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Mitsubishi Electric enables 40 Times Faster Data Communication thanks to Smart PLC SystemsMeeting with stakeholders at the webinar organized in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Mitsubishi Electric presented the current technologies in the factory automation

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22 January 2021

Standing out with many hi-tech products from home to space Mitsubishi Electric continues at full speed the webinar series organized in collaboration with the TMMOB Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO). At the recent event, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Production Management and Marketing Team PLC Product Team Leader Merve Sarıhan, explained the current technologies in Smart PLC and Embedded Computers.

Bringing important investments and works into life in the digital transformation, being an ambitious solution partner for Turkish industrialists and infrastructure projects, Mitsubishi Electric held the recent session of the webinars organized online in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO). In the presentation on the Smart PLC and Embedded Computers, Mitsubishi Electric provided attendees important information about the current key developments in the field.

Data exchange takes off, facilitating digital transformation

Speaking of the importance of horizontal and vertical communications between all systems at factories, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Production Management and Marketing Team PLC Product Team Leader Merve Sarıhan, said "PLC systems and IQ platform of Mitsubishi Electric offers integrated solutions for communication and data exchange at factories. PLC, HMI or our other product systems enable 40 times faster data exchange thanks to new technologies. As a result, all systems, either in itself, or with other modules, communicates blazingly faster. At Mitsubishi Electric, we enable this communication via CC-Link IE technology, an industrial 1 Gigabit communication network, and give these solutions the name of e-F@ctory. Our PLC products are also positioned as important components of the e-F@ctory approach, the answer of our brand to Industry 4.0."

Smart PLCs are used in many different industries

Providing information about Mitsubishi Electric Smart PLC system in the presentation, Mrs. Sarıhan explained "Mitsubishi Electric has five main PLC series. We categorize PLC products into two different systems: Compact and Modular. iQ-R, Q and L series, being modular PLC series are used in the medium-large scale applications, while compact PLC systems, so-called iQ-F and F series are preferred in the small and medium-scale machinery applications. Our iQ-R, iQ-F and other PLC systems are used in many fields such as water treatment systems and machinery applications. And Mitsubishi Electric also uses these systems to produce its own PLC systems."

Edge Computing make possible to eliminate unnecessary use of the space

Relaying information about embedded computer systems of Mitsubishi Electric, and software featuring real-time data analysis in these computer systems, Merve Sarıhan concluded: "Besides Production layer and IT systems, Factory Automation Systems also include Edge Computing. Edge Computing enables integration between Factory Automation and IT Systems. Every data produced in the factories may not always be the right data, and transferring every data produced to IT Systems leads the unnecessary use of the spaces in the server system. However, Edge Computing singles out and extracts right data and delivers them to IT systems and, when necessary, transfers these data back to the machine. And Mitsubishi Electric has a new platform which is set up in this interface. A Japan-based, open software platform Each Cross provides interface between some machines and IT servers. As a result, it becomes easier to use products in the Edge Computing."


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