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Optimised municipal water management by artificial intelligenceMitsubishi Electric's smart software solution Aquatoria® delivers energy saving with pump optimization in urban water distribution networks

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11 March 2022

Artificial intelligence dominates every field of the industry with its capabilities in processing very high data and automation systems. While the management of water in cities is of critical importance due to climate change and increasing population, artificial intelligence-based solutions developed also play a vital role for the future of water resources. Mitsubishi Electric, the global giant of technology, optimizes city water management with artificial intelligence with Aquatoria®, which it has developed to solve the main problems in the field of water. Consisting of a process management, visualization and control package built on Mitsubishi Electric's MAPS solution, Aquatoria® balances water pressure and saves energy with pump optimization throughout the city water distribution network.

The supply, collection and management of water resources bring challenges, especially in cities with large networks. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, regression models and various algorithms make it possible to neutralize the difficulties in the water management process and to manage the process effectively. Applying automation technologies in system components such as pumping centers and valves and implementing a control platform that optimizes all these resources makes it possible to achieve the desired efficiency and profitability.

Mitsubishi Electric, which paves the way for the most efficient use of limited resources by digitizing water management in cities, offers rational solutions in accordance with the dynamics and needs of the system with Aquatoria®. The system, which stands out with its features that increase the operational efficiency of the water distribution network, provides the necessary conditions for the water network operator to provide customers with a homogeneous usage experience, to control operating costs and to keep maintenance needs at a minimum.

Intelligent algorithm that reduces energy consumption, water leakages and maintenance requirements

Providing precise control for urban water systems, Aquatoria® aligns the pumping station with consumer demand, eliminating excess pressure, automating the selection of the optimum pumping unit set at each station. The system, which harmonizes the pressure in the water with the relevant standards, reduces the load and water leaks in the water distribution system. The system, which automatically diagnoses the work in the pump unit, provides immediate action through predictive algorithms and provides efficient network management with less personnel.

Provides operational excellence in city water management

Mitsubishi Electric's advanced technology brings a timeless perspective to water management in cities. The company, which ensures that water management equipment is managed in coordination with the software layer that connects each other within a smart network, uses sensors as well as smart devices such as inverters and PLCs for this. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, visualizes the entire network or system in detail, providing the data and feedback needed for precise real-time control. Combining operational advantages, Aquatoria® also minimizes water leaks by controlling the system pressure. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of the water network.

Proactive use with automated monitoring and reporting, efficient management

The efficient management of the water network in cities is only possible by taking the water and process data streams simultaneously and monitoring the system in real time. An effectively structured communication system between the facilities and the control room also plays an important role in managing distribution control systems in situations such as energy consumption, water leak detection and asset management. Automated monitoring processes and reporting make it possible to involve water network personnel in proactive development processes, freeing them from monotonous manual analysis tasks. Providing a strong infrastructure for these developments, Aquatoria® offers Mitsubishi Electric SCADA-based software platform, which stands out with its flexibility to adapt to different application scenarios. The system, which easily modifies the data to reflect the changes in the infrastructure, also displays the graphical user interfaces (GUI) on the control room screens.

With different modules, it becomes easier to perform different tasks

Aquatoria® has many different modules to perform different tasks quickly and efficiently. One of them, the "Configuration Module", is used to add or modify assets, while the "Pumping Selection Module" allows manual interventions on pump assets to strike a balance between duty, efficiency and service life. The automatic online evaluation of the working conditions of the pumping stations as well as the entire water supply process is carried out with the "Analytic Report Module". The system works in collaboration with the "Infrastructure Diagnostics Module", which allows users to evaluate the causes of poor quality in communication channels and identify problematic locations. In case of demand, the "Geo Module", which is built on an extra interactive map, helps to manage and control the facilities by locating them. Flexible settings provide maximum visibility while eliminating confusing information on the operator screen.

With artificial intelligence, a minimum of 15 percent energy saving is achieved.

Mitsubishi Electric's Aquatoria® algorithm, which integrates water, the main source of life, into technology, provides management and optimization in the system with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence works within the "Adaptive Control Module", which is one of the six different software modules that make up the system. The advanced cognitive intelligence of the system enables better results to be produced, especially in scenarios where more than one variable plays a role. For example, while a series of deep well pumps serving the pipeline do not work well when managed with fixed mathematical models, a minimum of 15 percent energy savings can be achieved when harmonizing with Aquatoria® fuzzy logic algorithms.

Signing reference projects in world cities

Mitsubishi Electric, which has implemented reference projects in different cities of the world; In addition to the city of Minsk with a population of 1.9 million in Belarus, it has been a solution partner in the water management of many different cities. Again, in Belarus, the company, which provides public services with the smart water management systems it has installed in the cities of Mogilev, with a population of 360 thousand, Gomel with a population of 510 thousand and Orsha with a population of 116 thousand, significantly increased the working performance of the networks and reduced leakages and energy use.


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