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Mitsubishi Electric will continue to develop New Technologies from Home to Space in TurkeyMitsubishi Electric works to leave a better world for tomorrow with its leading technologies

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4 January 2021

Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President, explained that they continued to work during 2020 despite entire world struck by the coronavirus, and will continue to work without suspending operations in order to prepare Turkish industry for the digital future and improve the living standards of the community. Noting that they are operating in many different industries from factory automation systems to industrial and collaborative advanced robot technologies, from CNC mechatronic systems to elevator and escalators, air-conditioners to fresh air handling units, from data center projects to the cooling systems, up to monitoring and management systems, Mr. Saraçoğlu said that old normal has become obsolete in 2021, and accordingly they will offer human- and eco-friendly technologies that meets the requirements of new normal in the projects, either private or public.

Standing out in many industries from home to space with its energy efficient, eco-friendly and innovative products and high-tech solutions in Turkey, just like the world, Mitsubishi Electric shared its activities in 2020 and plans for 2021. Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President, explained that, in Turkey, they have been carrying out their operations in many different industries from air-conditioners to fresh air handling units, from cooling systems to monitoring and management systems for data centers, from factory automation systems to industrial and collaborative robot technologies, from CNC mechatronic systems to elevators and escalators, from transportation to energy systems, from semi-conductor devices to automotive equipment, from public systems including also radar technologies exclusive for airports to satellite and aerospace systems. Pointing out that they will still continue in 2021 offering eco-friendly and human-friendly high-tech technologies that meets requirements of new normal for either private or public projects, Mr. Saraçoğlu explained their works:

"We are preparing industrialists and SMEs for Industry 4.0"

With the "e-F@ctory" concept, the response of Mitsubishi Electric to the 4th Industrial Revolution, which enables factories integrate their manufacturing in terms of vertical and horizontal digital transformation, they offering the factories the opportunity to engage in faster-than-ever, more efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing, says Mr. Saraçoğlu who explained that "With our e-F@ctory concept which paves the way for factories to the digital transformation, a virtual factory is set up prior to investment process enabling a simulation of the planned factory and manufacturing, evaluation of the efficiency, finally shaping the investment in line with the outputs. Thus, we offer industrials, notably of SMEs as the engine of the economy, the opportunity to adapt to the digital formation in a rapid fashion. Allowing significant levels of cost savings in the production and using advanced technologies to optimize entire factory layers from management to production, e-F@ctory contributes producers in being one step ahead in the global competition as well as in the green production."

"We offer Turkey high added value products and solutions"

Emphasizing that Mitsubishi Electric contributes added value to the Turkish economy not only by automation technologies but also by life changing projects such as Marmaray, which has the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel, Mr. Saraçoğlu said "As Mitsubishi Electric, we are the world's largest compact PLC manufacturer and one of the limited servo and invertor systems manufacturers. Featuring an advanced optimal excitation control system, our invertors enable motor to achieve the highest level of efficiency at the constant rate of operation, as well as improve energy savings. We are among few companies in our industry using blazingly fast communication system for its manufacturing process. Providing the advantage of uninterrupted communication, our solutions are used in very important projects such as Marmaray. Reducing the failure rates of the devices, Smart PLCs operate at very high speeds particularly in the facilities requiring synchronized operation, providing a great advantage. In Marmaray project, electric and automation rooms are also being cooled by our air-conditioners."

"Our Artificial Intelligence-supported robots work with the precision of a human hand"

Explaining that they develop next generation products and solutions also in the advanced robot technologies on the basis of the future vision of increasing role of robots in manufacturing, Mr. Saraçoğlu notes that "our brand which has also been a pioneer in the robotics field just like its leadership in the industrial field, focuses on the robots which are capable of working more precise, faster and in the confined areas and lifting weights at high forces. Featuring the precision of human arm and hand, our multi-tasking robots have significant contributions particularly in the risk zones in terms of occupational health and safety. As of February 2020, all our robots started to be supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are using our proprietary AI brand, "MAISART" Technology, in order to enable companies, make most out of the Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to our robots enhanced by our artificial intelligence technology aggregated under our "MAISART" trademark (an acronym of the Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology), we avoid unforeseen downtimes providing companies maximum efficiency.

While investing in our technology, we are contributing in the establishment of robot education centers at universities based upon our foresight that human and robots will work collaboratively in the manufacturing. Currently, we have laboratories at 21 universities and our robots at 7 universities. In 2021, we will also continue offering a visionary perspective for engineer candidates of the future."

"With our Energy Monitoring Systems, we enable energy saving and improved efficiencies"

Giving insights about capabilities of MAPS SCADA, a proprietary solution of Mitsubishi Electric and the brand in the field of energy monitoring, Mr. Saraçoğlu said "SCADA which is called as the Data Collection and Control Center has functionalities such as centralized monitoring, controlling, reporting and analyzing of the system, and instant response to the failures. Thanks to alarm functionality of the MAPS, it is easy to monitor the origin and the frequency of the alarm. This enables instant response to the failures preventing energy loss, leading to great savings in the factory and finally culminating in significantly improved efficiency."

