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New innovative products by air conditioning giant for improved indoor air qualityThanks to innovative proprietary air cleaners and filtering systems, Mitsubishi Electric contributes to a better air quality in the living spaces

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11 August 2021

Striving, as a technology pioneer in the air conditioning industry, to improve the living standards of the communities, Mitsubishi Electric now introduces its proprietary new air cleaners and filtering systems. Integrating high performance and efficiency with comfortable clean air experience, the company enables air in the living spaces to be maintained at desired quality all year round thanks to its Plasma Quad Connect and Plasma Quad Protect air cleaners and V Blocking filter. Company supports efforts to minimize the health risks, as well as humidity and mildew odors caused by poor air quality across indoors areas characterized by high population and human circulation and difficult natural ventilation.

With its eco-friendly product range developed for a sustainable future, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems offers heating, cooling and ventilation solutions to improve the comfort and ensure maximum energy efficiency in the most challenging residential, office, hotel and industrial applications. New high-performing air cleaners and filtering systems designed by Mitsubishi Electric by combining the consumer expectations with its long-standing experience in the air conditioning industry brings together ideal options for those who do not want to compromise on air quality.

Robust Plasma Technology

"Plasma Quad Connect" comes to forefront as the first product of the series which is powered by the plasma technology. Device eliminates the air pollutants in the indoor spaces silently and in odor-free manner thanks to the plasma it created by applying 6000 volt electricity on the electrode. Attachable to the wall-mounted and duct-type air-conditioning units available in the current product range and certain former series of Mitsubishi Electric, Plasma Quad Connect air cleaner contributes to a better air quality in the living spaces thanks to its high performance. Plasma Quad Connect can also be set to run in the fan mode of an air-conditioner without heating or cooling.

24-hour fully protected indoor air

Another product of the series, "Plasma Quad Protect" can be installed stand-alone in either its ceiling or floor mounted models, independent of the air conditioning unit. In ceiling-mounted models, air cleaner occupies a very small footprint on the floor, circulating and cleaning the indoor air and neutralizing the harmful particles. Thanks to its compact body, it perfectly suits to the elevators, one of the common areas shared by the people. Just like other model, device produces plasma via Plasma Quad filter, which effectiveness ensured by the electricity. Plasma Quad Protect also prevents unwanted indoor odors thanks to the odor removing filter. As outstanding air cleaners, these highly efficient technologies maximizes the performance of the air-conditioning systems thanks to their innovative components.

Prevents pollutants with V Blocking technology

Air-conditioners serve as a shield against pollutants with V Blocking filters, on top of the Plasma Quad. They are easy-to-mount to the air conditioners or replaceable thanks to being textile-based. Neutralizing quickly the harmful substances adhered on it, V Blocking filter enables new and perfect technology - developed to ensure high indoor air quality - to be used across living spaces.

Capable of filtering very fine 2.5 micron diameter of particles

Filters, which play a critical role in preventing spread of the airborne viral organisms, rank top among the important criteria to derive maximum benefit from the air-conditioning systems; a must for indoor areas all year round. Drawing attentions with its brand-new filter technology to create a more sterile ambient, Mitsubishi Electric achieves satisfactory results in this period where air quality of the indoor spaces has been becoming more important every passing day. The products are capable of filtering 2.5 micron diameter of particles, for which application for the certification has been submitted to the Health Ministry of Turkey with respect to the effects of the V Blocking and Plasma Quad filter on the viruses and bacteria, which is expected to be finalized in a short time. Given that a strand of human hair has a thickness of 70 micron, it becomes clear that how much small particles the filter is capable of filtering out. Filter systems is also able to filter the mildew, dust and allergens, providing consumers a top-notch indoor air quality.

Mitsubishi Electric will introduce the Plasma Quad Connect air cleaner, Plasma Quad Protect and V Blocking filtering system in September 2021 to the use of the consumers.


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