09 January 2019

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Energy Efficient Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Underlining the importance of efficiency in Energy Saving Week, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey explained the brand's ambitious goals regarding environment

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Striving to contribute to building a brighter and sustainable future with innovations, Mitsubishi Electric develops all its products and solutions within the frame of advanced technology, quality and energy saving. Standing out world-wide with its eco-friendly, technological products in every phase of product cycle, from manufacturing to recycling, Mitsubishi Electric is a leading solution partner in Turkey for air conditioning, automation, elevator, escalator and visual data systems of eco-friendly buildings, factories and infra-structure projects. Making statements within the context of Energy Saving Week, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu informed us about the brand's environmental goals and the emphasis it puts on energy efficiency.

Striving for a better future and sustainable world with its global philosophy "Changes for the Better", Mitsubishi Electric develops advanced technology solutions to increase the quality of life of societies. Drawing attention with its deep-rooted innovation heritage and fund of knowledge along with its energy efficient, environmentalist and innovative products and services with advanced technology, the global brand operates in Turkey to provide high added value in numerous fields such as air conditioning, automation, elevators, escalators, visual data, satellite and transport related infrastructure systems. Making statements regarding the Energy Saving Week which aims to increase public awareness for the efficient usage of energy, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu put emphasis on the importance of energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity.

High energy efficiency for businesses and projects

Underlining the fact that all products and solutions at Mitsubishi Electric are developed within the frame of advanced technology, quality and energy saving, Saraçoğlu said "Throughout the world, using available resources as efficiently as possible gains more importance every day. Especially, the energy usage in industries must be reduced without causing any drop in production and production standards. As Mitsubishi Electric, we provide businesses and projects with considerable energy saving with our energy efficienct, eco-friendly, user friendly and long lasting automation solutions. With our Energy Control Pack application, we make it possible to collect live data on all points that consume energy in businesses to perform easy analysis. We combine hardware, software and documentation for high energy management. With e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric's response to Industry 4.0, we provide factories with much faster, efficient and eco-friendy manufacturing possibilities. In the area of house, office and industrial air conditioning systems we provide a problem-free product range equipped with artificial intelligence technologies with A+++ energy class which operates in maximum energy saving capacity throughout its life cycle. Built in Mitsubishi Electric's home air conditioner factory in Manisa and released in Turkish and European market, the new EnviroME air conditioner product line takes the spotlight with its eco-friendly features and design. Falling into A+++ energy class, EnviroME air conditioners are up to 40% more efficient compared to A++ energy class air conditioners. We also provide high energy saving and reduce carbon emission thanks to the technology invented by Mitsubishi Electric, which is only available in the elevators of our brand, deciding on the speed of the elevator according to current load."

Technologies that prevent water waste and increase reuseability

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric uses the water risk assessment tool WRI Aqueduct, which was developed by World Resources Institute, mainly prioritizing global production fields which needs water risk precautions the most, Saraçoğlu said that water usage was reduced by 40 thousand cubic meters as a result. Stating that the brand contributes to improving cumulative water recycling rates thanks to precautions such as using treated waste water in cooling systems, Saraçoğlu ended his words saying, "Mitsubishi Electric successfully receives its place in A list, the highest ranking by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) due to its works aimed towards fighting climate change and protecting water resources."

CO2 emission is expected to be reduced by 30 percent

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric, shaping all its activities in accordance with its goal to become a "global and leading environmentalist" company, strives to increase eco-awareness of both its own employees and that of people in accordance with its global environment mission "Eco Changes", Saraçoğlu continued his words; "Mitsubishi Electric has set important targets for its 100. anniversary in 2021. In this context; Mitsubishi Electric aims to help create a society based on low carbon and recycling, operate in harmony with nature and to strengthen the environment management activities of the group. As Mitsubishi Electric, in parallel with our 2021 goals, we are planning to reduce CO2 emission caused by product use by 30% compared to 2001 fiscal year values and to reduce CO2 emission caused by manufacturing by 30% compared to 1991 fiscal year. At this point, our 2018 Environment Report shows that we are on the right track."

Carbon emission caused by products and manufacturing has been lowered

Making statement according to the Environment Report regarding Mitsubishi Electric's 2018 Japanese fiscal year (1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018) Saraçoğlu Said; "Within the reported year, as a result of a series of operations such as renewing Mitsubishi Electric production facilities and improving operational processes, total yearly greenhouse gas emission values were reduced down to 1,27 million ton, below the target value of 1,37 million ton. As a result of using coolers and gas collection methods with low global warming potential in companies outside Japan, non-CO2 emissions were reduced down to 190 thousand tons in a CO2 equivalent basis, even below the target value stated as 220 thousand tons. By renewing facilities and adopting the technology of Internet of Things (IoT) and thus increasing efficiency in production, CO2 caused by energy usage was reduced by 24 thousand tons. By reducing CO2 emissions caused by 102 Mitsubishi Electric eco-products, mainly being information technologies products and electronic devices, by 35%, target goal was reached."

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