06 February 2019

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Mitsubishi Electric's Signature On YDA Söğütözü Project Elevators

Mitsubishi Electric elevators determine travel speed depending on cabin load reducing wait and travel times and providing maximum energy savings

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YDA Group, one of the leading companies in Turkey with main field of operation being construction industry, completing turn-key projects have preferred technology giant Mitsubishi Electric for elevator systems of its YDA Söğütözü project in Ankara that is gaining attraction as being a new area of attraction. Mitsubishi Electric, developing fast, safe, comfortable, energy efficient and long-lasting elevators, reduce elevator wait and travel times while increasing energy saving with its Variable Speed (VSE) feature that determined travel speed depending on cabin load in the YDA Söğütözü project.

YDA Group, with its history dating back to 1954, operating in 10 different fields mainly being aviation, energy, information technologies, is also gaining recognition in construction sector with its world standard service approach. In this context, YDA Group chose Mitsubishi Electric for the elevator systems of its YDA Söğütözü project in the center of Ankara with 290 4+1 flats, 37 5+1 flats, 9 duplex apartments, 438 offices, a supermarket, a sports and SPA center and cafes and restaurants that add up to a total of approximately 2 thousand 500 square meters of area, for its innovative and groundbreaking technologies. YDA Group, striving to meet all the changing needs of market and customers in all its projects, supports its high quality and comfort approach with Mitsubishi Electric's elevator systems.

High capacity elevators

Drawing attention with its advanced technology, travel comfort and safety alongside product, service and maintenance quality, Mitsubishi Electric takes part in YDA Söğütözü project with 30 elevators with engine rooms and 14 elevators without engine rooms, with capacities of 1000 and 1350 kg with speeds ranging from 1 meter, 2,5 meters and 3 meters per second. 12 passenger elevators in the project are incorporated with the special allocation system that directs related elevator accordingly when a floor key is pressed. 10 passenger elevators are incorporated with Variable Speed (VSE) feature that is a proprietary technology only present in Mitsubishi Electric elevators.

Speed is determined according to cabin load

Breaking grounds in the sector with its advanced technology and experience to keep the leading spot, Mitsubishi Electric produces next generation elevators where energy consumption and failures are minimized, while comfort and safety is maximized. Variable Speed (VSE) feature in the brand's elevators to be used in YDA Söğütözü project is just one of them. The Variable Speed feature developed by Mitsubishi Electric and only incorporated into Mitsubishi Electric elevators is a technology that determines elevator speed depending on cabin load. Providing high energy savings, this optional feature with advanced technology can operate at 1 meter per second when there are 1-2 persons are in; 1,6 meters per second when 6-9 persons are in and 1 meters per second again when 12-14 persons are in a cabin for 14 individuals (1050 kg).

Minimum wait and travel time, maximum energy savings

While elevator engine requires more energy when too little or too high cabin load is present, when cabin load is balanced with counter weight, elevator engine spends less energy. This different in energy between to instances can be utilized as additional speed when cabin is balanced with counter weight. This features allows to reduce wait times by 15% and travel times by up to 32%. This way, energy savings and comfort is improved considerably.

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