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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IS A MUST GLOBAL COMPETITION Mitsubishi Electric, drew attention to the inevitability of digitalization alongside Industry 4.0 phase at Electric and Electronics Engineering Convention

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18 November 2019

Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric participated in the event Electric and Electronics Engineering Convention (EEMKON 2019) organized by Chamber of Electrical Engineers Istanbul Branch. Making a presentation titled "Digital Factory Phase and Robots" in the event organized on 14-16 October, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel drew attention on the topic of digitalization which recently found its place in industrialists' agenda as a result of Industry 4.0 phase. Informing us on e-F@ctory concept which is Mitsubishi Electric's response to Industry 4.0, Tolga Bizel stated that in order for Turkish industry to increase its competitive power and export potential in global markets during the fourth industrial phase, production quality must be increased and costs must be lowered.

Drawing attention with its services in the fields of electrics, electronics and automation, Mitsubishi Electric shed light on the topic of digitalization that became a part of industry's agenda as a result of Industry 4.0 phase in Electric and Electronics Engineering Convention (EEMKON 2019) that took place in İstanbul Harbiye Military Museum Culture Site by Chamber of Electrical Engineers İstanbul Branch on 14-16 October. Making a presentation titled "Digital Factory Phase and Robots" in the convention, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel stated that the most important topic for factories in Industry 4.0 phase is establishing manufacturing lines that can meet the requirements of rapidly changing and personalized human needs in the fastest and more efficient way possible.

Stating that Mitsubishi Electric answers Industry 4.0 with its digital and smart factory concept e-F@ctory, Bizel continued; "In the age of digital transformation, machines improved in such as way that they are able to understand what's going on around them and they are able to communicate with each other via internet protocols. As Mitsubishi Electric, we answer this new industrial phase with our e-F@ctory concept and robots play a vital role in this infrastructure. Today, data transfer rates between robots is getting faster and faster and thanks to the advanced robotics technologies that can communicate with each other, robots can control themselves in a more coordinated and precise fashion. Today, thanks to e-F@ctory infrastructure, robots can communicate with other products on production lines and they are ready to share information within themselves and the main system controlling the factory without human intervention in order to increase efficiency. Because in e-F@ctory concept, all products that make up the factory automation work integrated to one another with open architecture."

Cost must be optimized while manufacturing quality is increased

Reminding us of the importance of the ability to compete at a global level in order to have sustainable manufacturing capability in Turkey, Tolga Bizel said, "In order for industrialists to make production in global quality and to compete in global markets, they have to gain power in exports and optimize costs while increasing production quality. At this point, it is important that they closely follow factory automation sector and make necessary infrastructure investments in order to adapt to new technologies rapidly." Saying that future is expected to be built on communication, Bizel stated that establishing high speed and quality communication systems will be even more important for companies. Saying that managing raw materials and resources more effectively will also prove beneficial for companies at this phase, Bizel ended his words saying, "In the new phase, one of the vital aspects is to make sure if solutions provided to industrialists are indeed compatible with Industry 4.0 or not. We have to pay attention to this. We believe it is important for the managers of Turkish business world to make in-depth research on what Industry 4.0 really is, and to train their teams within that context."

Robots with precision close to that of human arms or hand

Putting emphasis on the fact that Mitsubishi Electric creates a difference with its robots that can work with precision close to that of a human hand and arm in numerous sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, white appliances, food, packaging and education, Bizel stated; "As Mitsubishi Electric, we can provide solutions for all types of industrial applications with our robots. We have a great range of products from parallel robotic arms for micro assembly of miniature components to sealed 6-axis robots. We have robots that can perform in any environment, from clean rooms to dirty, oily and dustry environments. We make applied training possible in training grounds with our compact and light robots. Our easy programming and simulation options make it easy to get into robotics and provides endless flexibility. Mitsubishi Electric robots enable every option where robots are used as manipulators, including complex university research projects with their standard real-time interfaces and easy programming capabilities."


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