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"Time for Digital Factories" in Win FairAnswering Industry 4.0 with its e-F@ctory concept, Mitsubishi Electric took the spotlight with digital twin simulation of a real factory and advanced robotics technologies in Win Fair

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18 March 2019

Answering the new industrial phase with its digital factory concept e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric displayed its Industry 4.0 compatible innovative technologies in Win Eurasia Fair. Joining the fair with "Time for Digital Factories" concept, the brand displayed its solutions designed for digital transformation phase of factories. Drawing attention with the simulation where the digital twin of a real factory was brought to the fair, Mitsubishi Electric also drew attention with Turkish coffee serving Japanese robot that operate at a precision close to that of human hand. Also introducing its solution platform that is included in e-F@ctory concept which is the first step to digital transformation of factories, Mitsubishi Electric explained how this technology that makes real time data analysis possible in production lines provides high cyber-security and time savings. The human-like robot called RoboTink which was designed by students who used industrial automation products granted to Tink College, Turkey's first Technology and Human College by Mitsubishi Electric within the contribution to education project, handed out hats to visitors in the brand's booth. Stating that countries that can adapt to digital transformation period and switch to smart manufacturing will be able to compete in a global level, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu said they answer the needs of Turkish industry in Industry 4.0 age with their innovative automation products and services.

Electrics, electronics and automation giant Mitsubishi Electric displayed its Industry 4.0 compatible industrial automation technologies in WIN Eurasia Fair, the meeting point for manufacturing industry in Eurasian region. Participating in the fair organized in Tüyap Exhibition and Convention Center on 14-17 March with its "Time for Digital Factories" concept, Mitsubishi Electric introduced special automation solutions designed for numerous sectors, mainly being automotive, food, energy, electrics and electronics, packaging, water and waste water, HVAC, building management systems and metal working sectors. In this context; numerous products such as; Cube Enterprise Solution Platform, industrial computer MELIPC, MAPS, iQ Platform, servo motion, inverter, GT2000 series operator panels, M80 ve M800 CNC Control Units, LVS and energy monitoring product family, MELSEC safety solutions and more was brought together with industry professionals.

Answering Industry 4.0 with its e-F@ctory concept, Mitsubishi Electric took the spotlight with its Cube Enterprise Solution Platform, which is the first step towards digital transformation of factories. Drawing attention with the simulation where the digital twin of a real factory was brought to the fair, Mitsubishi Electric explained how they analyze a production line in a factory in real time using cyber physics technologies in this application. Creating difference with its robots almost as precise as human arm and hand, Mitsubishi Electric also drew attention in the fair with its robotics technologies. Displaying a robot demo for food industry at its booth, the brand drew interest with the robot that can follow a product on production line with great precision and adjust its movement according to the arrival speed of the product. Demonstrating it can pick pieces that aren't aligned with a robot using 3D camera, the brand performed precise installation using force sensor. The brand's talented Japanese robot with precision so high that it can serve Turkish coffee without losing its foam and form proved them as a powerful actor in digital factories' manufacturing processes. Students who use industrial automation products granted to Tink College, Turkey's first Technology and Human College by Mitsubishi Electric within the contribution to education project introduced the human-like robot called RoboTink designed using said products. Able to move with ease using the wheels below and use its arms, RoboTink can remotely control electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Able to autonomously stop its movement if blocked by an obstacle, RoboTink handed out hats to the visitors in Mitsubishi Electric's booth. Technology leader Mitsubishi Electric once again proved that it is a competitive solution partner in preparing Turkish industry to the new industrial revolution with the industrial automation solutions it introduced in the fair.

Personalized needs of consumers force factories into digital transformation

Saying they serve factories' digital transformation phase in Industry 4.0 era with their innovative products and services, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu said that today's most important item in the agenda is "personalized production" and said; "Shift in consumer requests towards personalized products played a vital role in the transition period towards Industry 4.0. In the monolog phase based on supply-demand balance in the past, a product was produced only once and consumers were expected to buy it. Today, however, as individuals tend to choose products and services that suit their expectations, demand constantly changes. In this new industry phase, it is vital that businesses complete their digital transformation in order to adapt to digitalized trade processes by installing production lines that can rapidly answer personal preferences. A country can only develop if it can produce in a global level. In today's world, countries that transition into digital manufacturing by adapting into Industry 4.0 phase can compete in a global level. It is vital for Turkey that draws attention with its high manufacturing power and potential that they reach this position for sustainable development. In order to achieve this, development costs must be decreased while production rate and quality are increased. At this point, as a competitive actor of the new industrial phase, we provide solutions so that Turkish industry can be prepared for tomorrow's digital and smart factories equipped with advanced robotics technologies starting today."

It is possible to see productivity before starting production using virtual factory

"With the e-F@ctory concept of Mitsubishi Electric, it is possible to build a factory in a way that it can meet all requirements of the new industrial phase and to benchmark the factory and production before actually building the factory in a virtual environment. This way, businesses can see their needs and productivity by running virtual factories before going into production and can shape their investments accordingly" and Şevket Saraçoğlu continued; "Real time usage, analysis and coordination of production data using IT system plays a vital role for digital transformation of factories. At this point Cube Enterprise Solution Platform incorporated into our e-F@ctory as the first step of digital transformation of factories provide necessary data processing between production area and IT system. Collecting production area data while analyzing data in offline mode and processing data for efficient analysis and using analysis results in real-time, this platform makes it possible to reduce preventative maintenance costs and achieve high quality production."

High cyber-security and time savings

Informing us on the industrial computer MELIPC that was displayed for the first time in Turkey in the fair, Saraçoğlu said; "Incorporated into Cube Enterprise Solution Platform, the industrial computer MELIPC can perform real time control that cannot otherwise be performed using traditional industrial computers. Able to perform high speed, high precision device monitoring and data processing, MELIPC can analyze factory data in real time without the need to move data outside factories. This way, cyber-threats are greatly eliminated. Thanks to the real-time analysis, decisions that must be taken in production lines can be made much more quickly. This system makes it possible to design each factory in accordance with its digital transformation needs" ending his words.

Robots became a considerable work-force in factories

Drawing attention with its robots that play a vital role in e-F@ctory concept, Mitsubishi Electric informed us on factories' digital transformation phase and robots in its panel titled "Mechatronics 4.0: Dark Factories". Underlying that usage of robots in Turkey, especially in industry increases, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel told us that the robots that play a vital role in manufacturing process of factories became a common work-force today with the speed and convenience they provide in his presentation. Stating that world giant Mitsubishi Electric is a powerful actor in terms of factory automation and advanced robotics in Turkey, Bizel also stated that they are aiming to provide more flexible manufacturing in industry with robots and to increase human comfort by reducing manufacturing costs and to use robotics wherever it is needed. Stating that they provide added value to industrialists with fast and precise robots, Bizel said "At Mitsubishi Electric, we manufacture gear box, mechanical and electronic components that form our robots ourselves. Providing great convenience at each phase of manufacturing, our robots perform 7/24 for 25 thousand hours without the need for maintenance. Our robots which can be moved to anywhere in the factory due to their compact forms provide the possibility of establishing a flexible manufacturing area."

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