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Mitsubishi Electric shared Robot Technologies with Students of Selçuk UniversityMeeting with young engineering candidates at the webinar organized in collaboration with Selçuk University, Mitsubishi Electric draws attention to the Advanced Robot and Collaborative Robot Technologies

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20 January 2021

Mitsubishi Electric addressed the topic "Advanced Robot and Collaborative Robot Technologies" as part of the webinar organized in collaboration with Selçuk University. Necmi Ömerdedeoğlu; Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Production Management and Marketing Team Robot Products Team Manager shared students of Electric and Electronic Engineering Department the current state of the Mitsubishi Electric robot systems and application areas of collaborative robot technologies.

Carrying out important investments and activities in the digital transformation as an ambitious solution partner for the Turkish industrialists and infrastructure projects, Mitsubishi Electric continues with full steam in organizing online events for students. For this purpose, Mitsubishi Electric addressed the Advanced Robots and Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Technologies in the event held in collaboration with Selçuk University. Necmi Ömerdedeoğlu; Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Production Management and Marketing Team Robot Products Team Manager informed students about the application areas of AI-powered robots and the future of robots.

Robots adaptive to evolving production and consumption trends

Pointing out that Mitsubishi Electric has been pioneering the robotics field since 1980 just like in industrial fields, Necmi Ömerdedeoğlu said: "Our brand focuses on the robots which are more precise, faster, able to work in confined areas and lift up weights under high forces. Looking at our daily lives, it is seen that consumption patterns have changed drastically, and accordingly the needs has become more diverse. And well-designed robots should be able to answer to both customized features and ever-changing production and consumption trends. Flexibility, easy adaptation, compatibility with changing engineering systems and ability to work collaboratively with humans play a key role in the new industrial process."

Collaborative robots meet the most demanding expectations in production

Highlighting that AI-powered collaborative systems boost the production efficiency in the factories, Mr. Ömerdedeoğlu concludes; "Just recently entered into our lives and working collaboratively with humans, collaborative robots have become the fastest growing member of the robotics field in a short time. For robots to be collaborative, it is imperative that they must work together humans safely and securely, and also ease of installation and programming is equally important. Mitsubishi Electric's collaborative robots can work safely with operator, whilst working as much precision as an industrial robot even in absence of an operator. Eliminating the need for protection systems, collaborative robots also offer a noteworthy advantage for the facilities, especially where surface area is of paramount importance, by saving installation space. Extremely easy-to-install thanks to simple programming and system configuration, collaborative robots offer the flexibility and adjustability necessary to perform the simple and repetitive tasks as well as expertise requiring tasks in order to boost the production efficiency, meeting the expectations of the businesses at the highest levels."


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