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Marketing and Brand Management Tips for Young EngineersMitsubishi Electric shed light on engineering candidates of Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa in synthesizing engineering and marketing disciplines

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13 March 2019

Technology leader Mitsubishi Electric explained tips and tricks on marketing and brand management to young engineers in "Mühendis Kafası" event organized by Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Social Activities Club "Faculty of Engineering Marketing Society". Emphasizing on consumers' expectations from brands, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertisement and Public Relations Team Leader Savaş Ceneviz stated that it is valuable for marketing managers with engineering backgrounds to think analytically while continuing their activities, however that emotion-based approach is also important for researches regarding target masses as well and gave important suggestions to young engineers.

Operating in many fields in Turkey, from air conditioners to elevators and escalators, industrial automation to advanced robotics, CNC mechatronic systems to visual data systems, transportation to energy systems, semi-conductor devices to automotive components, public systems including special radar technologies for airports to satellite and space systems, Mitsubishi Electric this time met with young engineers to talk about marketing and brand management. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertisement and Public Relations Team Leader Savaş Ceneviz took part as a speaker with his presentation titled "Engineer Effect in Brand Management" in the "Mühendis Kafası" event organized by Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Social Activities Club Faculty of Engineering Marketing Society under the leadership of Dr. Asst. Prof. Güzide Öncü Eroğlu Pektaş. In the event that took place in 12-15 March in Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Avcılar Campus Ali Rıza Berkem Conference Hall where leading actors of communication sector and students came together; topics such as marketing, brand management, entrepreneurship, e-trade and personal development were discussed.

What do consumers expect from brands?

Explaining the unique sides of engineering and marketing disciplines and important steps for an engineer to become marketing professional, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertisement and Public Relations Team Leader Savaş Ceneviz touched upon topics such as; what is an engineer, new marketing approach, differences between products and brand descriptions, history of branding, development of the concept of brand and evolution in time, relations between brand and marketing management, marketing planning process, brand value, digital marketing, developmental phases of digital marketing in the world and Turkey, new approaches in the world, e-trade, social media usage, developments expected to happen in marketing discipline in the world as of 2020 and expectations of consumers from brands.

Explaining that engineers create projects in order to meet the needs of people by using positive sciences and that marketing consists of planned communication activities of businesses or organizations in order to sell or acknowledge products, services or thoughts, Savaş Ceneviz continued; "Nowadays, it is important that marketing departments and engineers that support preparation of products and services work closely. Creativity lies in the basis of both disciplines, however, they differ in presentation and expression. In the following periods, we will witness businesses that can create values for their target masses grow rapidly and stand in a sustainable manner in a highly competitive environment."

"Think analytically, approach emotionally"

Stating that rankings of global brands that dominated numerous markets around the world have changed in the last 18 years, Ceneviz said; "Some brands vanish before finding their places in markets or have hard times sustaining their presence. Thus, forming value-based communication with target mass and presenting products and services of a business in a profitable manner now plays a key role. It is possible to say that in the new term we will witness brands that create their activities, new products and services in cooperation with their customers since customer needs can be analyzed analytically in shorter times. Industry 4.0 and digital factories are there as reflections of such needs. In this term where competition gets harder and profits drop, brands now provide similar, homogeneous products and services. At this point, at Mitsubishi Electric we create technologies so that businesses in this new world order can provide personalized, more flexible manufacturing model for their customers where manufacturing costs can be optimized and much faster manufacturing can be achieved. And we realize this thanks to our advanced R&D, in other words, engineering power we have. In companies managed by engineers, this formula based on dialog and cooperation is not applied enough yet. It is valuable for marketing managers with engineering background to think analytically, however, reaching target masses emotionally also carries critical importance." and ended his words.

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