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Digital Transformation in Industries Will Change Business Models and Human ResourcesMitsubishi Electric sheds light to industry through organizational meetings with industrialists and students

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24 December 2019

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the leading actors of the world in the fields of electrics, electronics and automation comes together with industrialists, future decision-makers and the students, to popularize digital factory concept in Turkey. Lastly taking place at "Smart Industry Talk", "I. Industry and Business Management Convention", "9. Development Platform" and "Software and Technology Summit" as speaker, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel stated that the most important topic for factories in Industry 4.0 phase is establishing manufacturing lines that can meet the requirements of rapidly changing and personalized human needs in the fastest and more efficient way possible. Informing us on e-F@ctory concept which is Mitsubishi Electric's response to Industry 4.0, Bizel also made statements on topics such as, Internet of Things (IoT), robot technologies and artificial intelligence.

Technology pioneer Mitsubishi Electric attends numerous organizations to inform industrialists about the new industrial phase, to popularize digital factory concept in Turkey and to inform students on subjects such as Industry 4.0, digital factories and robots. Lastly participating in "Smart Industry Talk" organized under the cooperation of Internet of Things Turkey and Marmara University IEEE Student's Club, I. TMMOB Machine Industry and Business Management Congress organized by Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Adana, "9. Development Platform" organized by Dokuz Eylül University Industrial Engineering Society and "Software and Technology Summit" organized by Çukurova University IEEE Student Club as speaker; Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems OEM Business Development Senior Manager Tolga Bizel, gave information on Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, the e-F@ctory concept as well as Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and artificial intelligence.

Changing global equilibrium in Industry 4.0 phase

Stating that digital transformation and smart manufacturing systems brought along with Industry 4.0 are concepts that will change societies and global balance, Bizel continued as such; "In the following period where a new manufacturing approach will take place along with interconnected production machines and human interaction; industrialists, cities, governments and researchers are predicted to perform studies in many different fields in order to adapt to the constantly developing and changing competitive environment. For industrialists in production stages, for governments in country and communication infrastructure, for local managements in city infrastructures and for researchers in R&D studies, priority will be to answer the requirements of Industry 4.0. In this period which we can name as Informatics and technology age, smart cities, smart buildings and smart factories are expected to grow in numbers. Technologies such as mobile communication, wearables, smart vehicles, smart homes and Internet of Things will enable broader and more up-to-date data to be made available for companies. At this point, with it becoming easier to reach data and artificial intelligence applications increasing, traditional business models are expected to change. In this transformation period, it is possible to say that digital transformation will become a must for businesses."

Communication and technology gains importance with the Internet of Things

Stating that the concept of "Internet of Things" can be described as objects and goods sharing data by connecting to internet and communicating with humans and themselves over the cloud, Tolga Bizel relayed this information regarding the topic at hand; "Without a doubt, production is in the center of the new industry phase. Together with the topic of Industry 4.0, which has been in the focus of companies and the Internet of Things which had a great effect on technology investments of companies, the importance of communication grows even more. At this point, as Mitsubishi Electric we redesign our business models and decide where we should focus our technology investments in order to increase our performance. With the innovative solutions we develop using our deep-rooted legacy of innovation and advanced technology, we transform infrastructures, systems and processes of factories in accordance with the new digital era."

It's possible to establish the factories of the future, starting today with e-F@ctory

Stating that the most important item on factories' agendas for Industry 4.0 phase is establishing production lines that can answer rapidly changing and personalizing needs of human needs in the quickest and most efficient way possible and that machines came to a point where they can perceive what is going on around and they can communicate with one another via internet protocols in this age of digital transformation, Mr. Bizel said; "This way it will become easier to adapt to competitive conditions in markets thanks to the ability of optimizing production lines in factories in accordance with personalized requirements. As Mitsubishi Electric, it is possible to build tomorrow's digital factories starting today using our answer to this new industrial phase, e-F@ctory. During this phase, thanks to the ever-increasing data transfer rates between robots and advanced robotics technologies that can communicate with each other, robots can control themselves in a more coordinated and precise fashion. Today, robots can communicate with other products on the production line thanks to e-F@ctory. They are ready to share information within themselves and the main system controlling the factory without human intervention in order to increase efficiency. Because in e-F@ctory concept, all products that make up the factory automation work integrated to one another with open architecture." and ended his words.


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