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New Professional LCD Screen Series from Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric participated in ISE Fair and introduced its advanced technology video wall and monitor systems for control rooms

20 February 2019

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Developing innovative products under the guidance of rooted experience in visual data systems, Mitsubishi Electric introduced professional screen series extended with seven new professional LCD screens 4Diamond Grid in ISE 2019 Fair in Amsterdam. The brand's new DLP and LED control room solutions were also introduced in the fair.

In today's world where technology rapidly grows, it is critical to design solutions just as fast in order to respond to requests of IP-based control rooms. At this point, Mitsubishi Electric provides a new product range with screen control platforms that can be adapted to future system changes as well as leading application variety for system integrators. Drawing attention with its innovative solutions in the field of visual data systems, Mitsubishi Electric introduced its special solutions consisting of hardware processors, local IP, software and cutting edge calculation architectures aimed towards solving complicated problems rapidly and reliably in ISE 2019 between the dates of 5-8 February. With the title of first company to develop LED screens specially designed for control room applications with direct view capabilities, Mitsubishi Electric launched its second model, 1.25mm VS-12NP180 in ISE 2019. This new model is expected to be a shining option for control rooms with its high resolution performance and several advanced features.

Service life increase to 100 thousand hours

Preferred by numerous control rooms around the world, Mitsubishi Electric knows that long service life and affordable cost are just as important as reliability of screens in control rooms. Conducting researches in this direction, the brand increased 7/24 work basis, non-maintained service life of one of its most popular products called 60HS12 SlimCube up to 100 thousand hours. Believing that there is no standard control room and that each project bears its own unique and special challenges, the brand extended 4Diamond Grid series with seven new LCD screens in order to provide tools to overcome such challenges. This new series includes high quality control room screen systems extended with multi-purpose and affordable solutions.

7/24 working cubes for 15 years

Another advanced technology product Mitsubishi Electric introduced in the fair, WE120 DLP video wall cubes stand out with their 130 thousand hours service life. The brand manages to provide projectors that can run for 15 years, 7/24 without maintenance. With total cost of ownership considered, there is no other DLP system alternative that is more affordable. Being the only large screen manufacturers focused specifically towards control room solutions, Mitsubishi Electric draws attention with its high performance in the field. Having installed over 89 thousand DLP cube all around the world, the brand develops special systems for world's most critical applications, ranging from interior security to public transport.

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