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Specific for Command and Control Rooms LED Screen TechnologyMitsubishi Electric provides high and continuous video performance with its patented NPP LED screen and promises high reliability and durability

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12 November 2019

Installing world's first videowall screen in 1980 and owning numerous patents and Guinness records in LED screen technology with its innovative technologies, Mitsubishi Electric gains attention with its NPP LED screen product with 1.25 mm to 1.5 mm pixel distance designed specifically for command and control centers. NPP LED screen, with its thin chassis at only 90mm, provides impressive light output, while providing 16.000:1 contrast value as well as horizontal/vertical 170° viewing angle, providing the ideal solution for spaces with tight installation space and high ambient light. Providing LED light output and retaining color quality in the screen even after 100 thousand hours of continuous usage with its anti burn-in feature, the NPP LED screen makes continuous viewing possible with its back-up signal inputs and redundant power supply.

NPP LED screen designed specifically for command and control centers by Mitsubishi Electric, which installed world's first videowall screen in 1980 and owning numerous patents and Guinness records in LED screen technology with its almost 40 years of experience, gains attention with its patented features, high image quality and long lasting use life. Mitsubishi Electric's NPP LED screens provide the optimal image quality possible from an LED screen with 3.840 Hz refresh rate and 16 bit color depth.

Providing advantages in limited installation space and highly lit areas with its vertical and horizontal 170 degrees of viewing angle and 16.000:1 contrast value, Mitsubishi Electric LPP LED promises life-like image color thanks to its "Natural Color Matrix" and "Gamma Correction" technologies and incorporates patented "2-Dimensional Noise Reduction" feature as standard to minimize eye strain for operators who monitor for prolonged periods of time.

Full reliability and durability

Designed and manufactured in all its components at Mitsubishi Electric's Kyoto factory, NPP LED screen provides high reliability and durability in mission-critical command control centers with its 90 mm thin chassis and earthquake resistant design. With its patented Anti-burn in feature, retains color quality and prevents image burn-in even after 100 thousand hours of continuous usage. Another patented feature of the product, active power saving circuit, measures the required illumination value for the image depending on power output and optimizes power usage and considerably reduces power usage which is generally high in traditional LED screens.


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