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Japanese Robot Making Cotton Candy is Also the Helping Hand of Manufacturing IndustryParticipating in 5. Robot Investments Summit and Exhibit with "Time for Digital Factories" concept, Mitsubishi Electric drew attention with its advanced robotics technologies

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05 October 2019

Providing industry with high added value thanks to its advanced automation technologies, Mitsubishi Electric attended 5. Robot Investment Summit and Exhibition, one of the biggest industrial robot events in Turkey, with "Time for Digital Factories" concept. The robot with precision close to that of a human hand by Mitsubishi Electric that stands out with its innovative solutions in the field of robotics and e-F@ctory digital factory concept, made cotton candy and served it to visitors. Giving a speech during the session in summit, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel gave up-to-date information on digital transformation process of factories and contributions of robots to manufacturing.

Participating in the event known as one of the biggest meeting of industrial robots in Turkey, 5. Robot Investment Forum and Exhibition organized in WOW Convention Center on 1-3 October with its "Time for Digital Factories" concept, Mitsubishi Electric drew attention with its Japanese robot that prepared and served cotton candy to the visitors. The robot of Mitsubishi Electric, the brand that adds value to industrialists with its factory automation products incorporated with advanced technologies, with precision close to that of human hand, proved that robots are ready to be a powerful helper in digital factories' manufacturing processes.

Giving a speech in the panel within the summit, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Mr. Tolga Bizel gave information about e-F@ctory, the brand's answer to Industry 4.0 as well as advanced robotics technologies and enlightened industrialists that are planning to invest on robots. Underlying that usage of robots in Turkey, especially in industry increases, Mr. Tolga Bizel told us that the robots that play a vital role in manufacturing process of factories became a common work-force today with the speed and convenience they provide. Stating that world giant Mitsubishi Electric is a powerful actor in terms of factory automation and advanced robotics in Turkey, Mr. Bizel also stated that they are aiming to provide more flexible manufacturing in industry with robots and to increase human comfort by reducing manufacturing costs and to use robotics wherever it is needed.

Robots that works 7/24 for 25 thousand hours without the need for maintenance under any condition

Stating that they provide added value to industrialists with fast and precise robots, Mr. Bizel said "At Mitsubishi Electric, we manufacture gear box, mechanical and electronic components that form our robots ourselves. Providing great convenience at each phase of manufacturing, our robots perform 7/24 for 25 thousand hours without the need for maintenance. Our robots which can be moved to anywhere in the factory due to their compact forms provide the possibility of establishing a flexible manufacturing area."

Time for digital factories in manufacturing

Stating that quite interesting and exciting developments and innovations will take place throughout the Industry 4.0 phase, Tolga Bizel said, "Human life improves every day and in relation, our needs become more personalized. Beneath the emergence of this new industrial phase lies the need to fulfil the needs of humans using automation systems with cyber systems incorporated into them. Companies that have this system described as the digital factory approach can optimize their products as needed and thus have an advantage on markets. In order to provide such products, we'll have to see the requirements and the efficiency in a virtual environment before even establishing the factory and invest accordingly. And Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0 the digital factory concept named e-F@ctory comes in to place at this point. In smart factories designed with e-F@ctory concept, all next generation products including the robots can communicate over the internet. Thus, customizing production lines as per requirements becomes considerably easier. Providing considerable savings on manufacturing costs and used to optimize all layers of factories from management to manufacturing, e-F@ctory helps you get one step ahead in global competition."


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