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With technologies from home to space
we will enlighten the future in 2022
Achieving countless successes in 2021 - a year characterized with new normal - Mitsubishi Electric will continue develop cutting-edge technologies in the upcoming year.

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13 December 2021

An innovator of pioneering technologies, Mitsubishi Electric continued laying the building blocks of the future with the solutions developed in 2021 where the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. "We maintained momentum of our works without stepping down in this period, which went down in the world history as the normalization period" says Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu, President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, noting that all the efforts are focused on preparing Turkish industry for the Industry 4.0, enabling it to become an actor in the digital transformation. Underscoring that the company’s priorities include sustainability goals, Mr. Saraçoğlu emphasizes that they also target at accomplishing the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals while developing products and solutions in air-conditioning systems, industrial automation systems, advanced robotic technologies, mechatronics CNC systems, and elevators and escalators. Pointing out that pandemic have different effects on both supply and demand in the second half of 2022, Mr. Saraçoğlu highlights Turkey will be among the winners, especially in export.

In 2021, a year characterized by new normal, Mitsubishi Electric which stands out with energy efficient, environment-friendly innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, also updated its corporate philosophy in its 100th anniversary. Having a year full of successes when the environment and sustainable policies were the top issues of the global agenda, company made a strong presence in these areas thanks to its investments, in particular. "We did a great job by capitalizing on 2021 as a productive adaptation process" says Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu, President of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey who explained the projections and targets of the company for 2022 below. Noting that they are a pioneering technology leader with products and solutions in the air-conditioning systems, industrial automation systems, advanced robotic technologies, mechatronics CNC systems as well as elevator and escalator systems, Mr. Saraçoğlu said they will continue both private industry and public projects at an increasing momentum.

Turkey's chances are higher in export market in 2022

Predicting that stagnation will be replaced with buoyancy in the industries in the second half of new year when effects of pandemic become mild, Mr. Şevket Saraçoğlu said. "It is a fact that pandemic has brought very significant changes in the world system in terms of both economic and social and cultural aspects. At this point, it is safe to say that many developments accelerated by the pandemic will also continue in 2022. Complications in the production and supply chain despite of the growing consumption demand especially make finding the desired optimal balance in the supply and demand more of a challenging issue. Raw material shortages, transportation problems in the countries serving as a transit zone in the supply chain, slowdown in the global economic activities, decreased capacity utilization rates in the industry and fragility in the financial markets can still be an issue, however, to a less degree. Even though projections say pandemic will stay here until spring of 2022, aftershocks may still be felt for quite a while thereafter. Nevertheless, the thought that pandemic will be felt less after summer months will give both consumers and producers a space to breath. The position and production potential of our country can boost the global competitive power of Turkey, and most importantly increase its chances in the export markets. At this stage, our country, I think, will achieve growth in production in 2022, and diverge positively thanks to product diversity in the industry, qualified workforce and logistics advantages."

Produces cutting-edge technology products with 100 years of experience

Highlighting that 2021 was a very important year for Mitsubishi Electric, where we celebrated 100 years crowned with successes, Mr. Saraçoğlu said "A journey started off 100 years ago, a solid history full of countless innovations, culminated in one of the world's major corporations of present day. Looking at the background that shaped our 100 years of history, there are courageous steps, each of which is ahead of its time, from development of AI-based air conditioning and ventilation systems which also improve indoor air quality to our focus on robotic technologies since 1980s, from digital factory concept e-F@ctory which we have been using in our own factories since 2003, before Industry 4.0 became trend, to the cooling systems for data centers. Furthermore, we prove our success in capturing the dynamics in the world by innovating products and solutions that accommodate rapidly changing trends such as AI-based software for factories, and cyber defense systems to protect motor systems in the production floor. At this point, we have one single goal: to enable our business partners and consumers be ahead of our times for one more 100 year with our solutions adding value to the life."

