are ready to help the industrialists. The brand also gained the attention of industry professional with its kiosks for MAPS (Mitsubishi Electric Adroit Process Suite) technology, MR-J4 series servo amplifiers, FR-A840 series frequency inverters and automation vibration dampening function.

The umbrella platform for all automation components

iQ Automation Platform which made it possible to develop e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, is one of the rare product families that combine all vital automation components under a single roof. The most important advantages of iQ Platform can be listed as; minimum TCO (total cost of ownership), full and trouble-free integration among factory automation management systems, maximum efficiency and fast communication. Thanks to this advanced technology, costs are reduced at each step of automation cycle and maximum return is gained from investments.

High precision and synchronization in packaging

For bottling which requires high precision and speed, controller must be set to feed the bottle with the liquid at just the right rate and also flow rate and cap height must be controlled precisely to prevent frothing and overflow risk. At this point, iQ Platform based movement control CPU of Mitsubishi Electric provides great advantages. Rapid and correct labelling is also another aspect of packaging. Labels that come in certain dimensions can be placed using numerous methods such as cold and warm glue, flexible film and wide wrapping. Control architecture in labelling machines has to support all these different systems while causing as little interruption to efficiency as possible. Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Platform makes it possible to meet all these demands with ease. Q movements series make it possible to correctly place labels with its high speed recording functionality. iQ movement controller by Mitsubishi Electric easily meets the high precision demands of pillow packaging type machines used for packaging numerous products such as wafers, bread and drugs. Specially designed Q series movement systems provide a proper solution for complex systems with numerous moving parts. These systems provide the necessary, high level of synchronization needed to prevent errors in machine processes such as unpacking, banding and transfer conveyors.

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