MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
GX IEC Developer has long proved a popular PLC programming environment for users who wish to adopt IEC61131-3 style programming methods. For the latest software, please use our GX Works2 or GX Works3 Software Suite. The recommended engineering tool is described in the respective PLC manual.

Powerful integrated programming tools

GX IEC Developer is more than a powerful IEC 1131.3 programming and documenation package. It supports your entire MELSEC PLC impleentation from the initial project planning to everyday operation, with a wealth of advanced functions that will help you to cut costs and increase your productivity.

The sophisticated program architecture comes with a range of new, user-friendly functions, including structured programming and support for function libraries.

Top-down application architecture

During the planning phase GX IEC Developer's structuring tools help you to organise your project efficiently: Use the intuitive graphical tools to identify and display tasks, functional units, dependencies, procedures and application structures. In addition to making your work easier, this also significantly reduces error frequency in later project stages.

Flexible implementation

In the engineering phase you then choose the programming language that best matches the structure of your project.

Program frequently-used functions in function blocks and organise them in libraries. This gives you the confidence that comes with knowing you are using tested, reliable code. Password support helps you to protect your valuable expertise.

Simple configuration of control components

Configuration of controller components is performed quickly and efficiently in tables with interactive dialogs and graphical support. And this powerful support is available for standard and special function modules as well as for the controller CPUs. You no longer have to create application programs to configure your system.

Setting up the hardware and network configuration

Powerful testing and debugging tools provide information on the current status of the controllers and the network you are connected to. Network functions like status and error displays, remote SET/RST functions for controllers and peripherals, Live List, Cycle Time, Connection State and more enable you to locate and correct errors quickly and get your hardware and networks up and running in record time.

Setting up the application program

GX IEC Developer comes with everything you need to get your applications installed, set up and running as quickly as possible, including comprehensive online programming functions, fast and informative monitoring displays, the ability to manipulate device values with the graphical editors, manual and automatic step mode execution in IL, the display of manipulated device values in the EDM (Entry Data Monitor) and much more.

Normal operation

During normal daily operation you can also use GX IEC Developer to display important system status information, either in stand-alone mode or called by another program in the control room.

Installation and maintenance

Top-down architecture, structured programming, comprehensive printed documentation and support for user-defined help for your function blocks all help to reduce the learning curve. You can make the information needed for installing and maintaining the system available to the operators quickly and efficiently, with minimum training overheads.

Key features include:

  • Powerful "Top-down" development environment
  • Total overview of PLC project and resources
  • Suited to large and complex projects
  • One programming software for modular and compact PLCs (Q/A and FX Series)
  • Flexible program development
  • Superior program documentation for easy understanding
  • State-of-the-art PC software technology acc. to IEC 1131.3
  • Programming languages FBD, AWL, KOP, AS and STC
  • Powerful offline simulation
  • Online program modification
  • Function blocks (FB, FC)
  • Libraries Minimum downtimes