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Energy Efficient Technologies From Home to SpaceMitsubishi Electric brought attention to energy saving for a sustainable world at World Savings Day

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23 October 2019

Developing energy efficient technologies in a wide variety of fields ranging from "home to space" in order to contribute to the goal of a sustainable world and to improve the life quality of societies, Mitsubishi Electric is a solution partner for air conditioning, automation, elevator, escalator and visual data systems of eco-friendly buildings, factories and infra-structure projects with its high energy efficient products in Turkey. Making statements under the context of 31 October World Savings Day, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu stated that they are planning to reduce carbon-emission caused by all product usage and manufacturing processes by up to 30 percent by 2021, which is the 100th anniversary of the brand. Talking about 2019 Environment Report of the brand, Saraçoğlu said, by using high efficiency equipment in Mitsubishi Electric manufacturing facilities and through operational revisions, they reduced CO2 emissions caused by production and products below that of their yearly goal. Stating that resource input during manufacturing is reduced by 45 percent, Saraçoğlu also said water usage per unit is also reduced by 23 percent.

For future generations to be affected as minimally by dwindling energy resources and global climate change as possible, precautions aimed for protecting the environment and economical usage of natural resources gain more and more importance every day. Using its technology worldwide to increase societies' quality of life and to contribute to the goal of a sustainable world, Mitsubishi Electric shapes all of its activities in accordance with its principle of becoming a "global and leading eco-friendly" company. Speaking on World Savings Day on 31 October, celebrated to enable efficient usage of energy with proper awareness of saving, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, Şevket Saraçoğlu said, "Especially in industry, energy usage must be reduced without causing any drop in production and production standards. It is highly important that we save energy in buildings, offices and all major public projects."

It is of critical importance to use resources efficiently

Remarking that Mitsubishi Electric develops all its products and solutions with advanced technology and within the frame of quality and energy saving, Saraçoğlu stated, "As for every other country, we are ambitious solution partner for air conditioning, automation, elevator, escalator and visual data systems of eco-friendly buildings, factories and infra-structure projects for Turkey as well" adding;

"Throughout the world, using available resources as efficiently as possible gains more importance every day. As Mitsubishi Electric, we stand out in all fields we serve from "homes to space" with our energy efficient, environment friendly, long lasting and smart products, systems and services incorporated with advanced technology in Turkey, as well as throughout the world. Apart from providing considerable savings to industries with our automation solutions, we also provide added value to projects that involve daily life such as Marmaray with world's deepest immersed tube tunnel in terms of energy efficiency. With e-F@ctory, our brand's response to Industry 4.0, we provide factories with much faster, efficient and eco-friendy manufacturing possibilities. In the are of house, office and industrial air conditioning systems we provide a problem-free product range equipped with artificial intelligence technologies with A+++ energy class which operates in maximum energy saving capacity throughout its life cycle. We also provide high energy saving and reduce carbon emission thanks to the technology invented by Mitsubishi Electric, which is only available in the elevators of our brand, deciding on the speed of the elevator according to current load."

Production based CO2 emission is reduced

Stating that all operations of Mitsubishi Electric are brought to life under the understanding of "Eco Changes," which represents the brand's approach to environment management, Saraçoğlu said: "By developing next generation technologies aimed towards energy savings, in 2021, which is the 100th anniversary of brand, we are planning to reduce carbon emission caused by product usage in comparison to 2001 fiscal year and reduce the carbon emission caused by production by 30% compared to 1991 fiscal year . At this point, our 2018 Environment Report regarding 2018 Japanese fiscal year (1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019 period) shows that we are on the right track to our goals. In fiscal year, by using high-efficiency equipments and operational revisions in Mitsubishi Electric manufacturing facilities, CO2 emissions caused by manufacturing was brought below the goal of 1.43 million tonnes, down to 1.3 million tonnes. CO2emissions caused by products used in the market have been brought down by 36 percent. By reducing the size and dimensions of products such as gas circuit breakers, servo motors and large video systems, production resource input is reduced by 45 percent and per-unit water usage is reduced by 23 percent" ending his words.


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