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Roadmap to Digital Transformation for Industrialists of Konya Mitsubishi Electric draws attention to digital and smart factories in Konya Branch of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers

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26 April 2019

Answering Industry 4.0 with its digital factory concept e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric explained roadmap to digital transformation in manufacturing to industrialists of Konya in "Why Industry 4.0" panel, organized by Konya Branch of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. Participating in the event as a speaker, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel underlined that industrialists need to increase manufacturing quality while reducing costs in order to gain power in export and to compete in global markets by manufacturing in global standards and stated that Turkey can rapidly catch up with Fourth Industrial Revolution, provided they take the necessary steps.

Organized by Konya Branch of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in order to inform industrialists on the new industrial phase and to form cooperations, "Why Industry 4.0" panel took place on 25 April. Giving a speech on the event where topics such as Industry 4.0 phases, current technologies in software and automation fields, qualified human resources and integration of workers in the new industrial revolution were discussed, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel explained the roadmap to digital transformation in manufacturing to industrialists of Konya. Bizel gave information about Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, the digital factory concept, e-F@ctory.

"Costs must be dropped while manufacturing quality is increased"

Reminding us of the importance of the ability to compete at a global level in order to have sustainable manufacturing capability in Turkey, Tolga Bizel said, "In order for industrialists to make production in global quality and to compete in global markets, they have to gain power in exports and optimize costs while increasing production quality. At this point, it is important that they closely follow factory automation sector and make necessary infrastructure investments in order to adapt to new technologies rapidly." Saying that future is expected to be built on communication, Bizel stated that establishing high speed and quality communication systems will be even more important for companies. Saying that managing raw materials and resources more effectively will also prove beneficial for companies at this phase, Bizel ended his words saying, "In the new phase, we can say that one of the vital aspects is to make sure if solutions provided to industrialists are indeed compatible with Industry 4.0 or not. We believe it is important for the managers of Turkish business world to make in-depth research on what Industry 4.0 really is, and to train their teams within that context."

"Turkey can catch up with Industry 4.0"

Emphasizing that forming production lines that can meet the requirements of rapidly changing and personalizing human needs as rapidly and efficiently as possible in Industry 4.0 phase has become the most important item on the agenda, Bizel said, "In this phase, digital factories equipped with robot technologies gain importance for increasing manufacturing power of Turkey." Stating that as Mitsubishi Electric they give Turkish industry the opportunity to build tomorrow's factories starting today, Bizel talked about the brand's answer to Industry 4.0, the e-F@ctory concept;

"At Mitsubishi Electric, we believe Turkey will rapidly catch up with Fourth Industrial Revolution. And we, as a competitive actor of the new industrial phase, provide Turkey with technological solutions to get ready for future's factory automation. Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, e-F@ctory concept, shines forward as an evolutionary step that can increase speed, quality and efficiency in manufacturing while dramatically cutting down costs. Even more, e-F@ctory is not a new occurrence, despite Industry 4.0 only recently became a topic of discussion. Mitsubishi Electric has been using e-F@ctory concept in its own production lines since 2003, and reflects the experiences it had by doing so to its customers and products."

Age of information-based manufacturing

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory concept aimed towards installing reliable and flexible production lines helps users reach their aim of high speed and data based manufacturing, Bizel said; "We make it possible to increase speed and efficiency, reduce margin of error by monitoring processes in real-time, cutting down production costs and thus increasing business volume. With our ability to gather data from the devices on a production line, we help reduce energy costs while shortening the time required activation and installation processes with our fully integrated automation platform."

Real time usage of manufacturing data is important

Stating that in factories, it is very important to use and analyze manufacturing data in real time and coordinating such data with IT systems for digital transformation, Bizel said that incorporated into Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory concept, the Cube Enterprise Solution Platform is the first step towards the digital transformation of factories. Stating that this platform provides the processing of necessary data between manufacturing department and IT systems, Bizel said, "Analyzing data offline, this platform collects data from manufacturing areas, processes them for an efficient analysis and uses analysis results in real time. This way, makes it possible to reduce preventative maintenance costs and achieve high quality production."

Stating that Incorporated into Cube Enterprise Solution Platform, the industrial computer MELIPC can perform real time control that cannot be performed with general industrial computers, Bizel stated this industrial computer can perform high speed and high precision device control and data processing. Emphasizing that this way, factory data can be analyzed in real time within the factory without moving the data outside and cyber-threats can be drastically reduced, Bizel said, "Thanks to the real-time analysis, decisions that must be taken in production lines can be made much more quickly. This system makes it possible to design each factory in accordance with its digital transformation needs" ending his words.


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