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Indoor air quality is crucial against viruses, bacteria, dust and allergensA century-long pioneer in the air-conditioning technologies, Mitsubishi Electric provides indoors with fresh and clean air

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9 April 2020

Developing advanced technology products and solutions in a wide range of areas from "Home to Space" in order to improve the living standards of the communities, Mitsubishi Electric cleans the dirty air of indoors thanks to stand-alone ventilation and air conditioning systems, while ventilating indoors by filtering oxygen-rich fresh air of outdoor without opening the windows and balancing out the humidity level. Minimizing the diseases due to the insufficiency of indoor air, while eliminating the problems such as humidity and mold odor. Having been meeting the air-conditioning need of many diverse spaces, mainly houses, schools, offices, hospitals and shopping malls thanks to its global experience for almost a century, Mitsubishi Electric ensures the ideal conditions for the health of individuals and comfort of the living spaces thanks to the Lossnay ventilation units and artificial intelligent Legendera air conditioners. "Plasma Quad Plus filter" of Legendera series air conditioners can filter contaminants smaller than 2.5 micrometers, which corresponds to one-twentieth of size of a hair strand. Thus, the indoors can have a tested and proven cleaner fresh air that is healthy and free of virus, bacteria, dust and allergens.

For a space that is free of viruses, bacteria, dust and allergens, ventilation systems and air-conditioners developed with the state-of-art technologies provides great advantages. Shaping the future of the industry with its advanced technologies in the air conditioning sector, Mitsubishi Electric offers new and efficient solutions for the indoor air quality. Having been standing out with its in-house invented Lossnay ventilation units, and Legendera series air conditioners with innovative technologies, Mitsubishi Electric ensures always fresh and clean indoor air thanks to its products. Thanks to the refreshed ambient air with high-filtered and humidity-balanced fresh air, many problems caused by sick building syndrome can be avoided, such as headache, dizziness, eye irritation, dry throat, poor concentration and poor productivity of employees-students.

Cutting-edge filters for a cleaner indoor air

The four basic elements of a high indoor air quality include carbon dioxide content of air, temperature, humidity and particle level. A healthy indoor air is possible by ventilating the indoor to isolate virus, bacteria, dust and flying chemical particles while filtering external air flow at the same time. Using air purifier to clean air during ventilation by opening windows in an uncontrolled manner does not ensure a sustainable hygiene. Lossnay ventilation devices can balance ambient temperature, humidity and oxygen, while filtering contaminants up to a size of 0.3µ via its high efficient filter. As a result, it keeps away the elements that may cause health problems. Besides static filters with improved 3D structures, electronic filters designed using new generation production technologies make filtering function of air conditioner equal to that of air purifiers and superior than the most.

As per impartial tests, it can minimize bacteria, and viruses such as influenza up to 99 percent

Developed for the Mitsubishi Electric's Legendera series air-conditioners, Plasma Quad Plus filter also stands out with its working principle that is used by the air purifiers of the brand. According to the results of the tests conducted as per JEM 1467, a household air purifier testing system, by Japanese independent laboratories, Plasma Quad Plus filter can reduce bacterial population by up to 99 percent. The result of another test conducted by Virology Research Center of National Hospital Organization using similar standards also confirm the success of this filter to minimize the viruses such as influenza (H3N2) up to 99 percent. Tests being conducted in areas with sizes of such as 25m3 demonstrate that this success is also possible in the daily use.

Results of test conducted by Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy (ITEA) on the Legendare air conditioners also demonstrate that Plasma Quad Plus filter has a filtering effect of high rates up to 98 percent for allergens, and up to 99.7 percent for contaminants such as dust and mite. In addition to all said tests, according to results of tests conducted by in-house factory laboratories, the filtering technology rated PM2.5, which means the ability to filter the contaminants smaller than 2.5 millimeter, equivalent to a size of one twentieth of a hair strand, make Legendera air conditioners standing out as a wall-mounted air conditioner that is capable of PM2.5 filtering since 2017. Besides indoor air quality, Plasma Quad Plus filter also facilitates cost savings thanks to the important functions such as fan mode independent of air-conditioning, just 2 watts of energy consumption, highly effective energy use and Class A filtering.

Humidity-balanced fresh air thanks to the patented technology of Lossnay

Mitsubishi Electric brings an innovative dimension to the ventilation through use of the patented cellulosic heat exchanger in the ventilation systems which meet fresh air need by simply separating the inlet and outlet air passages, which was developed as a requirement during World War Two. This technology used by Lossnay ventilation devices can make a balancing between temperature and humidity levels of the dirty-heavy indoor air flowing out and outdoor air flowing in without any contact between them during the ventilation. Having an over 85 percent operational efficiency, these systems can flow the 100 percent fresh air by keeping heat loss at minimum and maintaining humidity balance. Offering a high-quality indoor air in place of the ventilation through opening a window in industrial production rooms, city centers, workplaces, houses, schools and nurseries etc. many indoor spaces, Lossnay fresh air systems are impressive as a technological solution providing a silent operation, efficiency and comfort.

Dual Barrier Coating makes cleaning indoor unit easier

Airborne contaminants are categorized into two groups as hydrophilic (likes water) such as dust and hydrophobic (avoids water) such as oil, cigarette smoke, carbon. Since these two groups have different molecular structures, there are different surface barrier coating technologies in order to weaken their surface adhesions. These two coating types which have an inverse interaction each other can smoothly be applied on the same surface thanks to the production technology of Mitsubishi Electric. Brand differentiates itself by virtue of this Dual Barrier Coating applied in the indoor units of Legendera series air-conditioners. This dual barrier structure implemented on the fan, heat exchanger and air passage in the indoor unit makes oil and water-based contaminants to deposit allowing them to deposit on the filter. Therefore, users can have an appliance cleaning that is both easier and effective while cleaning their filters. Supporting the cleaning sensitivities of the users by going the extra mile in personal solution care, being simple compared to complex systems, Mitsubishi Electric allows an easier thorough professional cleaning that takes shorter time. Equipped with Dual Barrier Coating technology Legendera air conditioners contribute in sustainable indoor air quality thanks to the high filtering functions and system cleaning while offering users cost advantages by maintaining its first day performance for longer periods of time.


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