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Mitsubishi Electric Introduced Its Digital Transformation Technologies in GermanyTechnology leader Mitsubishi Electric drew attention at SPS IPC Drives Fair with its innovative factory automation solutions

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3 December 2019

With its technologies that create a difference in the field of factory automation, Mitsubishi Electric attended the SPS IPC Drives Fair which took place in Nurnberg, Germany on 26-28 November. Introducing its advanced technologies for digital transformation, Mitsubishi Electric relayed vital information to actors of the industry about the incorporation of its products and solutions into e-F@ctory concept, ranging from machinery manufacturing to factory visualization, automation to network set-up, robotics to data processing. Mitsubishi Electric also put emphasis on their works aimed to increase the connection between OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) systems with all their new products, solutions and technologies and how this connection affects digital transformation processes.

Leading the industry with its industrial automation systems and advanced robotics technologies, Mitsubishi Electric attended SPS IPC Drives Fair where smart and digital automation world are brought together with qualified attendants and visitors. Exhibiting its latest technologies in the field of factory automation in the fair which took place in Nurnberg, Germany on 26-28 November, Mitsubishi Electric gave important information to all participants about how e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, moves in cooperation with machinery manufacturing, factory visualization, automation, network set-up, robotics and data processing products and solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric put emphasis on their works towards increasing the connection between OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) systems with all their new products, solutions and technologies introduced within SPS IPC Drives Fair and how this connection affects digital transformation processes. Mitsubishi Electric exhibited these advanced technologies developed with all the innovation brought by e-F@ctory concept in the form of a product range that works in tandem with the progress through smart manufacturing and received great interest.

OT and IT infrastructure come together in manufacturing

One of the main challenges for businesses during the transition to digitalization is combining OT and IT infrastructure. Emphasizing on the fact that new business models focused on improving the design, manufacturing, sales and operation of industrial services and machinery can only emerge with the help of this combination, Mitsubishi Electric makes it possible to simultaneously use both of these functions at the same time with MELIPC, the next generation informatics solution. In this series where data can be preprocessed locally and valuable information can be generated locally, Mitsubishi Electric make it possible to connect to manufacturing grounds with high-level IT systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Creating a possibility to increase efficiency and productivity by predicting maintenance requirements and irregularities, this technology can also provide a competitive advantage.

Mitsubishi Electric decided to design all of the new products to be released as of 2020 to be compatible with CC-Link IE TSN gigabit ethernet network for OT/IT connection where a suitable network technology is much needed. This network makes it possible to synchronize all OT equipments, increase manufacturing speed and efficiency, perform non-interrupted data transaction within IT infrastructure and to form time-sensitive communication network.

Operating as a Saas (Software as a Service) method which can take advantage of this connection between OT and IT and co-developed with e-F@ctory partner Schaeffler, this predictive maintenance solution is planned to launch in 2020. This service is made possible thanks to the e-F@ctory concept, which is made possible with the know-how provided by e-F@ctory Partnership Network and Mitsubishi Electric's expertise and experience.

Robot cooperating with humans exhibited in the fair

Mitsubishi Electric supports humans with robot technologies that can safely adapt to manufacturing areas with limited space. Mitsubishi Electric developed the new MELFA Assista Cobot that works in tandem to enhance human and robot cooperation and designed this new robot technology with extra durability in mind. Introduced at the special preview in SPS IPC Drives Fair, Cobot provides maximum safety, ease of use, programmability and positional repeatability under close cooperation with humans.

In the standard industrial robot application exhibited within the fair, Mitsubishi Electric drew attention to the robots' ability to position themselves around any obstacle without causing crashes. This feature incorporated to robots by Mitsubishi Electric is made possible with Realtime Robotics "Movement Planning Software" that determine the optimized movement route of a robot arm in real-time.

Full control possibility in factories with MELSEC iQ-F PLC Series

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric for machinery manufacturers that look for more compact management solutions, MELSEC iQ-F PLC Series provide fully integrated control from a small-sized, single unit. Providing the ability to fully control much larger machinery or entire production lines, MELSEC iQ-F PLC Series can provide high dynamic movement control of up to 264 axis movement, using a single network such as CC-Link IE TSN.

Technologies that answer factories' needs

Introduced within the fair, the new MELFA RV-8CRL Joint Arm Robot, alongside being cost-efficient, is specially manufactured to serve in low-mid difficulty areas. Another technology on display, Mitsubishi Electric's smallest and strongest compact PLC FX5UC Series Micro PLC make it possible for machinery manufacturers and other manufacturers to have more functionality in a smaller space.

Incorporated with automatic adjustment functions and integrated status monitoring feature, MELSERVO MR-J4 Amplificator Series is ready to add value to machinery manufacturers with multiple network connection options and compact size.

Purchased ICONICS to grow even stronger in the field of automation

Also introducing ICONICS Software Products Package in their booth at the fair, Mitsubishi Electric announced in May 2019 that they purchased automation software supplier ICONICS based in United States of America. Broadly increasing the capabilities of Mitsubishi Electric in the fields of factory, process and construction automation, ICONICS Software Products Package will accompany Mitsubishi Electric's SCADA solutions in these fields.


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