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High energy saving and healthy air-conditioning is possible with air-conditionersTechnology giant Mitsubishi Electric mitigates health concerns thanks to cutting-edge filtration systems, while saving your money thanks to high energy savings

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8 March 2021

Standing out with its cutting-edge air-conditioning solutions, Mitsubishi Electric enables budget-friendly heating and cooling for homes and offices. Developed under the approach of Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ), symbolizing the excellence in technology, design and manufacturing, the Mitsubishi Electric products withstand long years free of problems and is confirmed as the best choice by our consumers. Explaining that they achieved high levels in energy efficiency thanks to cutting-edge air-conditioning systems, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Section Manager Caner Güçer points out that it is possible to heat or cool the spaces in a budget-friendly manner, and underlines the importance of filters responding to the heightened health concerns.

Due to the pandemic, people now have to spend more time in the indoor spaces. Air-conditioner filters and electricity bills is a source of concern for consumers who heat their spaces during winter and spring or cool it during summer using air conditioners. Highlighting that a right investment in an air-conditioning system will make it possible to enjoy problem-free and healthy heating and cooling for long years, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Section Manager Caner Güçer explains that air-conditioners make it possible to enjoy high energy saving and healthy air-conditioning andunderlines the importance of filters in air-conditioners, responding to the heightened health concerns.

Tests its products rigorously

Noting that Mitsubishi Electric draws its strength from its global vision "Changes for the Better", Caner Güçer explains; "Mitsubishi Electric produces its air-conditioning systems under the Mitsubishi Electric Quality ("MEQ") approach signifying the highest standards in comfort, efficiency and durability. Our brand subjects its air-conditioning systems to rigorous tests, controls its production using the highest precision processes, in order to offer the best under this global quality approach showing the excellence in technology, design and production. As a result, our systems withstand longer years until the end of its lifetime."

Detects the persons present in the space and their body temperatures, heats or cools only up to what is necessary

Noting that Legendera air-conditioners, powered by AI Algorithms, is able to learn spots individuals spend their time most, Mr. Güçer explains: "This makes it possible to heat or cool the less used spots enabling to achieve maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. Legendera air-conditioners senses the body temperature of the individuals present in the environment thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithm and ‘3D i-See Sensor’ space scanning technology, automatically adjusting the fan speed and air blowing method while ensuring maximum energy efficiency and comfort as it avoids excessive cooling and heating. 3D sensor systems of Legendera air-conditioners can set the temperature 1 or 2 degree up or down when no user is present in the space for energy saving, as well as detect the areas where individuals spend their times most to provide necessary comfort."

An eco-friendly and budget-friendly approach with 2 times higher efficiency

Underlining that consumers may be concerned that air-conditioners cause higher electricity bills, Caner Güçer explains "Delivering a ground-breaking performance thanks to the Poki-Poki Motor developed with the technology of Mitsubishi Electric providing substantially increased efficiency, Legendera series air-conditioner is a pioneering product with cooling efficiency factor up to 10.5, meaning two times higher efficiency than regular Class A devices. With our Legendera Series, up to class A+++, and our EnviroME series with efficiencies of cooling up to A+++ and heating up to A++, we facilitate change in heating habits in the houses, while contributing to the reduction of energy consumption in both heating and cooling. Legendera series also cares the wallet of users with only 2 Watt of power consumed by Plasma Quad Plus filter, contributing in the budgets of consumers and environment."

Filter Technology in Air-Conditioner and Easy-to-Clean Devices are vitally important

Indicating that need for indoor ventilation has increased not like before as we started to spend most of our time indoors, Mr. Güçer concludes: "Filter in the air-conditioner and ease of cleaning should also be one of the selection criteria for consumers... Plasma Quad Plus Filter used in our Legendera series air-conditioners has the power to filter out even particles with a size of 0.3µm... Another highlight is the Dual Barrier Coating applied in the internal units of the Legendera series air-conditioners... This dual barrier structure implemented on the fan, heat exchanger and air passage in the indoor unit makes oil and water-based contaminants to deposit allowing them to deposit on the filter. Therefore, users can have an appliance cleaning that is both easier and effective while cleaning their filters. When a detailed professional cleaning becomes necessary, it is done in a short time. As a result, it is possible to use the device for a prolonged time. By selecting the right system for their spaces, consumer can enjoy a healthy environment heated or cooled by an air-conditioner without any concern."


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