28 January 2019

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Next Generation Factories from Mitsubishi Electric and Geotek Automation

Geotek Automation, preferring Mitsubishi Electric products in its projects, increased production capacities of food and packaging industry giants

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Geotek Automation, the Izmir branch of the global giant in electric, electronic and automation industry Mitsubishi Electric, provides factories with advanced speed, flexibility and efficiency by using Industry 4.0 compatible advanced technology factory automation products of the brand. Serving in the fields of energy, HPP, process, water and feed automation and mechatronics solutions, Geotek Automation provided leading brands of food and packaging sectors with several advantages such as increased production capacity and reduced production time using project such as horizontal-vertical packaging and bag slitting realized using Mitsubishi Electric products.

Carrying out turn-key projects in numerous sectors both domestic and abroad, mainly being energy, water, white appliances, automotive, feed and cement, Geotek Automation establishes major collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, a giant in electrics, electronics and automation sectors. Operating as the Izmir branch of Mitsubishi Electric's in the field of factory automation systems, Geotek Automation provides its services with its OEM partners in numerous sectors such as white appliances, automotive, electrics, textile, woodworking, glass, food, tobacco, leather and packaging alongside HPP, process, water and feed automation and mechatronics solutions customized for the end-users. Providing factories with speed, flexibility and efficiency using Mitsubishi Electric's Industry 4.0 compatible factory automation products, Geotek Automation can drastically reduce time spent on engineering for development and configuration thanks to wizard interfaces SCADA solution of Mitsubishi Electric, capable of creating PLC and SCADA projects automatically. This solution also makes it possible to establish a standard structure that can make it easier to maintain the facility throughout its life cycle. Geotek Automation draws attention with the success it had in vertical-horizontal packaging and bag slitting projects realized using the products of Mitsubishi Electric, a leading brand in food and packaging sectors.

Production capacity of Dr. Oetker increased by 30 percent

By preferring Mitsubishi Electric’s FX5U PLC, FX5-40SSC, MR-JE, MR-J4, GS2107-WTBD, FX4-4AD-PT, FR-D720 products in vertical packaging projects they performed for Dr. Oetker; and by using FX3U-PLC, MR-MQ100, MR-E SUPER, MRJ3-B, GT1050 products for horizontal packaging projects, Geotek Otomasyon had major success. Establishing 30 percent increase with vertical packaging project and 25 percent increase with horizontal packaging project in Dr. Oetker's production capacity, it was made possible to have safe and high quality processing using torque control in bag closing jaw. While saving 80 percent on production times lost due to stoppages caused by maintenance and failures, higher precision was also established in bag sizes thanks to the advantages in positioning. Precision is provided with servo control in product dosing and stability is provided in jaw temperatures with pid control with the project that provides operater convenience. In Dr. Oetker where lost bags are minimized via empty-full product control, thanks to the continuous CAM control it is possible to have smoother transitions and less mechanical fatigue.

Saved 80 percent on lost production time

Using Mitsubishi Electric’s FX5U, PLC, FX5U-40SSC, FX3U PLC, FX3U-CAN, MR-J4, MR-JE, GS2107-WTBD products in vertical packaging projects and; FX5U PLC, FX5-40SSC, MR-JE, MR-J4, GS2107, FX3U-4LC products for horizontal packaging projects of a leading company in frozen foods sector, Geotek Otomasyon increased the production capacity of the firm by 20 percent using vertical packaging project and 30 percent by using vertical packaging project. In the project where safe and high quality processing was provided using torque control in bag closing jaw, loss in production times caused by maintenance and failure caused stoppages were reduced by 80 percent. With this important project, Geotek Automation provided numerous advantages together such as; precision in bag sizes, operator convenience, precision in product dosing via servo control, stability in jaw temperatures using pid control, bag loss reduction, smooth transitions in process systematics and less mechanical fatigue.

Operator convenience

Adopting bag slitting project in Poyraz Ambalaj using Mitsubishi Electric's PLC, MR JE, FX3U-4ADPT, GS2107 and FR-D720 products Geotek Automation, provided 35 percent increase in company's production capacity and reduced losses in production times due to maintenance and stoppages caused by failure by 80 percent. While providing stability in jaw temperatures with pid control and high precision in bag sizes in the project that provides operator convenience, precision in uncoiling and feeding was also provided using FR-D720 dancer control.

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