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A Display Software Exclusive to Command and Control Rooms Mitsubishi Electric boosts the productivity and flexibility thanks to the S-SF software suite designed for the command and control room videowall systems

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29 January 2020

Drawing attentions with innovative technologies in the visual data systems, Mitsubishi Electric makes a strong impression with the S-SF software suite designed for the videowall systems for command and control rooms. The S-SF software suite enables network-based videowall display systems to achieve higher performance and larger scalability, making it possible to design more flexible decision-making environments for an effective control room operations. With the S-SF software architecture installed on multiple computers without single-point failure to control the displays thanks to its distributed architecture, control room videowalls do not need a conventional videowall control device anymore.

Increased number network-connected devices and data sources in today's command and control rooms also brings along complex and rapidly changing conditions. At this point, it becomes increasingly more important to design and maintain a versatile image management system that offers flexibility as much needed to adapt to the future requirements. Developing innovative products thanks to its long-standing experience in the LED display technology, Mitsubishi Electric enables videowall display systems to run more efficiently and with larger scalability thanks to the S-SF software suite. Facilitating the systems to easily adapt to the future requirements thanks to the versatility of the natural IP command and control visualization networks, Mitsubishi Electric also draws the attention with the long-term cost advantages derived from the long service life of the DLP, LCD and LED displays.

A more reliable and lower cost system

Making it possible to design more efficient and more flexible decision-making environments for a more effective command and control room operations, Mitsubishi Electric S-SF software suite eliminates the need for the dedicated videowall processor and dedicated hardware for the control room videowalls. Running totally over Ethernet IP and ensuring a more reliable and lower cost system, S-SF software suite also draws attention as it eliminates distance limitations of copper video cables and excessive costs of video fiber optic cables.

Advanced messaging and faster control

Enabling message exchange among logged-in users, S-SF system allows for exchanging not only contents of these message texts, but also sources. After having opened the source sent by operator as a message attachment in his/her own computer, supervisor, at his/her discretion, can project the source on the videowall, shortening the decision-making time in the critical times. With the remote-control feature, operators can access to the host computers in the system room and manage any application they want.

Cost advantage with the multi-application transfer

Application server software bundled in the Mitsubishi Electric S-SF suite transfers the applications running in the computer unlike the computer desktop mirroring of conventional systems. Capable of viewing the multi-applications running in their computers in independent windows, operator can also have time to do their routine works. Thanks to this technology, businesses now need lesser number of workstations and therefore enjoy higher improvements in the total ownership cost.


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