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Turkish Coffee served by Mitsubishi Electric Robot at GITEXMitsubishi Electric drew attention with its smart technologies at GITEX Technology Week where it received "Future Energy Award"

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22 October 2019

Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric attended 39. GITEX Technology Week this year with "Smart Mitsubishi Electric" theme. In the event that took place on 6-10 October in Dubai Mitsubishi Electric introduced Aquatoria Smart Water Solution, e-F@ctory Smart Factory Solutions, Data Center IT Cooling Solutions, High Speed Elevator Systems, Building Management and Control Systems, Barrier-free Fare Collection Solution and Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis Solution and caught interest with its robot that prepared and served Turkish Coffee to visitors. Mitsubishi Electric was also awarded with "Future Energy Award" with its Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems solution i-FX Series in the award ceremony.

Providing industry with high added value in numerous sectors from "Home to space" with its advanced technology solutions, Mitsubishi Electric came together with industry's key actors in GITEX Technology Week that took place in Dubai on 6-10 October 2019. In the event known as one of the biggest technology expos in Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia, Mitsubishi Electric introduced Aquatoria Smart Water Solution, Robot Technologies, e-F@ctory Smart Factory Solutions, Data Center IT Cooling Solutions, High Speed Elevator Systems, Building Management and Control Systems, Barrier-free Fare Collection Solution and Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis Solution and added a twist to the event with its robot that prepared and served Turkish Coffee to visitors with precision close to that of a human hand.

Received Future Energy Award

Awarded with "Future Energy Award" for its Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems solution i-FX Series in the award ceremony within GITEX Technology Week, Mitsubishi Electric explained high efficiency provided by i-FX Series to industry professionals. The i-FX Series air cooled cooling solution that is able to work in exterior temperature ranging from -20°C to +55°C, incorporated with inverter screw compressors can work at capacities ranging from 383 to 1697 kW. Designed to be the pioneer of environment-friendly innovation in comfort cooling applications, this series can provide utmost efficiency in most complex projects.

Robots as a considerable work-force in factories

Playing a vital role in manufacturing processes, robots became a common work force nowadays, with the speed and convenience they provide. Stepping forwards as a strong actor in the fields of factory automation and advanced robotics technologies, global giant Mitsubishi Electric make it possible to achieve flexible manufacturing, reduce manufacturing costs to increase human comfort make robotics technology accessible everywhere needed. Describing the high added value provided by rapid and precise robots to industrialists, Mitsubishi Electric introduced its robots that can work 7/24 for 25 thousand hours in all conditions without maintenance in the event. Robots which can be moved to anywhere in a factory due to their compact forms provide the possibility of establishing a flexible manufacturing area.

"Aquatoria", the solution that reduces energy consumption in smart cities

A smart software solution that uses AI technology for municipal water systems, providing precise process control over all aspects of water supply and distribution, Aquatoria identifies inefficiencies in equipment operations with proven automation technologies and adaptive control algorithms. Thus, it can automatically optimize active pumping stations while controlling and managing pressure. Drawing attention in GITEX Technology Week with Aquatoria solution that is of critical importance for smart cities that contributes to significant reductions in energy consumption, Mitsubishi Electric can also reduce leakage and lower maintenance requirements as another advantage that stands out.

"Virtual Reality Experience" with High Speed Elevator

Mitsubishi Electric installed the world’s fastest elevator in Shanghai Tower, China in 2016 and with a speed of 20.5m/s (73.8km/h), the elevator can take passenger who want to get to the 119th floor from 2nd basement floor (632m distance) in just 53 seconds. Exhibiting this advanced technology travel experience as "Virtual Reality Experience" at GITEX, Mitsubishi Electric helped visitors experience the highest quality comfort and safety it provides for elevator users.

Full control in buildings with BMS

Another Mitsubishi Electric solution introduced at GITEX Technology Week, Building Management and Control Systems (BMS) make it possible to control ventilation, lighting, heating, alarm monitoring, elevator systems, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. One of the high quality systems of Mitsubishi Electric, BMS also stands out with its features such as intelligent reporting, easy maintenance, early problem detection and increased operational efficiencies.

Barrier-free fare collection for stations

This solution that proposes barrier-free fare collection equipped with wireless communication technology which only requires passengers to proceed without passing an IC card over a reader makes it possible for wheelchair users and people with strollers or large items of luggage to pass smoothly. Mitsubishi Electric's Barrier-free Fare Collection System that drew heavy attention during the event can display each passenger’s authorization status and path to their destination on the floor in front of them.

AI video analysis that detects individuals in times of danger

Another technology introduced at GITEX was Mitsubishi Electric's Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis Solution. The AI Video Analysis technology that detects the attributes of people or things and automatically recognizes their movements, conditions and other information and security records by analysing them in real-time, AI Video Analysis Solution can detect those in need and also observe suspicious behaviours and other potential issues before they happen.

IT Cooling System Solutions Integrated into Data Center Solutions

Providing full range of IT Cooling system solutions for any kind of data center installation, from small computer rooms, to large data centers, Mitsubishi Electric proves its technical leadership in data center applications with its high quality range of solutions. Providing high efficiency coolers with features such as free cooling technology that optimizes performance and ensures high reliability in IT cooling applications, smart heat-recovery systems and advanced control logic units, Mitsubishi Electric introduced its IT Cooling solution range products at GITEX. The IT cooling solutions that can be integrated with the data center management manage all the components of the cooling system it works with to allow optimum performance and predictive maintenance over the whole life cycle of the system providing high quality optimization systems.

Video of Mitsubishi Electric robot serving Turkish coffee:

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