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Savaş Ceneviz from Mitsubishi Electric Placed Among "50 Press-Friendly Communication Leaders"Leading names of media and communication world picked media-friendly communication leaders of Turkey

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8 January 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertising and Public Relations Deputy Manager Savaş Ceneviz was listed in Business Life Magazine's traditional research named "50 Press-Friendly Communication Leaders". Listed among the press-friendly communication leaders in this research with Turkey's leading journalists, writers and communicators as the jury, Savaş Ceneviz said; "As Mitsubishi Electric; as per our tone of communication where we pay attention to being plain, transparent, innovative, informative, inspiring and understandable; we will continue supporting journalists with true, unbiased and unique content so they can perform their jobs as they are expected to".

Results are out for "Press-Friendly 50 Communication Leaders" research by Business Life Magazine. In this research with leading actors from media and communication sector such as Ahu Orakçıoğlu, Celal Toprak, Demet Cengiz, Dr. Fatoş Karahasan, Güven Borça, Salim Kadıbeşegil, Sami Altınkaya, Seyfettin Bayram and Volkan Akı as jury, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Advertising and Public Relations Deputy Manager Savaş Ceneviz was listed among press-friendly 50 communication leaders. Stating that it is invaluable to take place in this list picked in accordance with the opinions of 84 economy and magazine journalists, Savaş Ceneviz added; "As marketing and brand communication professionals, we base a good majority of our work on media relations. We take into consideration that each medium from national to local, conventional to digital, sectoral to general have their own dynamics and different target groups. At this point, we aim to provide each medium with the most appropriate content and do our best to approach each content differently for each medium. We run an empathy-focused business relationship with professionals. If your approach is correct and you can form empathy, chances of becoming a friendly communication leader to the press increase. Journalism has always had a strategic importance ever since it existed. People avoid uncertainty due to their nature and in such a situation they try to understand what is going on and to gain information. Thus, journalism has an important place in helping people receive information and make sense of things. As communication managers on the brand side, I believe that providing press members with true, unbiased and original content contributes to them performing their jobs as expected".

Stating that they pay attention to establish plain, transparent, innovative, informative, inspiring and understandable language for Mitsubishi Electric's communications, Ceneviz said; "As the representative of a technology pioneer and global brand, we will continue to share our products and services, expertise in the fields we operate in, our individual and corporate know-how with our shareholders by means of valued press members. On this opportunity, I would like to give my thanks to all journalists who undertake such an important mission. Being one of the 50 press-friendly communication leaders is such a big happiness for Mitsubishi Electric brand and me personally. I give my thanks to dear jury members who deemed us worthy of this success and to Business Life Magazine for making this research possible", ending his words.


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