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Mitsubishi Electric SCADA Systems Improve Energy EfficiencyMeeting with stakeholders at the webinar organized in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Mitsubishi Electric presented their current solutions in the factory automation

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29 January 2021

Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric, held the recent session of the webinars organized in collaboration with TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO). Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Team SCADA Product Executive Burcu Çöpür, shared participants the current developments in the field of SCADA Systems and Industrial Monitoring which provides monitoring and visualization functions and improves energy efficiency.

Standing out with many hi-tech products from "home to space" Mitsubishi Electric continues at full speed the webinar series organized in collaboration with the TMMOB Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO). Attracting the attentions with the topic of SCADA Systems and Industrial Monitoring, addressed at the recent webinar, Mitsubishi Electric provided participants information about the current key developments in the field.

Pioneering technology improving the energy efficiency

Speaking of the MAPS SCADA, proprietary solution of Mitsubishi Electric, and the competences of the brand in the energy monitoring field, one of most important focus areas of today, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Team SCADA Product Executive Burcu Çöpür, said "Known as the data collection and control center, SCADA features a host of centralized functions such as monitoring, controlling, analysis and instant incident response in the factory. MAPS's alarm function facilitates detection of the source which triggered the alarm, and how frequent such alarm is triggered. Thus, great energy savings and significant improvements in the efficiency are achieved."

It is possible to monitor and visualize entire factory

Pointing out the functions and advantages of MAPS SCADA, Mrs. Çöpür continued: "MAPS SCADA offers the function of monitoring and visualization of entire factory. System is capable of recording all factory data in a defined database and later running a data analysis. In addition to the solutions on the part of SCADA, MAPS is also capable of analysis such as production monitoring, energy management and performance management. For instance, it is possible to monitor instantly data and values such as productivity measurements of a machinery, currently processed workpiece, which operators work, or what type of lath works. Furthermore, it is possible to conduct historical analyses by visualizing energy charts of the machinery report."

Communicates with different PLCs thanks to its flexibility

Lastly, explaining about added value and solutions offered by MAPS SCADA to the businesses, Burcu Çöpür concluded "Ensuring labor and time savings, our MAPS SCADA system has a library consisting of over 100 drivers. It can communicate with Mitsubishi Electric PLCs as well as other brands' PLCs. System provides all communication protocols between SCADA and PLC, and does not require any licensing for them. Also, in terms of performance, MAPS SCADA connects directly to PLC. In this respect, having a flexible structure, it is possible to connect with the System over Internet."


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