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Digital Factories Discussed in DetailMitsubishi Electric has met stakeholders at webinar series "Age of Digital Factories" organized in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO)

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10 June 2020

Standing out with its many hi-tech solutions from "home to space" Mitsubishi Electric met students and professional in the field at webinar series organized in collaboration with the TMMOB Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO). Digitalizing the production lines of the businesses, and thereby, enabling them to shift to the smart production, Mitsubishi Electric has launched the webinars "Age of Digital Factories", where it exchanges current developments in the fields of "Embedded Computer System", "Robots" and "Smart PLCs". The presentations given by Mr. Tolga Bizel, Product Management and Business Development Senior Manager at Factory Automation Systems Department of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey has attracted considerable attention of attendees.

Launching important investments and activities in the digital transformation as an ambitious solution partner for the Turkish industrialists and infrastructure projects, Mitsubishi Electric continues communication with its stakeholders via digital platforms during the period of pandemics. Lastly, Mitsubishi Electric organized the webinar series "Age of Digital Factories" in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO). As part of the program, Mr. Tolga Bizel, Product Management and Business Development Senior Manager at Factory Automation Systems Department of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, delivered presentations titled "Embedded Computer Systems", "Robots" and "Smart PLCs".

Enabling producers to stand themselves out amid the global competition with e-F@ctory, the digital factory concept developed as a response to Industry 4.0, Mitsubishi Electric shared attendees the today and tomorrow of digital transformation and innovative technologies of the brand during webinar series.

With embedded computer systems, Mitsubishi Electric instantly responses to the production

Explaining the embedded computer systems as a system between IT systems and production layer in the "Embedded Computer Systems" seminars, Mr. Tolga Bizel shared the details on the works of Mitsubishi Electric in this field. Mr. Bizel points out that every company engaged in the factory automation currently develops their own common communication network protocol due to the prolonged process and server costs, informing that: "Thanks to this communication protocol, communication takes place in real time as wells as on-site. With new works, real-time diagnostics and analysis is possible as data both in the production area and different machines can be collected and migrated to the model production network. Therefore, it is possible to analyze data from different machines and used in the next layer. For instance, data such as current, voltage, humidity and temperature are collected, sequenced in a processable manner, or required data is extracted. Thus, real-time data is made available. Charting the tree and data model of the product and production line enables seamless production as well as instant responsiveness to the work flow. As Mitsubishi Electric, we have certificate agreements for collection and instant processing of the data and information. In our system, it is possible to collect data, process and make them meaningful in an embedded computer in the factory providing greater cost savings and production process."

Thanks to e-F@ctory backbone, robots are able to communicate with other products

Informing about the robotic applications of Mitsubishi Electric which provides Turkish Industry the opportunity to set up the factories of the future right from today with its technological solutions, Mr. Tolga Bizel said that in the age of digital transformation, machines are now able to understand its environment and communicate each other via Internet protocols. Noting that Mitsubishi Electric responded to the new industrial phase with e-F@ctory concept, Mr. Bizel emphasized the vital role played by the robots in these settings, adding that: "Today, data transfer between robots is accelerating at an increasing rate, and the advanced robot technologies that can talk to each other make them have a self-control more comprehensively and coordinated. Today, thanks to e-F@ctory platform, robots can also communicate with other devices in the production line, ready to boost productivity by exchanging data between themselves as well as factory's main control system without requiring intervention of human. In the e-F@ctory concept, all devices of factory automation work in an integrated fashion on an open architecture."

New generation, high-performance robots

Providing information also about the MELFA FR Series robots, which underline the "New Generation Production" presenting advanced and flexible production with a simpler approach, Mr. Tolga Bizel explains: "MELFA FR Series robots are designed to keep robot maintenance costs at a minimum level. Combining this robot series, which provide longer maintenance periods thanks to its unique mechanical design, with AI-based predictive maintenance functions, reduces the scheduled or unexpected downtimes, significantly increasing the production times. MELFA SafePlus has safe collaborative applications and enable human co-work with them under high levels of safety while offering high speed and high performance."

Fast and synchronized communication with smart PLCs

Explaining the expertise of Mitsubishi Electric in design, production and maintenance under the title of "Smart PLCs", Mr. Tolga Bizel noted that the brand is the largest compact PLC producer in the world, and also being one of the leading servo and invertor systems producers. Mr. Bizel also explained "Mitsubishi Electric is among the very few companies which have a fast communication backbone. Providing the advantage of uninterrupted communication, our solutions are used in very important projects such as Marmaray. Slowing the failure rates of the devices, Smart PLCs operate at very high speeds particularly in the facilities requiring synchronized operation, providing a great advantage. Easily connected to the invertors, Smart PLCs can be extended with additional functions as well as run simple scenarios. Our Smart PLC solutions communicates fast and seamlessly with wide range of product family, sending instant reports. With Built-in functions and hi-speed algorithms, we respond to the requirements of factories in many different industries such as food, power plants, water treatment facilities or woodworking. Recently we also launched e-F@ctory projects with the leading automotive brands in Turkey."

"We will continue contributing in education"

Pointing out that they have introduced their systems students in 17 Universities of Turkey, and have robots in seven universities, Mr. Tolga Bizel adds that they put efforts to increase this number, and continue contributing in education and human resources thanks to the activities where engineers will gather together with students.


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