"We take part in many public or private projects"

Revealing that, as Mitsubishi Electric, they are also working for improving the flight safety as part of the public systems, Mr. Saraçoğlu, continued: "Terminal Doppler Lidar System, our radar technology developed for the airports, is currently used at Antalya Airport. System ensures flight security by preventing more effectively the accidents due to sudden wind changes at airports. We are also one of the world's leading manufacturers in the aerospace research and development systems. Thanks to Türksat 4A and 4B satellites manufactured by us, we contribute in communication infrastructure of our country and neighbors.

Besides public projects, we are also drawing attention in many prestigious projects in Turkey, just like in the world, thanks to our fast, safe, comfortable and outstandingly energy efficient elevators and escalators. Our Back-up System featured in our elevators equipped with a bespoke artificial intelligence control system enables elevator stop at the closest floor and evacuate passengers safely, particularly in an earthquake which is a vital concern for our country."

"With our air-conditioners, we stand out with our approach of excellence in technology, design and manufacturing"

Emphasizing that they invested substantially in digital transformation in Turkey, Mr. Saraçoğlu explains: "Our factory manufacturing air-conditioners for homes at Manisa Organized Industrial Zone is designed as a smart and digital factory with our e-F@ctory concept. As Mitsubishi Electric, we are committed at creating a difference in air-conditioner and cooling systems market both in Turkey and Europe during 2021. From stand-alone systems to centralized systems, we are already offering the devices conforming to energy efficiency criteria of future. With our Legendera Series, up to class A+++, and our EnviroME series with efficiencies of cooling up to A+++ and heating up to A++, we facilitate change in heating habits in the houses, while contributing to the reduction of energy consumption in both heating and cooling. Manufactured with our company's approach, Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ), symbolizing the excellence in technology, design and manufacturing, our products operate problem-free for long years and is confirmed as the best choice by our consumers. Our high performing professional systems for different climate conditions and application in varying sizes are currently used in many projects."

"We offer new solutions for indoor ventilation, a concern which gained importance during pandemic"

Indicating that need for indoor ventilation has increased not like before as we started to spend most of our time indoors, Mr. Saraçoğlu continued: "Shaping the future of the industry with its advanced technologies in the air conditioning sector, we are offering new and efficient solutions for the indoor air quality. "Plasma Quad Plus filter" of our Legendera series air conditioners can retain particulates even with a size of 0.1 micron. Given that a human hair has a thickness of 70 micron on average, this will be understood better. Providing more refreshing living spaces and supplying 100 percent fresh air for 50 years, our Lossnay fresh air handling units with heat recovery is able to recover eighty percent of the energy while ventilating indoors. Our exchanger, named as "Hyper Element" featuring in Lossnay became the first and only exchanger which does not transfer virus at all, as certified by the test reports. The optional NOx filter offered for our "Vertical-Type Lossnay" fresh air handling units with heat recovery for homes retains the nitrous oxides formed from airborne waste of fuels such as gas, petroleum, coal and biomass, preventing them from discharging into indoors."

"We offer high-security technological and energy-efficient solutions to the data centers"

Pointing out that they offer solutions which turn the needs of tomorrow into the standard of today in critically important cooling, monitoring and management areas of the data centers, Mr. Saraçoğlu continued: "In this area where energy efficiency and uninterrupted operation are of outmost importance, we developed the flexible and fast modular MULTIDENSITY cooling systems offering ease of operation without compromising of reliability. We felt the excitement of being the industry's first when we start using eco-friendly coolant medium with a low global warming point in our s-MEXT precision-control air-conditioning units. Again, we enable high added value automation systems thanks to bespoke solutions from monitoring to the management of a data center."

"We are committed to develop energy-efficient and eco-friendly products"

Emphasizing that they have intensified their activities focused on the protection of environment thanks to our Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050, Mr. Saraçoğlu concluded: "We are ramping up our works on energy efficiency every passing year. Besides the technology, reliability and quality, we attach great importance to the environmental awareness and efficiency of our products. Under the guidance of our corporate principle "Changes for the Better" and our environmental principle "Eco Changes", we aim at improving the living standards of communities all over the world. Globally, specifically in the industrial sector, energy consumption must be minimized while keeping the same production level and production standards. It is also important to achieve savings in the energy consumed in the houses, offices and all major public projects. To this end, we will continue in developing technologies and systems which will help conservation of the environment and natural resources.

Mitsubishi Electric will intensify its activities in Turkey, enjoying an advantageous position thanks to its geopolitical location, young population and growth potential in the years to come. In the global competition process, it is of vital importance for our country to keep up with the global developments in a rapid fashion. With our advanced technology and know-how, we aim at making all contributions to our best in order to help Turkey achieve the ambitious economic goals it set. With our cutting-edge, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, innovative products and distinctive solutions, we stand by Turkish people from their homes to the space."


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