03 December 2018

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Compact PLC to Bring Businesses to the Next Level of Industry 4.0 Phase

Mitsubishi Electric's innovative PLC MELSEC iQ-F provides the ideal solution for sophisticated applications with its ease of installation and new engineering software

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The leading brand in factory automation industry, Mitsubishi Electric, provides high added value to businesses in Industry 4.0 phase with its compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F designed with excellent performance, efficient driver control and user-oriented programming concept in mind. Informing us about MELSEC iQ-F, the main building block of iQ Platform technology which combines all automation components under a single roof, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems Manager of Product Management Department Cem Kıbrıslı emphasized that this innovative PLC with high speed processor provides high level of security. Stating that MELSEC iQ-F delivers performance and functionality higher than usual in compact PLC segment with its high speed computation speed along with integrated Modbus, integrated analog input and output and 8-speed input-output capabilities, Kıbrıslı brought attention to the products ability to drive servo or inverters over 6 axis integrated Ethernet port, without the need for any additional modules.

Providing added value to factories operating in numerous fields in the world in terms of rapid integration, productivity, flexibility and efficiency, MELSEC iQ-F, the next generation of compact PLC preferred by industrialists, developed by Mitsubishi Electric helps businesses get to the next level of Industry 4.0 phase. Emphasizing that the product provides ideal solution for sophisticated applications with its ease of installation and new engineering software, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems Manager of Product Management Department Cem Kıbrıslı explained the technical specifications of compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F.

The building block of iQ Platform that combines all automation components under a single roof

Drawing attention to the importance of iQ Automation Platform, which combines all important automation components that make e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0 possible, Kıbrıslı says; "iQ Platform makes it possible for all automation disciplines of Mitsubishi Electric, including CNC (Computer Numeric Control), Motion, Robot, PLC and Process applications to work in tandem and communicate with each other by bringing them together, without the need to form any type of communication channel. Reducing costs and engineering times throughout the life-cycle of automation and making it easier to reach data on the field, Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Platform manages to minimize total cost of ownership. With iQ Platform, multiple robots can work in a restricted cell without touching each other and can move synchronously. Next generation compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F shines out as one of the main building blocks of iQ Platform."

High speed processor and high security

Stating that MELSEC iQ-F runs with a high speed processor that can execute LD command in 34 nanoseconds, Kıbrıslı said that thanks to the high speed system bus communication it is possible to achieve maximum performance even while using smart communication function modules with heavy data. Stating over the fact that Compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F is incorporated with advanced security functions built to prevent data stealing and illegal actions of unauthorized persons, Kıbrıslı stated that the product stores devices and programs in its memory similar to a flash ROM and it doesn't need a battery.

Less space, more work

Stating that equipped with communication system that is 150 times faster compared to the older models, MELSEC iQ-F's also draws attention with its integrated 4 axis positioning feature, Cem Kıbrıslı said "MELSEC iQ-F provides performance above compact PLC segment with its high speed processor along with integrated Modbus, integrated analog input and output and integrated 8-speed input-output features. With analog input/outputs, ethernet and high-speed inputs available in standard hardware, it can get a lot of work done while occupying very little space on panels."

Excellent performance, high efficiency driver control and intuitive programming

Stating that next generation compact PLC MELSEC iQ-F was designed with excellent performance, high efficiency driver control and intuitive programming concept in mind, Kıbrıslı said the product can be used standalone as well as in networked system applications. Stating that MELSEC iQ-F's application range is expanded even further with advanced base performance, cooperation via controller devices and developed programming environment, Kıbrıslı continued; "Making it possible to drive servo or inverter without the need of additional modules over 6 axis integrated Ethernet port, MELSEC iQ-F provides excellent performance with its high-speed system bus, extensive integrated functions, advanced security functions and battery-free feature. Easy to use integrated positioning and simple interpolation functions and simple motion module which can be used without the need of a special positioning software make it possible to control 4 axis conjugated motion control with efficient controller. At the same time with this module it provides 8 axis fiber-optic communication electronic cam, synchronization, master slave axis control and signal processing functions per 4 modules. Provides easy programming with its drag and drop concept, shorter programming time with its special function block libraries and parametric installation intuitive programming environment for numerous functions. Provides ready-to-use function blocks for all components to be connected to the system, mainly being inverter and servo components."

Advanced functions combined

Stating that with MELSEC iQ-F, numerous device settings that conventionally needed to be programmed can be written in table format, Kıbrıslı said; "In this next generation technology, alongside integrated functions, additions can be adjusted by entering values into parameters as well. Comments and commands can be written freely without affection the program. Within the integrated memory, numerous memory points can be reassigned and reused. Also, with the ability to add symbols in arithmetic operations, defining programs becomes easy and intuitive."

Programming time reduced significantly

Stating that with innovative PLC MELSEC iQ-F, up to 32 tables can be set for the high-speed comparison table and up to 128 tables for the multi-point output high-speed comparison table, Kıbrıslı said; "With this product, positioning can be performed easily with table operation instructions. With multi-table operation and multi-axis table, it is possible to perform even advanced positioning such as basic linear interpolation. Communication can be set easily using parameters and unauthorized access from an outside source can be blocked with remote encryption. 110 type of basic standard functions and special module function block options are provided and such functions can be used partially by dragging and dropping. This way, when functions are used alongside with special commands, programming time can be reduced significantly."

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