01 October 2018

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Network-based new software package for videowall monitoring systems

Mitsubishi Electric increases efficiency and flexibility with the S-SF software package design for command and control room videowall systems

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Developing innovative products under the guidance of rooted experience in LED screen technology, Mitsubishi Electric designed new S-SF software package for command and control room videowall systems. The system made to enable Videowall systems to run with bigger scalability and in a network-based fashion makes it possible to design more efficient, more flexible decision-making environments for more effective command and control room operation with S-SF software architecture, there is no longer a need to install special videowall control devices for control rooms and videowalls. The new system makes it possible to control screens by installing it on numerous computers without single-point failure thanks to its distributed architecture.

The proliferation of data sources and connected devices in today's command and control facilities pose challenges that are both complex and fast-moving. At this point, it becomes more and more important to design and maintain a display management system that is both resilient and versatile enough to be able to adapt to future requirements is no easy task. The new S-SF software package designed for local network based command and control monitor architectures by Mitsubishi Electric, the brand that has been drawing attention with its technologies in the field of visual data systems, make it possible for videowall monitoring systems to work more efficiently and with bigger scalability. While versatility of native IP command and control visualisation networks make it possible for systems to easily adapt to future requirements, they also make it possible to maximize long-term cost saving advantages gained by long-lasting service lives of Mitsubishi Electric's DLP and LED screens.

Safer and low-cost system

New S-SF software package comprises of; five main applications, namely Display Agent, Multicast Converter, Application Server, S-SF Control and S-SF Master. A new IP-based system that is capable of handling data traffic from any networked source device, such as sensors, image processors, CCTV cameras or data stores, synchronizing and sharing content instantly across any number of locations with minimal latency is being developed. S-SF software package makes it possible to design more efficient and more flexible decision-making environments for more efficient command and control room operations.

Thanks to S-SF architecture, control room videowalls no longer need a special videowall processor. Thanks to multiple redundencies incorporated in distributed network architecture without the need of an addition, fault tolerance is applied. In the case of a fault in a component, the role of that component will be assigned to another component immediately in order to find a reliable answer to the fault and to provide uninterrupted 7/24 service. S-SF system hardware is based on standard and universal network components. This way, the need for special hardware or operating system development and debugging is eliminated. At the same time, it can transmit not only the desktop image of source computer but also numerous applications running on the background at the same time with real-time resolution using application server component. As a result, more reliable and lower-cost system is made possible.

Multiple wall monitoring and advanced messaging

S-SF system can control multiple masters via a master PC from a single point. Additionally, this system can synchronize positions and sizes of video windows among walls of different sizes and can place video windows among multiple walls without interruption. Content can be overlapped and easily shared while being placed on main panel. System makes messaging possible between logged-in users.

Each software can be installed on multiple computers

Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric's S-SF software, each software can be installed on multiple computers, however the softwares can be used simultaneously only within the number of licenses. S-SF master can be installed on multiple PCs to make redundancy S-SF system. With several software combinations that can be install on the same computer, system configurations reduce cost of PCs needed.

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