Hybrid technologies by Mitsubishi Electric make industry future-proof

Pointing out that many factories have automation and digital transformation infrastructure equipped with Mitsubishi Electric technologies, Mr. Saraçoğlu explains "We responded to the personalized demands of consumers with our innovative technologies in 2021 where the importance of digitalization and automation in the production has become much clearer. Just like in the past, we today still act with the awareness that production lines where robots and humans work interactively in digital factories are more productive than only-robot ones and add value to the industry with our cobot series which work collaboratively with humans. Offering necessary flexibility and configurability required to perform the jobs requiring specialization, our MELFA ASSISTA collaborative robots assist human workforce, bringing a hybrid perspective to the production. With our e-F@ctory concept, our response to the Industry 4.0, all equipment and systems in the production floor communicate each other over internet, offering an important development model for both industry and economy of our country. With our ever-advancing concept, we will continue contributing added value to our major industrialists and SMEs in 2022, as well."

Makes difference with energy saving air-conditioners

Underscoring that the demand for air-conditioners has significantly risen in 2021 also driven by the pandemic, Mr. Saraçoğlu states: "Re-positioning of air-conditioners as a must for experiencing clean air, meaning that it is no longer a luxury item, triggered a significant buoyancy in the market. As Mitsubishi Electric, we are happy that our society has acquired such awareness. By integrating clean air experience with energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies, we achieved to be a top choice of homes and offices in 2021, again.

As a company already introducing the devices that meet the energy efficiency criteria of the future from standalone systems to the centralized systems to the market, we continued to keep the air of the living spaces at the desired quality for all year round thanks to our Legendra series up to the class A+++, EnviroME series rated A+++ in cooling efficiency and A++ in heating efficiency, and recently introduced modernized Plasma Quad plus air cleaning devices as well as V Blocking Filter. With our new air conditioning technologies, we will continue make clean air a desired experience in every space from homes to the public spaces, also in the upcoming period. Mitsubishi Electric, at the same time, positions Turkey as an important production base. In this context, Manisa city-based digital factory, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Klima Sistemleri Üretim A.Ş., being our company's first domestic air-conditioner factory in Europe continued to produce high energy saving and environment-friendly air conditioners for Turkey and Europe."

Launched the 5G Open Innovation Laboratory investment

"Mitsubishi Electric launched the 5G Open Innovation Laboratory in Japan in order to research and develop solutions that meet the needs of certain industries" says Mr. Saraçoğlu and explains: "Our company established the 5G Open Innovation Laboratory to collaborate with customers and business partners in order to make innovations in 5G business and services, and to meet special communication needs. With this laboratory, our brand aims at developing, and producing our systems and equipment with local 5G systems, to offer one-stop solution by providing integrated services."

Achieves environmental goals and races to the top in patent applications

Highlighting that they consider all operations within the scope of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are undertaking many initiatives from operational processes to the social responsibility to achieve the targets, Mr. Saraçoğlu expounds: "We successfully delivered our Environment Vision 2021 we deployed to this end. We managed to ensure significant reductions in carbon emissions originated from our production operations in the greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions released during use of our products. In line with the goal of a carbon-free world, we strive for achieving near zero carbon release target in 2050. In addition, we also launched SUSTIE center in 2021 to disseminate the zero-energy building concept. With this center, we are aiming at facilitating the development and testing stages of energy saving technologies to a great extent. In 2021, we signed up as a partner in the WIPO GREEN technology platform of Switzerland-based World Intellectual Property Organization, starting to support open innovation with our environment-friendly technologies. According to the announcement of WIPO on 2 March 2021, our company ranked first in Japan and globally third in international patent applications in 2020."

Will continue make progress in the path of civilization for one century more

Noting that they will continue contributing to the creation of an active and peaceful society with continuous technological innovation and seamless creativity in 2022, now this time driven by their new corporate philosophy, Mr. Saraçoğlu concludes: "We will strive for creating a much better tomorrow by sharing a strong will and passion targeting for the change. Mostly important, we will always look ahead into even more distant future to carry our 100 years of success forward for one more century and make our country more successful in the path of civilization."


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