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Smarter Factories with iQ-R Mitsubishi Electric sets the standard with its next generation process automation controller iQ-R and provides high efficiency

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03 September 2019

Providing Turkey's leading industry corporations with added value thanks to its technologies for smart factories, Mitsubishi Electric draws attention with iQ-R series, the new player of iQ Platform revolution that combines all automation components and integrates control and communication. The new series promises higher efficiency and cost savings and is designed with quality and high performance in mind.

Standing out for its advanced technology automation products that provide factories with rapid integration, productivity, flexibility and efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric provides digital factories of Industry 4.0 a ready-to-use platform with its new process automation controller iQ-R series. Able to provide high-level control and communication integration in a hardware platform with high scalability, thus able to monitor and match work processes at the same time, the new series of iQ Platform, iQ-R, stands out with its high processing performance even in challenging automation environments.

Stating that they focused on increasing equipment value and product quality while designing the iQ-R series that makes factory control smarter, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems Manager of Product Management Department Cem Kıbrıslı said that this way, users can have better performance for lower costs with an advanced and efficient system. Stating that iQ-R series provide advantages in all phases from the start and design of PLC system to following installation, operation and maintenance, Cem Kıbrıslı said that they also provide a way to improve in the phases of developing equipments and manufacturing lines.

Increased efficiency with high performance CPU

Emphasizing that, iQ-R series that stand out for its new performance standards increase efficiency with its; 0,14 msn scanning time, up to 419 commands per millisecond processing capacity and 0,98 msn LD command speed, Kıbrıslı stated, "We can even perform operations that require multiple CPUs on a single CPU, reducing costs considerably. Additionally, supporting multiple CPU usage, we make it possible for users to develop more complicated and advanced automation applications."

Secure data storage

Stating that iQ-R series incorporate synchronized PLC and network scan to reduce data transfer delays and increase production quality, Kıbrıslı said that they also remove the need for a position detection sensor in all output modules, thus reducing total system costs and making precise controlled synchronization possible. Stating that crucial steps of factory automation can be stored in integrated database, Kıbrıslı said, "With iQ-R series, even in the case of network crashes and disrupted communication with PC database, whole automation system does not halt. Also, iQ-R can back-up and restore all PLC system data including, CC-Link IE Field network devices."

Cost reducing maintenance

Stating that they combined numerous operations that reduce maintenance costs in this series, Kıbrıslı said, "In iQ-R series, we made it possible to store possible errors in an integrated memory. We can record and store all operation information and make it possible to analyze all such data, thus reducing stoppages and maintenance costs."

Non-stop communication

Cem Kıbrıslı said, "iQ-R series; make it possible to make use of Mitsubishi Electric Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) while monitoring devices anywhere while bypassing network layers when connected to other devices over CC-Link IE, CC-Link IE Field or Ethernet. This way, users no longer need to write codes for communication installation and it is enough to simply choose communication protocol and tags in order to activate PLC and connected devices for communication."

Security key protection

Stating that iQ-R series provide extra protection by plugging a hardware security key in CPU, Kıbrıslı said, "This way, we can prevent any unauthorized person from changing or copying a program. Also, by cyphering data in security key, access to devices is limited and extra safety wall can be created. iQ-R series run all this in addition to user id verification function."

MELSEC System Q Compatibility

Emphasizing that iQ-R series is fully compatible with MELSEC System Q moduless and terminal blocks so that it provides an easy upgrade method to users, Cem Kıbrıslı said, "The ability to transfer programs written for MELSEC System Q directly into iQ-R series in the case of a system upgrade is another feature of the series that reduce programming costs." finishing his words.


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