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Mitsubishi Electric Explained Marketing and Brand Management to University StudentsThe brand participated in the event organized by Yalova University Business Administration and Economy Club and enlightened students on their career path

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02 May 2019

Developing advanced technology solutions since over 95 years in order to improve the quality of life of societies all around the world, Mitsubishi Electric came together with students at "APEX'19" organized by Yalova University Business Administration and Economy Club. Participating as speaker in the event, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertisement and Public Relations Team Leader Savaş Ceneviz told the youth his experiences in his presentation titled "Tips for Brand Communication and Suggestions to Future Marketers and Brand Managers" and told about the global effects of digitalization on the world of marketing and brand communication.

Known for its advanced technology, ecological approach and innovative products with high quality aimed towards numerous different sectors, Mitsubishi Electric came together with the students of Yalova University. Organized under the leadership of the President of Yalova University Business Administration and Economy Club Selin Kılıç and club members, "APEX'19" event had expert guests from different sectors as participants. Giving a presentation titled "Tips for Brand Communication and Suggestions for Future Marketers and Brand Managers" in the event, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertisement and Public Relations Team Leader Savaş Ceneviz informed students on service scope of; sales, marketing and brand management departments and relayed his experiences using examples. Stating that communication requires a process management that changes rapidly, Savaş Ceneviz put emphasis on changing dynamics of marketing and brand communication in digital world.

Marketing and brand management complete each other

Saying that individuals that perform sales are called "marketers" because marketing and sales are mistaken for one another, Ceneviz said about the topic; "There are drastic differences between operating principles of sales and marketing departments. While marketing determines its operations based on long term strategies, sales operate on shorter term strategies. Marketing and brand management come forward as concepts that complete each other. Brands that manage to stay strong in the middle of this environment of heavy competition are the ones that leave positive impressions on consumers' minds. To achieve this, brands must be managed with correct and long term strategies and must invest in reputation."

Global brands must closely follow local dynamics

Reminding us that globalization, which started with Silk Road trading brought global branding alongside as well, Ceneviz said, "It is a vital aspect that global brands follow local dynamics closely and properly analyze the markets they operate in. Brands that ignore the dynamics of the geography they operate in will find it almost impossible to continue their operations in such markets in the long term. One of the leading global brands at this point, Mitsubishi Electric, applies its regions and country specific communication studies and direct operations with sensitivity. We combine our brand's global strategies and brand promises with local dynamics of Turkey and manage our marketing and brand communication processes."

Conventional and digital marketing synchronization is a must

Saying "Digital platforms are no longer online for a short while, we live online", Ceneviz emphasized on the fact that as internet took its place in our lives rapidly, communication models are also shaped in accordance with this order. Stating that, although conventional marketing strategies sustain their validity, it is a very important necessity to synchronize it with digital marketing tactics, Ceneviz said, "Brands need to structure their conventional and digital communications in a way that they complement each other and be compatible with each other. At this point, it is vital that new generation follows the world closely and monitor both regional and local developments to refresh their knowledge. In this highly integrated communication period thanks to digitalization, it is possible for different individuals in Vietnam and Norway to learn developments at almost the same time. At this point, we can say that alongside their communication processes, brands' manufacturing processes are also becoming digital. Our brand Mitsubishi Electric's robotics technologies, its answer to Industry 4.0 named e-F@ctory and its air conditioners with artificial intelligence infrastructure can be named among the products that are examples of digitalized manufacturing processes. In the digital world, marketing departments will have to work in close contact with IT departments and although employees won't need as extensive knowledge as that of a software engineer, having knowledge on marketing automations and softwares in the following periods will prove beneficial to them" and ended his words.


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