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With Remote-Access Digital Factories, Producers Gain a Competitive EdgeWith e-F@ctory, the digital and smart factory concept, Mitsubishi Electric makes all machines and systems of a production line intercommunicate over Internet

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6 April 2020

Standing out with cutting-edge technology solutions in many industries from home to the space, Mitsubishi Electric innovates e-F@ctory, a digital factory concept, as its response to the Industry 4.0, which reshapes the production systems. Having been making substantial investments in digital transformation, the technology giant Mitsubishi Electric grabs attentions as an ambitious solution partner for Turkish industrialists and infrastructure projects. Providing a communication-over-Internet platform for all machines and systems of a production line, e-F@ctory infrastructure allows factory managers to remotely access the system and reports, making 24/7 control easier. Enabling very high speeds, cost savings, higher quality and efficiency in production, e-F@ctory paves the way for industrialists to be one more step ahead the competition.

Anticipating requirements of every period and developing new technologies to meet the future needs, Mitsubishi Electric responds to Industry 4.0 with its digital factory concept, e-F@ctory. In smart factories designed with e-F@ctory, all new generation devices and systems can intercommunicate over the Internet. Allowing significant levels of cost savings in the production and using advanced technologies to optimize entire factory layers from management to production, e-F@ctory contributes producers in being one step ahead in the global competition.

Explaining that they have made substantial investments and works in the digital transformation field where they are an ambitious solution partner for industrialists and infrastructure projects in Turkey, Tolga Bizel, Senior Manager of Product Management and Business Development of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Factory Automation Systems, discloses the advantages of e-F@ctory concept in favor of producers: "Thanks to the our strength we owe to our century-established know-how and our pioneering technology, we aim at providing industry a more flexible production and improving human comfort whilst reducing production costs. As Mitsubishi Electric, we are establishing communication among production, maintenance, IT and management departments of factories enabling them to team up and as a result, generating reports that will meet the needs of all team members. For example, while a production supervisor needs only the production data, maintenance supervisor prefers to see the areas that need improvement, and management may want to analysis a more general table such as productivity of the production system. And we, thanks to our e-F@ctory concept, respond to all of these needs, and therefore ensure faster communication among entire units and allow them to improve better each other thanks to the feedbacks.

Digital and smart factories are the key to the sustainable growth in industry

Stating that the industrials who aim at sustainable growth should design production systems capable of meeting the customized needs in the fastest and most efficient manner, Tolga Bizel emphasizes that in this course the shift to digital and smart factories has gained importance adding that "So far, we have facilitated many businesses in many different industry to digitalize their production lines, therefore, shifting to smart production. Thanks to our new generation industrial automation systems, we have been standing out with our solutions and presence, especially for assembly lines in the recent years, in addition to the factory solutions we have been providing for many years. We are receiving very positive feedbacks from our producers which opt us for their digital transformation in many different industries. We are continuing our works in this field at an increasing rate and thus facilitate Turkish industrialists, notably SMEs, to adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the fastest manner possible.

Digital transformation have been in place in their own factories since 2003

Underlining that Mitsubishi Electric has been using e-F@ctory concept in its own factories since 2003 long before Industry 4.0 became mainstream across the world, Mr. Bizel illustrates the added value generated in the digitalized factories: "After our e-F@ctory concept implemented in Nagoya Factor, the production base of Mitsubishi Electric, we enjoyed impressive results with increased capacity by approx. 190 percent and increased production by approx. 180 percent. Also, we combined the e-F@ctory automation expertise of Mitsubishi Electric with Intel's expertise in developing solutions in Internet of Things to carry out a pilot project in the production facility of Intel in Malesia. Enabling to foresee and then respond to a failure, long before it actually occurs, this application resulted in high efficiency, preventive maintenance, lower device failure rates, lower costs and excellent adaptation, culminated in an outstanding saving of 9 million dollars in favor of Intel."

Implemented the "digital twin" application in the electronics industry in Turkey

Underlining that as an ambitious actor in the new industrial phase they develop hi-tech solutions to prepare industries in Turkey as well as in the world for the digital factories of the future, Mr. Bizel explains that "Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Klima Sistemleri Üretim A.Ş. which produces air-conditioners for houses in Manisa Organized Industry Zone is also designed as a smart and digital factory with the e-F@ctory concept of our brand. With this factory, Turkey has become an important production base for Mitsubishi Electric. Thanks to this 'digital twin' application implemented by Mitsubishi Electric in the production line of one of the leading electronics producer of Turkey, we contribute flexibility and efficiency in the production without intervening in the real production line. For instance, the digital twin of a production line can be used to simulate a parameter change in the production, making it possible to see the effect of such change on the production efficiency before proceeding to the real physical production."

Human source will always be a necessity to build perfectly operating systems in production

Underlining that they believe that human source will always be necessity for building perfectly operating systems, smooth operation and revision when necessary, Tolga Bizel adds that "At this point, we place a great importance on the education of future generations and human resources. We contribute in establishment of applied education centers in the engineering faculties of the universities.


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