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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners, which are the Reflection of a Rooted Technological Heritage, Offer Long Years of Comfort with Its High Quality

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12 March 2020

Mitsubishi Electric, which has developed products and solutions to improve the quality of life of the societies in a wide area from "Home to Space" with its advanced technology, has been a leading professional in air technologies and aerodynamics for almost a century. The products manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, which is one of the leading companies in the world with its air conditioning systems for residences, commercial areas and industrial facilities, which indicates perfection in technology, design and production with its Mitsubishi Electric Quality understanding, have been running smoothly for many years and those who experience it confirm that it is the best choice. Mitsubishi Electric, which draws attention with its high-performance air conditioners, which is a reflection of its deep and rooted technological infrastructure, has become a reference brand in the air conditioning industry.

Mitsubishi Electric, which derives its technological heritage from many different fields of activity from "Home to Space", introduced the world's first cross-flow type wall-mounted air conditioner Kirigamine model in 1968. In 1970, it commercialized the membrane paper technology, which was discovered during the Second World War period, by completely separating the inlet and exhaust air sources, allowing only fresh air to enter the interior environment and ensuring moisture balance, with the name heat recovery Lossnay ventilation devices. The success of the company has increased exponentially with dozens of awards and high-tech environmentally friendly air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric passes its air conditioners to the toughest tests with its understanding of quality

Mitsubishi Electric, which derives its power from its global vision that aims changes for the better, manages all its activities around the world by adhering to its principles. In line with these principles, Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ), which expresses the highest standard of comfort, efficiency and durability, points to the brand's excellence in technology, design and production.

Mitsubishi Electric tests the air conditioner systems by sampling the toughest conditions in its advanced laboratories in order to offer the best within the framework of global quality and controls the production of parts with the most precise processes to guarantee durability. Robotic innovations, communication speed, automation and computerized control applications in industrial facilities, which are part of the journey from "Home to Space", form the basis of this sensitive production.

As a reflection of the deep and rooted technological infrastructure of the production facilities at Industry 4.0 level, where the brand is one of the pioneers, Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioners provide unmatched comfort and easiness to its users by working smoothly and in the best way for many years.

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the world's leading air conditioner brands, serves with a wide range of products.

Mitsubishi Electric is regarded as one of the leading companies in the world with its air conditioning systems for residences, commercial areas and industrial facilities. It designs professional systems that show superior performance for different climatic conditions, different sized applications, i.e. different specialization solutions. Considering its investments in this context and aiming to grow its air conditioning and refrigeration systems segment in Turkey and European market, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation bought the brands Climaveneta S.p.A. and RC Group S.p.A. in 2015. Making an important move in 2019 to expand its product portfolio for the Turkish air conditioning sector, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey started to offer sales and after-sales services for Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A..

Award-winning air conditioners with the most compact volume in its segment

EnviroME series air conditioners designed by combining Mitsubishi Electric's deep-rooted experience in the air conditioning sector with consumer expectations differ with its most compact interior unit in its segment. EnviroME air conditioners, which have a minimal design with their thin and small interior unit that allows the air conditioner to integrate with the decoration of the space, also received the Red Dot and Good Design 2018 design awards. The series having the widest capacity range of Turkey possessing the same visual design infrastructure support the implementation of the same concept design at each venue. The series is produced using a new generation of R32 refrigerant, which contributes to the fight against global warming by enabling the production of smaller and less electricity consuming air conditioners.

3D sensors analysing the air conditioner usage habits of people in the space

3D sensor systems of Mitsubishi Electric's Legendera air conditioners are just a small step on the way to thermal imaging systems used in space technology today. However, this system, which is a leading technology for the air conditioning sector, operates with electricity generated by thermal loads. Using eight of these sensors, the medium is examined in 752 different cells. It can analyse according to body temperature by distinguishing people and determines the places where they spend time intensely in the space. Offering dynamic tracking and functionality thanks to its artificial intelligence that updates itself after a certain period of time, Legendera air conditioners ensure that the air conditioned in the light of data evaluated by artificial intelligence is directed to the areas where people spend more time in the space. In this way, personal comfort and high energy saving are automated and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Air conditioners that increase the comfort level of users to European standards

Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric's advanced technologies and design, the new generation HaReME air conditioner, which uses less amount of refrigerant, has approximately 82 percent lower CO2 equivalent emissions than the previous series in order to reduce carbon emissions. HaReME air conditioner increases the comfort level of users to European standards thanks to its ideal air conditioning conditions and quietness. Aiming to contribute to the fight against climate change, Mitsubishi Electric acts with the mission and responsible brand awareness to increase the quality of life of the communities and to provide a sustainable world to the next generations.

Economical source of fresh air; LOSSNAY

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Ventilation Devices, which allow the fresh air need of the spaces to be met in a healthy way, provide work in over 85 percent efficiency with its special cellulosic reinforced membrane heat exchanger providing heat and humidity transfer. This special heat exchanger technology prevents the return of heavy air inside because it can be vented without mixing air drawn from inside and outside. This patented cellulosic heat exchanger, which is used only in Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay products, also performs moisture transfer unlike ordinary plate heat exchanger systems. Thus, it can transfer 100 percent fresh air to the environment by keeping the heat loss to a minimum and with the moisture balance provided. Thanks to the highly efficient filter to be used in its systems, it does not allow passage of bacteria and pollutants that can lead to health problems by filtering small contaminants up to 0.3μ size, reducing the risk of disease.

Commercial areas and priority choice of prestigious projects

Mitsubishi Electric, which is among the primary preferences of commercial areas with its Mr. Slim professional series products preferred for stores and offices, also stands out with its Multi or City Multi systems that meet central air conditioning needs. Unique products such as the patented Zubadan technology that guarantees performance at low temperatures, the world's only two-pipe heat recovery City Multi system that facilitates infrastructure work, the R32 refrigerant City Multi system that offers high energy efficiency, and the world's only Hybrid City Multi system with low CO2 equivalent satisfy the various needs. This wide product range provides convenience to investors, practitioners and consumers in terms of project design, assembly and usage. All throughout the season, thanks to the energy efficiency exhibited by the system, low noise levels and a flexible combination of features, Mitsubishi Electric becomes the choice of privileged projects and urban transformation projects which are deemed as the symbol of Turkey’s locomotive construction sector.


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