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Green Company Mitsubishi Electric enlarges its Environmental TargetsStriving for a sustainable tomorrow, Mitsubishi Electric constantly innovates environment-friendly technologies

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1 June 2020

Building upon its deep-rooted legacy and know-how, Mitsubishi Electric has been striving for a better future and a sustainable world, developing cutting-edge, energy-efficient, environment-friendly and innovative products and services. Predicting and accordingly innovating to meet the requirements of every age, Mitsubishi Electric strives for improving the life quality of the communities across the world, guided by its corporate principle "Changes for the Better" and environmental principle "Eco Changes": Awarded by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an International NGO, for 4 consecutive years with the Class A, the highest level in the categories of climate change and water efficiency, green company is concentrating its actions further for environmental protection under the guidance of its Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050.

Attracting attentions thanks to its global-scale innovations rolled out in light of "green company" philosophy, Mitsubishi Electric, on the occasion of the June 5 World Environment Day, unveils its efforts to contribute in creation of a low-carbon recycling-focused community living in harmony with the nature. Highlighting that, as a nearly 100-year-old global company, they set environmental awareness as a priority, Şevket Saraçoğlu, the President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, explains that the brand will concentrate its efforts further on the protection of the environment under the guidance of the Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 which focuses on a long period after 2021 April.

"We are an ambitious solution partner with our higher energy saving solutions"

Noting that, as Mitsubishi Electric, they always make progress under the philosophy of ‘Changes for the Better’, Saraçoğlu indicates that "thus we create difference thanks to not only technology, reliability and quality of the products but also their environmental-friendliness", adding that "Under the light of our principle ‘Eco Changes’ expressing the attitude of our brand in the environmental management, we have been striving for ensuring our employees as well as the community to have an increased levels of environmental awareness. We stand out with our high-energy saving solutions in all industries we operate from ‘home to space’ in Turkey, just as in the world. We are an ambitious solution partner in the segments of air-conditioning, automation, elevator, escalator and visual data systems for environment-friendly buildings, factories and infrastructure projects in Turkey."

"We offer the opportunity of a fast, efficient and green production"

Stating that their top priorities in the new industrial phase include more efficient use of the raw materials, more planned energy management and environment-friendly production, Mr. Saraçoğlu adds "As Mitsubishi Electric, we enable businesses and projects to have significant energy saving thanks to our energy-efficient and green factory automation products. And with our digital factory concept e-F@ctory, as a response of Mitsubishi Electric to Industry 4.0, we provide factories with the opportunity of much faster, efficient and greener production. Allowing significant levels of cost savings in the production and using advanced technologies to optimize entire factory layers from management to production, e-F@actory contributes producers in being one step ahead in the global competition as well as in the green production."

"We minimize carbon emission thanks to the hi-tech and low energy principle"

Noting that they offer a flawless range of products in the air-conditioning systems for houses, offices and industrial environments, which will ensure the maximum energy savings until the end of the system lifecycle thanks to the environment-friendly approach, Mr. Saraçoğlu adds "We are guided by the hi-tech and low energy principle. For this purpose, we are one of the first brands which use R-32 gas which has high energy efficiency, in line with the targets of European Union as set by the new F-Gas Directive. We are taking great strides in designing and rolling out the carbon dioxide fluid systems which do not adversely interact with the nature as, in its purest form, it is naturally occurring fluid. As a result, we aim at using lesser amounts of coolants and therefore increasing the efficiency, restricting the carbon emissions and downsizing the carbon footprint. We are also appreciated by our achievement of recycling up to 94 percent in the air-conditioner segment."

Also drawing attention to the technology which sets the elevator speed as per the car load, innovated by Mitsubishi Electric and only used in the Mitsubishi Electric elevators, Mr. Saraçoğlu explains "thanks to this technology we enable energy savings up to 35 percent, reducing 1400 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year."

"We Aim At a Better Future for Everyone"

Also providing information about the Mitsubishi Electric’s action plan of Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050, Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu continues "We will further facilitate our works in the light of our statement ‘to protect, by our hearts and technologies, our air, land and water resources in order to provide a better future for everyone’. The basic topics we will be concentrating on as part of this vision include climate change actions, resource recycling, living in harmony with nature, innovation, human resource development, understanding the needs, co-creation and dissemination of new values. As Mitsubishi Electric, we will use different technological resources in various business segments in order to provide solutions to the climate change, resource recycling and environmental problems across entire value chain."

"We work with the aim of reducing CO2 emission by more than 80 percent by 2050"

Reporting that as part of the "Climate Change Measures" as the one of most important issue the brand will concentrate on globally, the brand will disseminate the high energy saving products, systems and services, as well as the renewable energy activities in collaboration with its stakeholders, Mr. Saraçoğlu explains "We will support reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across entire value chains from raw material to procurement, sales to distribution, lifecycle to recycle by respecting the long-term targets based on the international conventions. We currently work with the aim of reducing CO2 emission by more than 30 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050. We will support the resource recycling processes such as recovery, repair as well as waste reduction all around the world, and target at ensuring 100 percent effective use of the production waste such plastics."

"We prove to be a green company thanks to the awards we received"

Pointing out that they are awarded by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international non-governmental organization, which evaluates the environmental initiatives of the companies and local governments, with the Class A, the highest level, for four consecutive years in the categories of climate change and water efficiency, and have the highest rating in the supply chain, Mr. Saraçoğlu completes "A globally pioneering green company, Mitsubishi Electric is also awarded top-tier ‘Golden Rating’ by the EcoVadis, a French corporate social responsibility assessment agency, used by more than 55 thousand companies across the world. Racking up the highest scores thanks to its successful initiatives in the categories of environment and sustainable supply, environmental protection and socially responsible supplies, Mitsubishi Electric succeeded in ranking the top 5% among all companies evaluated by EcoVadis. We see these rankings and awards a proof of success of our initiatives."


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