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Advices for the Youth That Will Design Future TechnologiesMitsubishi Electric keeps on guiding university students

25 March 2019

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One of the world's leading brands in the field of industrial automation systems, Mitsubishi Electric supports education with the goal of raising engineers who will shape the future of robotics, whose role in industry increases rapidly. Helping establish robot training centers in engineering faculties of universities, Mitsubishi Electric puts importance on coming together with students in order to help raise the young. Lately giving speeches in Karabük University Informatics Days, Erciyes University Experience Sharing Conference and Arel University Marketing and Innovation events on topics such as; the vision of Industry 4.0, tomorrow's factory automation, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel gave important advices to young students.

Conducting education support projects with the goals of raising experts who will shape automation and advanced robotics technologies in Turkey in the future, Mitsubishi Electric paves the way for establishing robot training centers in engineering faculties of universities by donating industrial robots. Contributing to numerous organizations so far in order to raise students' awareness on topics of Industry 4.0, digital factories and robots, Mitsubishi Electric came together with students again in three major university events. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel, talked about the vision of Industry 4.0, future factory automation, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics in Karabük University Informatics Days, Erciyes University Experience Sharing Conference and Arel University Marketing and Innovation events.

"Turkey Will Catch Up on Fourth Industrial Revolution With the Youth"

Saying "as Mitsubishi Electric, we believe Turkey will catch up on the Fourth Industrial Revolution together with the youth", Tolga Bizel stated, "We can see that Turkish industry is highly open to this revolution. At this point, we can provide tomorrows digital factories equipped with advanced robotics technologies for the Turkish industry, starting today with out answer to Industry 4.0, the e-F@ctory concept. During this phase, data transfer rates between robots is getting faster and faster and thanks to the advanced robotics technologies that can communicate with each other, robots can control themselves in a more coordinated and precise fashion. Today, thanks to e-F@ctory infrastructure, robots can communicate with other products on production lines and they are ready to share information within themselves and the main system controlling the factory without human intervention in order to increase efficiency. Because in e-F@ctory concept, all products that make up the factory automation work integrated to one another with open architecture. With the e-F@ctory concept of Mitsubishi Electric, it is possible to build a factory in a way where it can meet all requirements of the new industrial phase and to form a virtual factory before installation. Thanks to this virtual factory, we provide the opportunity to analyze requirements and efficiency and to shape investments in accordance with the results of such analysis. Using advanced technology in order to optimize all layers of factories from management to manufacturing and providing considerable savings on manufacturing costs, e-F@ctory concept helps you get one step ahead in global competition."

Products such as manufacturing systems will be constantly connected to internet

Telling that every product manufactured during the era of digital and smart production is planned to have a separate serial number unlike today's modern systems and they are planned to keep not only some basic information but also their own history, Bizel said; "These products, just like the machine they were built in, will have constant internet access and thus, their positions and states can be determined easily. Thanks to their receivers they'll examine the environment they are in and within their own capabilities they'll be able to react physically and while doing so they'll be able to share information with other online devices in real-time. A product answering to personalized requirements will have the opportunity to be modified while being manufactured in the factory and the system structure to keep this process under control will be provided."

Artificial intelligence will change business models

Saying that digital transformation and smart manufacturing systems brought along with Industry 4.0 are concepts that will change societies and global balance, Tolga Bizel continued as such; "In the following period where a new manufacturing approach will take place along with interconnected production machines and human interaction; industrialists, cities, governments and researchers are predicted to perform studies in many different fields in order to adapt to the constantly developing and changing competitive environment. For industrialists in production stages, for governments in country and communication infrastructure, for local managements in city infrastructures and for researchers in R&D studies, priority will be to answer the requirements of Industry 4.0. In this period which we can name as informatics and technology age, smart cities, smart buildings and smart factories are expected to grow in numbers. Technologies such as mobile communication, wearables, smart vehicles, smart homes and Internet of Things will enable broader and more up-to-date personal data to be made available for companies. At this point, with it becoming easier to reach personal data and artificial intelligence applications increasing, traditional business models are expected to change. In this transformation period, it is possible to say that digital transformation will become a must for businesses."

We must train engineers that can design new robots

Saying that as a result of the studies towards industrialism under the light of fundamental sciences, numerous new business disciplines emerged in numerous sectors, Bizel made advices to students for getting prepared for the Industry 4.0 phase; "It is highly important that the young understand and interpret new disciplines in rapidly digitalizing world and make necessary preparations. In this period, the importance of robots in our lives increase day by day due to the speed and conveniences they provide. Thus it becomes important to train engineers that can program industrial robots to be used heavily in industry, science and health sectors and even perform integration of them into production lines and design new robots. At this point, as Mitsubishi Electric Turkey we contribute towards establishing robot training centers by granting our 6 axis industrial robots to engineering faculties of universities. We are planning to increase our works carried forward to help the education of the young in future periods."

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